Her eyes shot open with a sharp gasp as she shot up in a sitting position on the alley ground.

She clutched her head with her right hand as she closed her eyes in pain from the headache that was forming as she tried to remember the last thing she remembered before blacking out.

The last thing she remembered was the prison falling apart and being destroyed as she searched for her Father, brother and baby sister only to find an empty, blood covered car seat that once contained the infant. The next thing she knew was that she was engulfed in a white light before darkness claimed her.

She gripped the front of her shirt where her heart should be and clenched tightly as she remember her little sister. 'I failed her...I failed her.' Her mind repeated like a mantra.

Once she calmed down, she looked around her surroundings to check if there were any 'walkers' around, but saw that she was in an alley of sorts and she heard strange vehicle sounds at the entrance of the alley.

Her right hand knuckles cracked a bit as she gripped her katana at her left underneath her cloak as she got up, using the wall for support as she stumbled towards the entrance to see where that light brought her to.

The closer she got to the entrance, the faster her heartbeat went as she tightened her grip on her sword.

When she finally stepped outside the alley, the sight that greeted her made her heart stop. Because in front of her, was a world she has never seen or been to before. It was a city with flying cars and humans and aliens of all kinds walking down the street, some glancing at her cloaked form before going back to their business.

'This can't be real.' She thought as unsheathes her katana just a bit under her cloak and sliced her thumb on it, making her feel a slight ounce of pain before it passed and she sheathed her katana again.

'Great, it's not a dream.' She thought as she removed her fingerless glove cover right hand from her cloak so that her bloodied thumb could be almost visible but not noticeable.

She turned her head from side to side, contemplating which way she should go. Giving up on decision making, she reached into her skin tight jean pocket and brought out a German penny that was passed down from her Father's grandfather when he was in the war. She turn the coin in her fingers, 'Heads: right, tails: left.' She closed her eyes, 'Guide me, Great-Grandfather' and flipped the coin with a 'ting' sound as it flipped in the air and landed in the palm of her awaiting hand that closed around it. She opened her eyes, looked down at her enclosed hand, then opened her hand to reveal what side the coin landed on. It was 'heads.'

She placed the coin back into her pocket and patted it to make sure that it was there, then went in the direction her coin landed on.

Jedi Master Yoda opened his eyes from meditation and got off his seat to summon the Jedi Council.

He sat with the other Jedi who were awaiting his orders. Finally, Yoda spoke, "Over, the war is, peaceful this galaxy has become. However, in another galaxy, on another planet, another battle wages. Where this planet is, I know not." He said solemnly.

Mace Windup leaned forward in his seat, "What do you mean another galaxy?" he asked the question the other Jedi Masters were wondering.

Yoda looked at his former student and answered, "Where this galaxy is, I know not." He repeated then said, "From that galaxy, she has arrived. In this city, she is. A Jedi, she may become. Under our guidance, she will be." He looked a little hopeful.

Obi-wan question the Master, "How do you know if she is from that galaxy, better yet, how did she come here?" he finds it hard to believe that another galaxy exists.

Yoda answered, "Brought here by the force, she was. A survivor, she is. Tormented, her spirit is in." He closed his eyes in sadness as he described her.

Mace leaned back in his chair and commented, "Finding her will be difficult in this city. If she's force sensitive, then why haven't we been able to collect her?"

"From another galaxy, she is. Unable to reach her, we were." Yoda answered, then closed his eyes to meditate for a minute to pinpoint her location then opened them saying, "Wandering the lower levels, she is." He stared at Anakin and Obi-wan directly, "Track her down, Anakin, Obi-Wan and padawan Tano will."

Anakin and Obi-wan nodded in consent, "We leave immediately?" Anakin asked.

Yoda nodded, "Find her, you must. Help her, we will."

Our mysterious earthling has made two rights, one left and snuck on a train of sorts. As she made her way down an alley way, an ugly thug stopped her, "Where do you think you're going, missy." He gruffly questioned as he pointed a dagger at her, blocking her path.

She stared at the dagger with indifference and answered, "Five minutes ago, no where... right now, around you." Her fearless voice seemed to irritate him as he held the dagger closer to her throat.

He quietly growled at her, "You might wanna be polite to a man holding a knife at your throat. So give me your money, and you get hurt." He threatened, pressing the knife closer to her throat.

She sighed as though he was no more than a child and said, "I have nothing of value to you, much less money."

The ugly man stepped closer and smirked evilly as he pressed the flat of the blade at the side of her face, "Maybe you can pay me in... something else." He said lustfully. Cue vomit fountain.

She was disgusted at this alien piece of shit, but she wanted to get his hopes up and scare him. So she discreetly moved her right hand to her katana and said in fake seduction, looking up at him in fake interest and said in a low voice, "Maybe I can. Do you wish to know what's poking underneath the cloak?" she gripped her katana, getting ready to for a fight.

Ugly man chuckled and closed the space between them 'til his chest was lightly touching the front of her cloak as he put his dagger away and used his right hand to lift the curtain of her cloak, revealing a longer sword. He reacted too late when she snapped her head forward, head-butting him in his nose, making him stumble back a little while clutching his bleeding nose, fumbling for his dagger. She fully unsheathes her katana as he raised his knife up, but a right swing toward his dagger knocked it out of his hand and onto the ground. She ran toward him, jumped about five feet in the air and landed a kick in his chest, causing him drop his money that was on his person onto the ground as he landed on his back. When she landed on her feet, she laid her right foot on his shoulder and without looking, held her katana above pointing in between his legs.

