[WARNING: Curse words. This fiction will have sexual content and will be rated M later]

Are you, are you coming to the tree?
They strung up a man, they say who murdered three.

[Jennifer Lawrence – Hanging tree]


"Have you given up? Do you really want to die?"

"Please let me die."

Small waves rushed towards the shore, trying to reach the untouched sand.
The waves may have been small, but they were powerful enough to push a body to the shore, saving the boy from drowning from the waters evil depth.
The boy coughed up water from his lungs, to ease his breathing. Too tired to think of anything, he passed out.

Kuroko opened his eyes, he met darkness. He sat up and inspected where he was. He was in an unfamiliar room, the room was dark and broken desks were pushed against the wall, making an empty space in the middle. In the middle was small futons and quilts, they were all dirty and rugged. The floor was dusty, and the windows were broken and cracked. He was in an old classroom.

Kuroko coughed after inhaling 'fresh' air of dust. But then the door flung open, and five men in their twenties walked inside the classroom.

"Fuck, did he escape" said the dark blue haired man, while his gaze ran through the whole room.

"Excuse me… I'm here" Kuroko said, it almost sounded like a whisper. His voice was hoarse from all the screaming.

The men turned their gaze towards the sound and noticed the teal haired boy. Sky blue eyes were observing their every move. The boy had pale skin and rosy lips. He was dressed in a blue dress shirt, a black tie around his neck and black jeans.

"You woke up, how are you feeling" the shortest man asked. Kuroko was mesmerized by the blood red hair and mismatched eyes.

"I've seen better days" Kuroko answered.

"Haven't we all" the man answered.

They all took a seat next to Kuroko. Only now he noticed that they didn't look 'normal'.
The green haired man had rope burns around his neck and behind his ears.
Some others had cuts on their wrists and the dark blue haired man had a deep scar on the left side of his neck.

"My name is Akashi Seijuuro, I'm 24 years old. I'm also the leader of this group" the blood red haired man said.

"Midorima Shintaro, 24years old… My status isn't important" the green haired man spoke up quickly and rubbed his neck.

"Aomine Daiki, Also 24 years old." the navy blue haired man said, he sounded tired.

"Kise Ryota, I'm 23. Ne, ne? What's your name?" the man with golden hair spoke up. Kuroko had to admit, the man was clingy and reminded him of a dog.

"Murasakibara Atsushi. 24 years old~~" the titan of the group spoke up.

Kuroko's gaze ran through them all, they seemed like teens.

"K-Kuroko Tetsuya.. 16 years old.. Just whe-" Kuroko was cut off by Kise.

"YOU'RE THAT YOUNG? You must have done something terrible for them to have given up on you and sending you here" Others in the room seemed surprised as well of Kurokos age.

"Just where are we?" Kuroko said with a hoarse voice.

"We are the ones that gave up on living. We were given a second chance. Welcome to Suicide Island."

Only thing echoing in Kurokos mind before he passed out was:

"Welcome to Suicide Island."

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