*A/N Okay so I have been currently reading the Uglies quartet, and OMG it is soo good! I just finished the 2nd book pretties. I did love the ending but I wanted to write an alternative ending that I thought would have been another awesome ending so here it is*

~Tally does not know that Shay is a special, she also does not insult David~

"Tally make a decision we need to go now before the specials show up!" David screams. Tally looks at David and looks at Zane.

"I-I-I-I can't choose!" Tally says panicked.

"Tally, just go!" Zane yells.

David takes Tally's arm and pulls her on to the hoverboard. She wraps her arms around David as they hoverboard away from the New Smoke.


"Tally calm down before the specials hear you! I don't care what happened to the smoke anymore it was going to happen eventually, no one would have ever thought it was you who was going to be the one who would destroy The Smoke, I always thought it would be one of the Smokies who decided to not be a Smokie anymore."

Tally was quiet. They never said a word until they got to the base camp. The camp was in the middle of a forest about 1 hour away from rusty ruins, on a hover board anyways. It was not much of a shelter but it was a tarp that covered the supplies from getting soaked. David showed all the crims and Tally where they had to sleep. Tally was in awe and shock, from this event she knew she was staying bubbly minded for a while.

"Where is Zane?" Astrix asks.

"He's not coming…" Tally answers.

"Why not? What happened?"

"He was sending off the signal to the city he was the reason we had to leave, the doctors inserted a signal in his tooth and they set it off." Astrix looks wide eyed at Tally. "I need to talk to David."

"David, what is left to do?"

"Well right now we need to make dinner for all the smokies since we missed it." He hands me an object with a wooden handle and a blade connected to it.

"What is this thing?"

"That my friend is called a potato peeler, you peel off the skin of a potato. We put cubed potatoes in the stew."

"Okay…" He grabs my hand and grabs a potato and shows me the motion to peel the potato. "Sorry, in the city we don't cook our own food so I have never done this before."

"Understand able, I grew up cooking with my parents."

"Do you guys know how to make anything else then stew?"

"Of course!" He laughs. "We usually don't make anything else because stew gives all the nutrition you need and it's harder to make enough food for everyone when it's something different each night."

"Fair enough, anyways the stew is always wonderful tasting." Tally smiles back. They both laugh and continue peeling the potatoes. When they are finished David asked if Tally wanted to go on a mini walk. Tally accepted and they were now both walking on a path in the forest. David spun Tally around kissed her on the cheek. That moment Tally realized that Zane was not the one who kept Tally bubbly, it was David. All those times she kissed Zane, she was only filling in the blank spot in her heart that was missing. All Tally wanted was David and all the times she was with Zane was to fill the empty spot.

"I love you David."

"I love you too."

Tally start to shiver as the night is starting to fall. She tried to turn up the heat on her jacket but it does not work it is already to the highest setting.

"David can we go back to the camp? It is starting to get chilly."

"Alight." They walk back to the camp, along the way they talked.

"Does your mom actually hate me?"

"Umm, yes and no."

"Okay? Explain."

"She does not like you for the fact that you ruined our home, and partially killed my dad. Though she likes you because you saved her from being tested on."


We get back to the Camp and rest for the rest of the night.

*So there is my first chapter thanks for reading it! I just loved the Pretties book and HAD to write a fanfiction about it. Anyways have a wonderful day!*