He shuddered and looked up fearfully at the woman he tried to mug. She gently pressed the pointed tip against his area as a warning for him not to move as she leaned closer to him, "I don't know if you were thinking with your balls or your brain. I could stab one of them, but I'm not in the mood for having to draw blood anymore so I'm letting you off with a warning. Do something like this again to another girl, I will gut you from balls," she lightly dragged the tip up his crotch, across his stomach and chest and pointed it under his chin, "to brain. Are we clear?" he nodded fearfully and she lifted her foot from his shoulder. He scrambled to his feet and ran out to the other end of the alley behind her.

She looked at where she came in seeing that he was gone, she then looked down at the stuff he dropped and said , "Hey moron, you forgot your cash." She picked up the forgotten cash and stuffed them in pouch that is strapped to her lower back.

She continued on her way towards the other side of the alley and realized that she's hungry. She looked around and noticed a club at her left and flipped a coin to see if she should go, heads said she should. She stepped into the club to see humans and aliens having fun and enjoying themselves. She walked up to the bar to see if she could gate a drink.

She sat down and leaned her arm against the counter top and stared at nothing until the bartender walked up to her, "What can I get for you?"

She looked up at the bartender that had two tails coming out of his head and emotionlessly said, "Anything that can help me forget about my life for at least two hours or more." She placed the money on the table, not really caring how much she got out.

The bartender gathered the money and said, "Coming right up." And went to prepare her 'order'. When he came back, he noticed how young she looks and commented, "You seem awfully young." She took a sip of her drink and felt the burn go down her throat before saying, "Yet I feel old."

The bartender looked at the dead look in her eyes as she stared at her glass, "Care to share, I got nothing better to do."

She looked up at his friendly smile, against her better judgment, she sufficed but did not truly reveal, "Let's just say I've been fighting for survival in a war that has claimed the lives of many."

The bartender looked surprised and said something she didn't understand, "So you fought in the war that just ended, which side did you fight for?"

She answered cryptically and solemnly, "I wasn't on any side, I merely fought for survival, and I would like to forget the death of my infant sister." She gripped her drink tightly to the point where it looked like it would crack.

The bartender looked at her sadly and prepared another glass, "This one is on the house and will help you forget the last three days for ten hours." He place the drink in front of her first drink. "Just don't ask what's in it." He added before walking away to serve other people.

She quietly said, "Thank you." Before she finished her first drink and moved it aside to wrap her fingers around the second one.

She looked around the club and saw a strange robot game playing live on the screen, it looked similar to football. She moved her eyes around to see other people, both alien and human socializing with one another and enjoying life. She looked on with envy when she saw them having fun.

She imagined the life she wished she had back, having a job she liked working in, going to karaoke bars and drinking then coming home to suffer a hangover.

She looked back down at her drink and stared at her reflection and she let a tear roll down her cheek and into her glass.

She was about to lift the drink to her lips, but something nudged her back. She slowly turned her head to see the same ugly alien, but this time, accompanied by his friends.

Apparently the thing that is poking her lower back was his blaster gun that was held in his right hand. Not being one to show fear, she calmly said, "Can I help you?"

He responded by moving the blaster to her front, aiming at her heart. "I have a delivery to make, and my boss is going to pay me handsomely for bringing you to him alive. So save me the trouble by showing me both your hands so that I can bring you to my clients." He said threateningly as he showed her the handcuffs.

She chuckled at this moron, "You have no idea how much I wish I could show you both of my hands." Then with speed and flexibility that rivals a feline, threw left leg straight up, knocking the blaster in the air, surprising the attacker for a split second so that she could grab the front his shirt and lurch his head towards hers and head-butted him the nose the second time that day then used her right leg to kick him down south, sending him crumpling to the ground.

The second one charged at her with a knife, but she reflexively spun her body out of her stool, making the second guy run into the bar's counter, stumbling to the floor and trying to get up, but she karate chopped the back of his head, knocking him out cold.

The final one charged to land a punch on her as she turned to down her second drink really fast before flinging the glass like a Frisbee at the final guy's head, knocking him out as well, funny thing though was that it ricocheted off his head and into the air and she caught it as it soared towards her and settled it on the counter.

The first guy took the second one's knife and launched himself at her, but the gun that was kicked into the air landed in her awaiting hand which she pointed it at him. He stopped in his tracks, halting all movements before everyone in the club who was watching the skeptical. He raised his hands in the air in surrender as he backed up. She sighed in frustration, "That is a very dangerous weapon sir. Place the knife on the counter." He did as he was told so that he would not be killed. "Good, now apologize to everyone here." She ordered. The ugly alien turned to everyone looking at them and said, "I'm sorry." He turned back to her. She then said, "Now go home." He sidestepped over to where he came in still eyeing the blaster pouting at him. When the doors slid open he shot of the club like his ass was on fire.

Satisfied and sure that he would not come back, she lowered the blaster and turned to the bartender who stared at her with shock. She sighed shaking her head in annoyance as she placed the blaster on the counter in front of him and fished out more money and placed them on the table, "For your troubles." The bartender nodded nervously before she walked out of the club, stepping over the unconscious bodies towards the exit.

Unknown to her, three certain Jedi witnessed the entire scene, and decided to follow her.