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Pay It Forward: My Ending

Trevor felt himself slipping; last thing he remembered was getting those kids away from Adam. One boy kept yelling at the other to just hit him, his mom yelling his name and Mr. Simonet trying to get to him. The other boy and he circled each other till Trevor felt something sharp go into his side. Instant pain washed into his body as blood oozed out. Before Trevor hit the ground, he heard someone shouting his name again, and then everything went black.

He opened his eyes to see not darkness or that light people always talk about. Instead he saw himself lying in a bed doctors and nurses fighting to keep him alive. "Am I going to die?" Trevor asked looking around. "Wait how can I be over there and here at the same time, feels like walking into the Twilight Zone," Trevor said biting his lip. No one seemed to hear or see him, maybe his mom, oh shoot his mom, was she okay? Trevor ran out the door begging with whatever might he had left that he wouldn't find her at home drinking. Instead he found her with Mr. Simonet, waiting for the doctor's report.

His mom's face was full of fear and sadness. Her eyes red and puffy from crying, she kept pacing covering her hand with her mouth. Mr. Simonet kept glancing at the clock, his hands clenching and unclenching. "Mom, Mr. Simonet, I'm okay, I'm right here," Trevor called. They didn't turn his way or acknowledged him. "I wonder if I'm a ghost, wait a ghost is dead. No, I can't die, I can't, mom needs me, I know heaven would be great and all but I have to stay. Mom needs someone to help her and Mr. Simonet would need help in helping her. Plus Adam, needs me and Pay it Forward, it is spreading, no, I can't give up. Even if dying would be easy and living in a world that is hard, it's still the right thing to do. I have to get back, Mom, I know you can't hear me, but I am not giving up, I swear," Trevor said and ran back into the room. He saw his body and went back in. Pain filled him but he fought, fought to live, to get back to his mom, to everyone.

His eyes opened and the doctors and nurses smiled at him, tears in their eyes. "You gave us quite a scare young man," said one doctor.

"My mom, Mr. Simonet," Trevor asked his voice, tired and scratchy.

"Easy son, we'll get them," said the doctor. Trevor waited and soon his mom and Mr. Simonet came up to him.

"Trevor, oh Trevor," his mom cried kissing his forehead.

"It's okay mom, I came back," Trevor said smiling.

"What do you mean honey?" asked his mom looking confused. Even Mr. Simonet looked confused.

"I was going to die, but I came back, came back to help you, to help everyone," said Trevor smiling. "I am going to help you mom, and Pay it forward," he said and soon drifted off to sleep.


Trevor lived and the Pay It Forward movement continued. Trevor's mom and Mr. Simonet dated for a year or two and then were married. His mom remained sober and together they helped Trevor's grandmother get sober and she moved in with them. More and more people Paid it Forward, and a young boy's idea for a perfect society lived on.

The End

Author's Note: I know it is short but after seeing the movie, I had to fix the ending. Hope everyone likes it, if not I gave it my best shot. Please review and till next time.