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Felix's Question

"You are one dynamite gal," Felix said lovingly. Tamora got an odd look on her face, like she was a million miles away, her face once calm now slowly showing pain. She let out a scream and brought the ship they were in to a complete stop.

"Get out," she said not looking him in the eyes.

"But all I said was you were a dynamite," Felix said trying to apologize for whatever he did wrong. Yet, Tamora cut him off.

"I said get out," she cried her voice cracking. He frowned and got out as the ship flew away.

A few days later

"Hey short stack, fancy running into you here?" asked Tamora smiling at him. He was at Tappers and was happy to see her.

"Hello milady," Felix said blushing, tipping his hat to her. She sat down next to him, and he gave her that loving look.

"Look pint sized, I need to apologize for something on our little adventure into Sugar Rush," said Tamora.

"I am not mad that you hit me, when we were in that Nesquik Sand, it was the only way the Laffy Taffy would come down for us to get out," Felix said gently.

"I know, but I am sorry I hit you, yet that is not the reason why I needed to apologize," she said calmly. Felix grew nervous thinking of the only thing she could be sorry for.

"Was it about the kiss?" he asked. If she didn't love him like he did her and only kissed him out of some reaction, he would be sad but would try to get over her.

"Uh no, I am not saying sorry for that," Tamora said smirking slyly at him.

"Good, because honestly ma'am I am not sorry either, it was magical," he said blushing. Tamora couldn't help but blush herself, but had to get what she needed to say out before anything happened.

"Glad we have that established; the thing I am sorry for is ditching you after we separated. The word you called me, well my ex-fiancée called me that. His name was Brad Scott and sorry to say he died on our wedding day, got eaten by a bug and I had to shoot the bug myself," Tamora said sadly.

"Oh, I see now why you were so upset, I am truly sorry Tammy, the last thing I wanted to do that day, was make you remember that horrible memory," Felix said frowning, holding her hand.

"It's okay Felix, you didn't know," Tamora said.

"Well, I will give you another nickname, that way it won't remind you of um well you know," Felix said not wanting her to get upset.

"I appreciate that Felix," Tamora said and kissed him, on the lips.

Present Day

Felix stood alone, in a deserted part of the arcade, trying to gather his thoughts. He had been dating Tamora Calhoun, for at least a year and living with her for five months. Tamora insisted on that because she wanted to know that if their relationship was going to progress, she wanted to make sure that they could live together and Felix agreed, building them a bigger house. Of course he wanted to be intimate with her on their wedding night, but Tamora also convinced him on that part when they first made love, Felix told Tamora, she could decide when they would make love again, because he wanted her to know, he wasn't dating her just for that reason.

They lived happily but now Felix wanted to ask her, a very important to question. He wanted Tamora to be his wife, yet due to her backstory simply asking her would be hard. "Okay let's see Brad proposed to her at I believe she said a diner. Well I could propose to her in Sugar Rush, but what if I say something similar to what he said and then Tammy gets upset. All I know is that he always called her dynamite gal, and he got eaten by a cy-bug on their wedding day. Oh, what can I do, she completes me in so many ways, and all I want to do is share my life with her. Yet, I want the proposal to be romantic, to make her feel special. Yet, how do I ask her without triggering an unhappy memory? Felix asked, pacing around. "Maybe, I could write her a letter and leave the ring with her in her game. No, then she would think I didn't care enough to ask her. This is frustrating," Felix said sitting by a trash can.


Tamora had just gotten done with her game and jumped on her hover board to see Felix. She hoped he would be at home, for the past few days, he was becoming distant. He still showered her with love and affection, but he either got home late or Wreck-it and the kid didn't know where Felix went. Whenever she confronted Felix about it, he would simply take off his hat and apologize, saying he had to fix something for a random game character. She understood for Felix liked helping people, but saw something in his eyes that made her worry. He always looked upset and scared about something. Yet, she didn't want to push fearing she was overreacting about nothing.

