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Four Hours After Part Three

Anna POV

"What kind of horses should we get?" Bucky asked randomly.

Bucky and I were sprawled out on our bed. Our legs were tangled together under the covers, and I was pressed to his side for the warmth since the oversized man's shirt I'd been wearing was currently on the floor somewhere; possibly in the kitchen sink, I had no idea where it ended up when I flung it over my shoulder.

I smiled a little, balling the covers up under my chin as I snuggled closer to Bucky. "What is it with you and horses?" I asked, one of my hands was draped on his chest, and I started lightly tracing patterns on his chest through the smattering of hair.

"I dunno," Bucky sighed, starting to trace the same pattern I was on my bare mid-back. "I like them, always have."

"I could teach you how to ride." I offered, watching my fingers as they started tracing a new pattern.

"I'd like that…" Bucky said, his fingers slowing before they picked up the pattern I was tracing. "They'd have normal names though. Not the weird ones you the racehorses in the paper have." I giggled in response, and Bucky kept talking.

"June Surprise, Curly Maverick, Pearly Thumper," Bucky rattled off in what I assumed was a mocking impression of some stuffy business man. "Why don't they have normal names?"

"Do you want the real answer, or the 25-year-old Upper East Side girl answer?" I asked, peeking up at him.

He answered without missing a beat. "The real one."

"Well…" I started, moving slightly from my spot. Careful to keep the sheets balled up under my chin and covering everything under my collar bones, I propped myself up on one elbow as I crossed my other arm over Bucky's chest. I put my other one over it and rested my chin on the both. Like this, I was only a few inches from his face. I knew, he knew it, and he also knew it he interrupted me by grabbing the back of my head to pull me in for a kiss he'd be pushed back until I finished my thought.

"When you name a racehorse you have to follow certain rules. No initials such as C.O.D., F.O.B., I.O.U., other ones like that. No names ending in 'filly,' 'colt,' 'stud,' 'mare,' 'stallion,' or any similar horse-related term. No names consisting entirely of numbers, except numbers above thirty may be used if they are spelled out. No names ending with a numerical designation such as '2nd' or '3rd,' whether or not such a designation is spelled out. No names of actual persons unless written permission to use their name is on file with The Jockey Club. No names of race tracks or graded stakes races. No names clearly having commercial significance, such as trade names. No names that are suggestive or have a vulgar or obscene meaning; names considered in poor taste; or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups. No names from the restricted list, like the Hall of Fame members, Eclipse Awards winners and Kentucky Derby winners," I paused. "And, you know, they have to be unique enough that people remember them."

Bucky just blinked up at me. "What about the 25-year-old Upper East Side girl answer?"

I smiled sweetly; so sweetly Bucky had to know it was fake. "My father had a horse for a few years. Its name was Agent of Mortal Elegance, and he never let me ride him. I have no idea how he came up with that name."

Bucky smiled up at me and sighed. I felt a hand thread through my curls and his thumb gently stroke my scalp. "You know, you should really come up with an answer that's between those two," he told me. "Don't get me wrong, Glow, I'll love 'ya till my dying breath, but I doubt I'm gonna get a whole lot smarter."

I laughed softly and leaned down and pressed a kiss to his cheekbone. "Don't sell yourself short." I told him.

He gave me one of those pure, content, Bucky Barnes smiles before he gently pulled my head down to kiss me. It was a slower, almost lazy kiss compared to the ones we shared not all too long ago.

As it ended, I slid back down to where I'd been laying before. I rested my cheek on Bucky's upper arm and started tracing patterns on his chest again.

"I've been writing the guy who I bought the house from for a few months." Bucky spoke up again. "He said the second floor has a bunch of bedrooms…There's the master one, of course…Lots'a room for kids."

My fingers stopped tracing patterns on his chest, but Bucky's fingers on my back didn't even falter.

"Personally, I want a lot of kids," he continued. "Enough to have our own little league team. I get it if you don't want that many, I think you get more say than I do since, you know…They kinda come out'a you."

"I can't have kids." I said quickly, just a breath. I'd been frozen next to him all while he spoke, my eyes wide and staring at nothing with wide eyes.

"Hm?" Bucky asked, his fingers stopping on my back. He either hadn't heard me, or he didn't want to believe he'd heard me; I didn't know which was worse.

I slowly sat up from my warm spot next to him, and briefly looked around for something to pull on. Bucky reached out with one of his long arms and found one of his undershirts. I took it from him without looking, pulled the t-shirt on over my head and looked down at my hands.

"What's wrong darlin'?" Bucky asked, propping himself up on his elbow, his other hand resting on my knee.

"When…When I was ki-kidnapped, and-and being held in Dieter's castle," I started out, not looking at Bucky. "He injected me with something."

"Yeah," Bucky spoke up. "I got you the vials and you studied the stuff, right?"

I nodded. "What was in those wasn't good, but it wasn't b-bad enough to cause this."

"'cause what?" Bucky asked.

I gnawed on the inside of my lower lip. "I don't want you to be mad," I said weakly.

When Bucky heard that, he sat up all the way. "I could never really be mad at you." Bucky said.

I pulled my lower lip into my mouth and bit down on it hard while my other hand played with the end of a curl. Bucky had told me I do that when I was nervous; play with my hair. I didn't think he actually paid that much attention to me. Apparently I was wrong.

"Glow…Darlin' you-you're kinda scarin' me," he told me with a soft, worried chuckle at the end.

"You…You know what a girl, uh, has-has to get before she can even get pregnant, right?" I asked, really hoping I wouldn't have to say it all out loud.

