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A Spider's Dream

James ran as fast as he could. The tiny spider was in his hands, trying to get her to safety. He heard his aunts' voices still in the house ranting, "Kill it, kill it, Spider, Vermin!" He ran down the stone steps, till he saw the stone wall.

"Go, get away from here as fast as you can, I wish I could," said James. The tiny spider left his hands and crawled into the crack of a wall. She looked at the small boy, shocked in a small way that he saved her. No one, especially a human would risk their life for a spider; spiders were feared and hated, and often killed on the spot. Yet, this boy, James allowed her to keep her web by his window. Showed him that small candle and drew a picture of him with wings, carrying her with him, to a beautiful city, he was singing about. Now here they were outside on a cool day, him running her to safety.

His monster aunts destroyed her home and now she was left with nothing. She looked through the crack of the wall and frowned at James. How she wished he were small enough, where she could take him with her. To leave him here, with those monsters was unthinkable, but she had no choice. With a heavy heart she began to crawl away, till she heard those horrible voices.

"He's letting it get away!" shouted a thin woman called Spiker.

"You horrible, little grub, you probably left that spider in your room, so you could place it on our pillows and have it build a nest in our heads," hissed the large woman called Sponge.

"No, I would never do that," James said growing scared.

"We told you to kill that spider, not set it free," growled Spiker.

"It's just a small thing, it probably left and is long gone, you won't have to worry about it," said James, trying to calm them, but to no avail.

"How dare you disobey us," growled Sponge, grabbing his arms. Spiker picked up a long, thin stick and was walking toward James.

"Little boys, who don't listen to their aunties, must be punished," growled Spiker.

"No please," begged James shedding tears. The spider watched on in horror. They were going to hurt James, because he saved her. Anger boiled in her as she stood helplessly by as this act of cruelty was taking place. If I were bigger I would show those monsters a thing or two and keep James safe thought Ms. Spider in her head. Just then a bunch of green things flew into her mouth and she swallowed them. To her amazement a green light wrapped around her and she began to grow. What is happening to me? she wondered.

The aunts saw the wall cracking and breaking and to their horror a giant spider stood before them. "Ahhh monster!" they screamed. "Here eat the boy, spare us please spare us," begged Sponge shoving James closer to the spider. Ms. Spider as she was called glared at the aunts.

"I teach you lesson," she hissed and spun them in a tight web where they stood dangling on a dead tree. Then Ms. Spider locked eyes with James. "Do not fear James, I will not hurt you," Ms. Spider said calmly.

"You so big, how?" asked James.

"I don't know, but I will protect you, like you protect me, my dear friend," Ms. Spider said smiling. James broke into a huge smile and hugged her tightly.

"Hey, Angel Fangs, good morning," called Mr. Centipede.

"Centipede, what do you want?" grumbled Ms. Spider trying to go back to sleep. She was sleeping in her room, of their peach pit house in New York, City.

"Time for breakfast long legs, race ya," he called smiling. She shook her head and got up, just as James came out of the hall way.

"Good morning, Ms. Spider did you sleep well?" he asked, smiling his cheerful smile.

"Yes, I sleep well, had wonderful dream," she said smiling at him.

"I am happy to hear that, well race you to the breakfast table," said James smiling. Ms. Spider smiled and followed him downstairs to eat breakfast with her family.

The End

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