"Hey, Calhoun," greeted Ralph, wiping mud off his shirt.

"Hey Wreck-it, where is Felix?" she asked getting off her board.

"Felix, uh he left about twenty minutes ago, no idea where he went sorry," Ralph said sheepishly.

"Again, Wreck-it, I am getting worried, where does he go after hours? What is he doing that keeps him away so long?" Tamora asked frowning.

"Oh come on Calhoun, its Felix, he probably takes a walk or something and winds up fixing things for people," Ralph said smiling.

"Yeah, maybe you are right," Tamora said and decided to wait for Felix to come home. An hour later, Felix came home and saw Tamora sitting on the couch.

"Hi sweetie, sorry I am late again, I was fixing things for people again," he said smiling.

"That is okay short stack I understand, so how was your game?" Tamora asked smiling at him.

"It went really well today, twenty kids played and eighteen of them won the medal how was your game?" Felix asked, sitting by her.

"It was good ten kids played and five won the medal," Tamora said. She saw that same look in his eyes and wanted to replace it with his happy gaze. In a quick motion she grabbed him, by the collar and kissed his lips. His eyes widened and face went a bright red but he eased into the kiss.

"Someone must have had a really good day," Felix said smiling at her.

"I always have a good day, when I am with you," Tamora said slyly, as she pinned him to the couch. Every time, Felix was upset about something, Tamora knew one for sure way to get her happy handyman back. She slipped one finger under his shirt and slowly slid it up to his most ticklish spot, his belly button. The funny thing is Tamora only knew all of Felix's major ticklish spots when he was trying to tickle her. Tamora unfortunately wasn't ticklish anywhere, but to her delight Felix was.

"Tammy, what are you doing?" Felix asked, growing nervous.

"I know you are upset about something. You refuse to tell me so, I am getting my happy handyman back, the only way I know how," Tamora whispered in his ear, her finger getting closer to his belly button.

"No, don't tickle me," begged Felix squirming to get away, but it was to no avail.

"Tell me what is wrong, and I might consider it, but talk fast, I want to hear your cute little laugh," Tamora said her playful side growing.

Just tell her, maybe, she will like anyway you ask, as long as it comes from your heart, Felix thought to himself. "I wanted to ask you a question" Felix said, feeling her finger getting closer to his belly button.

"Okay, what is your question," Tamora asked, slowing her finger down, to give Felix more time.

"I wanted to ask you, to ask you," Felix said, feeling her finger doing circles on the ridge of his belly button.

"Spit it out Felix," Tamora said softly, getting ready to do her tickle assault on him.

"Will you marry me," he finally said. Tamora froze as her eyes widened.

"What did you say?" she asked her ears unable to believe what they heard.

"Tamora Calhoun, will you marry me," Felix said gently, sitting up again. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and revealed a simple gold ring, with a tiny stone. "That is why I have been distant; I wanted to find a way to propose to you, without triggering any bad memories, of Brad. Yet, it was so hard because I wanted it to be special and romantic, because I wanted you to see how special you are to me. I'm sorry I fibbed to you, I just didn't know how to ask, if you're not ready, I understand," Felix said quickly, fearing her lack of an answer was because she wasn't ready for marriage said.

"I accept," she finally said, smiling again.

"You wait what?" Felix asked, like he didn't believe his ears.

"I accept," Tamora repeated still smiling. Felix smiled at last and placed the ring on her finger. Then she kissed him again, and held him close to her. "I appreciate the effort of not trying to bring up bad memories, but don't you ever worry me like this again," she said firmly.

"Yes, ma'am," Felix said smiling.

"Good now back to business," she said slyly and tickled him.

"Ahh, no Tammmy," Felix squealed as his laughter filled the room. That is how the newly engaged couple's night went. Tamora tickling him and soon cuddling him in her arms, and soon their lives were filled with new happiness and new memories.

The End

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