Bucky's brows furrowed together. "You-you mean her-"


"Oh." Bucky's eyebrows went from knit together to raised up high. I could talk to Bucky about anything; but I don't think talking to him about my menstrual cycle would never not be awkward.

"I…I trust Kára as a doctor, but I-I wanna go see a specialist or somethin' next time I'm in New York." I mumbled, chewing on my lower lip. "But-But Kára told me it's been…it's been close to a year, and-and since I haven't had it in all that time..."

"You…You'll probably never…" Bucky picked up, but trailed off just like I did.

"…Yeah…" I said, pulling my knees up to my chest wrapping my arms around them.

There were a few beats of silence.

"That…That's it?" Bucky asked me. I nodded, and finally looked up at him when he started to laugh.

"Lord Annie—don't scare me like that!" He said, still chuckling as he fell back down onto the bed. He took a few deep breaths while looking at the ceiling.

"You-You're not mad?" I asked weakly, peeking down at him.

"Why on Earth would I be mad at you?" Bucky asked me, tugging on the back of the t-shirt I wore so I fell back down next to him with a little yelp.

"'cause you want kids." I told him in the quiet, soft voice, tucking my chin down so he couldn't see my face.

"Well, yeah, I do, lot's'a them," Bucky admitted. "But did you really think I'd be mad at you 'cause you were kidnapped and shot up with God-knows-what?"

I just shrugged.

Bucky chuckled again and put a few fingers under my chin to tip my chin up. "Darlin', I'm pretty sure you could drop a brick on Steve's head from six stories up and I'd still think you were the sweetest damn thing that ever walked the Earth."

I smiled and my gaze dropped sheepishly. Bucky normally would have protested, but since my hand returned to tracing patterns on his chest, he did nothing; he slyly slid his hand up the back of the shirt and started mirroring my tracing on my back.

"You want kids though, right?" Bucky asked me a moment later, almost apprehensive.

"Of course I do." I sighed, snuggling back next to him. Bucky gave a happy sigh as well and pressed a slow kiss into my curls.

"You'd be a really good dad," I said quietly breath. Bucky chuckled a little, just a breath through his nose that made his chest rumble. "How you were with Emilia...Even if you didn't want a bunch of kids, you'd get'um just so I could see you carry them on your shoulders and make them giggle."

"You're gonna be an amazing mom, Annie," Bucky put in, nudging my chin up to look at him. "Really...I couldn't imagine anyone better."

I looked down again, and hoped he took it as a nod. I barely had any memories of my mother, and if I was anything like my dad, I should never have kids.

"I can't believe you bought us a house," I found myself saying, changing the subject. "I mean," I paused to giggle. "We're not married."

"Oh, we will be." Bucky assured me.

"You say that with such confidence." I teased him lightly.

"Of course I do," he responded. "Next time I ask you to marry me, there's not a chance you'll say no."

I turned and pressed my face to his shoulder to hide my pink cheeks and reluctant smile. We lapsed into silence, tracing patterns on each other's skin.

"Merry Christmas Bucky." I mumbled, peeking up at him.

He pressed a kiss to my hair and sighed. "Merry Christmas Glow."

Ever After Playlist

Afterlife - Ingrid Michaelson

Angel Eyes - Ella Fitzgerald

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

Bail Me Out - All Time Low (feat. Joel Madden)

Battleships (Acoustic) - Daughtry

Blank Space - Taylor Swift

Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons

Bones - MS MR

By the Grace of God - Katy Perry

Classic - MKTO

Collar Ful - Panic! At the Disco

The Days - Avicii

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Devils Don't Fly - Natalia Kills

Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)

The Edge of Tonight - All Time Low

Eyes Open - Taylor Swift

Fallen - Imagine Dragons

Favorite Record - Fall Out Boy

The Fighter - The Fray

Glow - Ella Henderson

God Only Knows - MKTO

Hall of Fame - The Script (feat. will. )

Heartbeat - The Fray

Heaven - Natalia Kills

Hello, Brooklyn - All Time Low

Hold On - Colbie Caillat

Human - Christina Perry

I Know Places - Taylor Swift

I'm So Sorry - Imagine Dragons

If I Die Young - The Band Perry

If I Lose Myself (Acoustic) - OneRepublic

If I was God - Natalia Kills

The Kids Aren't Alright - Fall Out Boy

La La - The Cab

Let Her Go - Passenger

Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) - Ne-Yo

Light It Up - OneRepublic

Lost and Found - Katie Herzig

Love Don't Die - The Fray

Love Don't Roam - Neil Hannon (From the Doctor Who original soundtrack)

Love Runs Out - OneRepublic

Maps - Maroon 5 (feat. Rihanna)

Maps - The Fray

Miss Jackson - Panic! At the Disco (feat. LOLO)

Munich - The Fray

Novocaine - Fall Out Boy

Oath - Cher Lloyd (feat. Becky G)

Oh, Calamity! - All Time Low

Old Scars/Future Hearts - All Time Low

Preacher - OneRepublic

Pompeii - Bastille

Problem - Natalia Kills

Rainy Zurich - The Fray

Run For Your Life - The Fray


Saturday Night - Natalia Kills

Sleeping With a Friend - Neon Trees

Social Casualty - 5 Seconds of Summer

Soldier - Gavin DeGraw

Strip Me - Natasha Bedingfield

Style - Taylor Swift

Superheros - The Script

Take Me to Church - Hozier

This is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco

Trouble - Natalia Kills

Wide Awake - Katy Perry

Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

Write Your Story - Francesca Battistelli

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet - Avril Lavigne

You Found Me - The Fray

Young Forever (Acoustic) - The Ready Set

48 to Go - The Fray