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Roger's Bad Day

"Cut, cut!" shouted Raul, throwing the script down in frustration. "Roger, for the millionth time, rabbit sees baby in tree. Rabbit's eyes grow wide, rabbit tries to climb tree, and baby drops an acorn, acorn lands on rabbit's head. Rabbit falls and sees birds, not stars!" shouted Raul.

"But I thought it was birds in this scene," Roger said meekly.

"That was the other cartoon we did!" Raul yelled.

"Lighten up Raul, he only messed up once on this scene," said Herman defending his friend.

"Yeah and messed up five time on the last scene, and six times on the other. For once Roger, can't you get one scene right the first time!" shouted Raul, and stormed off. Roger's ears fell in sadness.

"Hey don't pay Raul any mind Rog, you know how worked up he gets," said Herman gently.

"He's right though Herman, I can't get one scene right. It takes me far too long and I destroy most of the props when I do a scene," Roger said sadly.

"Rog, you are a Toon, and people don't realize how hard controlling our reactions are. Remember last week, when I was supposed to crawl over to the counter and said cookie but instead I walked over and said nookie?" said Herman.

"Yeah, that was kind of funny though," Roger said smiling a little.

"Yeah, even I make mistakes, just don't let Raul get to ya, he's a jerk at times and is clueless sometimes," said Herman. Roger felt a little better but still wished he could do better at getting the scenes right. Soon it was quitting time and Roger was heading home.

Jessica Rabbit, his wife was at home, making Roger's favorite dinner, vegetable soup. Instead of her normal red dress she wore at work, she was wearing a light blue blouse and jeans with flat shoes. She was humming a tune; she had the night off and wanted to spend it with her honey bunny. Just then her ears picked up the door shutting and a smile pursed her lips. "Roger darling is that you?" she asked sweetly.

"Yeah it is me Jessica dearest," said Roger a small smile on his face. Every time he saw Jessica, his heart sang and he felt like he was walking on air. Yet, after Raul yelled at him again, he still felt bad. He tried day in and day out to be a great cartoon actor, like his idol Goofy, or Bugs Bunny. Still making mistakes all the time and destroying half the props, made Roger fear they would fire him. Of course they wouldn't, people loved working with Roger, he was a swell person to work with, just Raul was what the studio people called a perfectionist, if it didn't go well the first time, Raul got mad, quickly. "How was your day, Love Cups?" Roger asked walking over to her.

"Just great, now that you are home. I did some shopping, paid the bills, and I got tonight off so, we can spend some time together. Oh and before I forget Eddie and Dolores, invited us to their son Teddy's birthday party next week, he will be turning one," said Jessica smiling. She slowly stirred the soup and felt Roger wrap his furry arms around her. He gently gave her a hug and stretched giving her a small peck on the cheek.

"You are a wonderful wife, I'll do the dishes for you, Jessica," Roger said sweetly. Roger gave Jessica, most of the money to pay the bills, but Jessica was by far better at handling money. The smells from the soup made him hungry and being around Jessica, made him feel better. "Also, I can't wait to see Eddie and Dolores again, it has been a while since we seen them," he said.

"Mmmhmm, at least two weeks," Jessica replied. She looked over at Roger and a frown formed, for her honey bunny, wasn't acting like himself. He was far too quiet and only smiled whenever she looked at him. Jessica bit her lip and asked the question she thought was the reason for his sad behavior. "Roger how was work?" she asked looking over at him. His smile faded and his ears drooped, a bit.

"Uh not good, honey I kept messing up on scenes and made Raul very made at me," said Roger. Jessica balled up her fists, trying very hard not to go to Raul's house and knock him out with her frying pan.

"Oh, and what happened?" she asked turning the soup off and walking towards him. She scooped him up in her arms and sat him on her lap, stroking his ears.

"Just the usual, I formed birds instead of stars, or was it stars instead of birds? I fell the wrong way in one scene, mumbled my words in another scene, and Raul wanted the scenes to be perfect but as usually I messed up," said Roger frowning.

"Roger darling, everyone makes mistakes, it's not your fault," cooed Jessica.

"That is what Herman said, I don't know honey, I try really hard to get the scenes perfect. It's just I get confused on certain parts and I want to be as good as Goofy, it just seems I always make too many mistakes," Roger said sadly.

"Oh honey bunny, I bet even Goofy makes as many mistakes as you, don't let Raul, upset you, you are doing your best," Jessica said firmly but gently. She didn't like seeing her Roger so sad, it made her feel sad.

"Maybe," Roger said still frowning. "Anyways enough about me, can't let my angel of a wife starve, I'll make the bowls, you just relax," Roger said hopping off Jessica's lap and scooting her chair in. Then hopped over to the counter and grabbed two bowls, and two spoons. He placed some soup in the bowls and headed over to Jessica, placing her spoon in her bowl, setting it on the table.

"Thank you Roger," Jessica said sweetly.

"Anything for you, Jessica," said Roger getting her some tea and then joining her at the table. Jessica still saw the sad look on Roger's face and knew of one thing to get that smile back on her Roger's face. With an impish grin, she ate her dinner planning on making her honey bunny feel better. Roger did the dishes as he promised and Jessica wrapped her arms around him.

"When you are done honey, can you join me on the couch," she asked kissing his cheek.

"Of course Jessica," Roger said smiling a little at her. She winked and walked into the living room to await for him. Within twenty minutes he came hopping in and saw Jessica on the couch, smiling at him. "All the dishes are done Love Cups, now what did you want to do tonight," he asked sitting by her.

"I want to make you laugh," she said and pounced on him. She wrapped his feet up in her arms and began to tickle his feet. This was Roger's most ticklish spot ever, and she enjoyed tickling them.

"Ahh, noo, please not my feet," Roger begged trying to get his feet free, but to no avail. He was laughing too hard as Jessica continued to torture him. Her fingers did circles in the center of his feet, and traveled up and down them. She looked over at Roger, smiling at him as he laughed and squirmed.

"That's it honey bunny, laugh, you look so cute," purred Jessica. Now it was time to enact stage two of her plan. She grabbed him by his ears and kissed him passionately on the lips. His ears curled up and steam came out of his neck. Then he melted onto her lap. Once he became solid, Jessica cradled him, in her arms, stroking his ears. "Feel better honey," Jessica asked.

"Yes, you always know how to make me feel better," Roger admitted. He did feel better, all that stress melted away and he was in his loving wife's arms.

"Good, I don't like it when you are upset," Jessica said.

"Sorry I worried you Jessica," Roger told her, wrapping his arms around her.

"Don't worry Roger, just glad I have my happy bunny back," she cooed kissing his nose. Then snuggled him close and said, "I love you Roger".

"And I love you Jessica," said Roger and they spent the rest of the night cuddling each other.

The End

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