How does it feel, knowing you're barely alive?
See through bloodshot eyes, you're left empty inside…
There I was, strung out and drug through the mud.
I must agree, you're just like me!

And when you die, I won't be at your wake.
No eulogy from me, just a smile on my face!
And while God might be busy with judging your soul…
…I will have slept with the girl that you loved most.

[Falling in Reverse – Caught like a fly]

| Chapter Two: Kings and Whores |

"Maybe it won't feel so lonely if we died together? Ne? Tetsuya? "

Kuroko took a firm grip around Akashis wrist and pulled him away from the edge.
He gave out a sigh and turned his gaze from the ground directly watching in to the now annoyed Akashi's eyes.

"How inviting that even sounds like. I wouldn't want to drag a stranger in to hell with me, again."

'Even though the last one wasn't really a stranger' Kuroko thought bitterly. Akashi narrowed his eyes, and pulled his arm, away from Kuroko's grip and left the place like nothing had happened. Kuroko watched Akashi disappear into the thick forest. Kuroko's legs gave in and he started shaking rapidly. He tried to take a deep breath, but ended up coughing. He covered his mouth with both of his hands, leaning forward so his forehead slightly touched the ground before him.

The stench lingered around him, the heavy smell of blood. Soundless screams from the dead corpses hidden in the dark. Kuroko sat back up properly, still covering his mouth with his hands. He really wanted to throw up now.

'Maybe I should walk back before the others wake up.' Kuroko stood up and turned around to walk down back. When the ground underneath him crumbled, and he fell backwards. Was that the cliffs edge just now? Kuroko saw how the cliffs edge was above him and he fell farther and farther away from it. Until he hit the bottom, corpses slowly taking him into their cold embrace, swallowing him up in to the pile of corpses and the thick stench of blood. 'I can't breathe…'

"Oi Akashi! Where have you been?" Midorima ran towards him when they spotted Akashi walking back inside the school.

"Was Aka-chin away all night?" Murasakibara mumbled.

Akashi just hummed.

"Do you know where Kuroko is?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen him. " Akashi answered "I don't even remember why I was outside."

"Did you have one of your episodes again?" Aomine hesitated to question it first but.

"Probably" was the only answer they got.

'I can't move, my eyes hurt. It's dark where am I?' Kuroko shouted mentally. "Please don't leave me in the dark, that's when…"


Kuroko flinched and turned around to look at his side to see a bloody corpse lying next to him.

'Kuroko, why did you do this to me?'

'I thought you loved me. I gave you so much love and this is how you treat me?'

Was it only Kuroko or did that corpse just move?

"Don't leave me in the dark, that's when they come out."

"Oi! To think that there's a live one in the middle of these corpses. Are you a psycho or something?" A sudden voice said.

"Do you really like the smell of death or do you fuck corpses or something?"

"I don't do such things…" Kuroko answered with a low voice, and slowly sat up when the pressure that lied on top of his chest lifted.

"Kuroko? " Kuroko flinched and lift his gaze up to look at the teen in front of him.

"Hanamiya-kun? "

"He can't just have disappeard!" Aomine shouted. "He probably killed himself or something, without even telling us a proper goodbye!"

"Em… Aominecchi… I don't think I would want to say goodbye to others if I commited suicide again.." Kise commented. "Like 'Bye, I'm off to commit suicide, see you in next life' or something like that… but I admit that I thought he would return instead of jumping down from…such an unpleasant place to die."

They both sulked and rested their heads against their palms.

"Nee… Aominecchi, shouldn't we catch fish before the water freezes? Akashi is going to be pissed if we don't catch food you know. We aren't the only ones living here… Besides Momoi can't even catch food, well she can't even cook but…"

"I know, I know. But somehow I feel like Tetsu…." Aomine tried to find words for it but found none.. "He's an enigma, Kuroko Tetsuya that is. He seems so innocent and pure to commit suicide, yet it seems like he's holding more darkness than all of us"

"So.. Aominecchi… should we fish or…search for Kurokocchi?" Kise questioned. Aomine told his answer by standing up and throwing the net away.

"Geez.. You're so hopeless…"

"So… how are you?" Hanamiya asked, he wanted to scratch his neck to try escaping the ackward silence that danced around them, but couldn't because he was holding a corpse in his hands and his hands were all bloody.

"I've seen better days" Kuroko answered and stood up and walked down from the piles of corpses where he had laid among with.

"Haven't we all?" Hanamiya answered.

'Haven't we all?' Kuroko flinched.

"What is it?"

"No you just reminded me of someone…" Kuroko murmured.

"So, how's your pops? Still…?" Hanamiya questioned and pulled another corpse and placed it over his shoulder.

"…" Kuroko stayed silent.

"So, you really did it? The plan you told me about before I..' disappeared' ? " Kuroko nodded.

"So you really did it… Well hopefully that bastard is happy now."

"I'm quite surprised that Hanamiya-kun is here." Kuroko said bluntly.

Hanamiya gazed at Kuroko with wide eyes. Staring silently at the smaller boy in front of him, but then started laughing.

"Kuroko, I killed people. I killed my friends that betrayed me. Of course I should be here." Hanamiya laughed. "You're the only true friend I had, the one who also went through hard times, that's why I didn't take your life."

"But I took mine" Kuroko murmured.

"What do you mean?" Hanamiya questioned.

"I tried to drag him to hell with me." Kuroko murmured again. Hanamiya slapped Kuroko in the back.

"Come on, speak out louder, no one hears you if you only murmur" Hanamiya smiled, that smile suddenly turned upside down when he saw Kuroko flinch and back away.

Hanamiya soon dropped the corpses to the ground and took a step closer towards Kuroko, and Kuroko took a step backwards. Hanamiya took fast steps and tok a firm grip to Kurokos shirt and ripped it apart. Revealing ugly burn marks.

Kurokos skin under the shirt wasn't the same pale one as the one on his face, but red and ugly, miss-formed, black dots of burnt skin and ash.

"Did he do this to you?" Hanamiya shouted, how dare someone do this to Kuroko.

"No, I did this. To drag him with me to hell" Kuroko gave a weak smile and tilted his head to the side. "I tried to kill myself by burning myself and him alive."

Hanamiya couldn't believe this. The innocent and pure little angel at school, tried to kill himself by burning himself alive like a witch in public.

"This wasn't the plan you told me… " Hanamiya murmured to himself.

Hanamiya took the corpses he had dropped to the ground and started walking.

"You shouldn't come to this side ever…" Hanamiya started.

He then left Kuroko alone next to the pile of corpses, making his way back to the small camp.
Hanamiya came to a small road filled with small houses. Thick scent of sex lingered in the whole street. Soft moans echoed through the street.

Either moans of pain, fear or drugged. Hanamiya made his way to the largest house on the street and stepped into the garden and dropped the corpses there. He looked to the open balcony in front of him.

A man with ash gray hair among with 5 women, was enjoying their time together. A naked woman thrusting the man's manhood into her moaning in pleasure. The man only grunting.

"You're back." The man greeted. Hanamiya nodded." Give me a hand. "

Hanamiya took a knife from one of his pockets and knelt down to cut off an arm from one of the corpses and walked to the man and handed it over. The man grunted and released into the woman on top of him and took a bite of the arm Hanamiya had handed him.

"You shouldn't come to this side ever, Kuroko. Because the leader is into… Cannibalism."

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