Levi put on her Jedi apprentice robes as she stood in her quarters on one of the Jedi cruisers. It's been three days since she joined the Jedi Order where she was appointed to Obi-wan Kenobi as his newest protege. Shortly after, the Jedi gathered their clone troopers and brought her onto one of their cruisers. At the moment, they were traveling through hyperspace and were on their way to Earth.

Once her robes were secure, she stepped out of her room and followed the corridor that leads to the mess hall. Stepping into the mess, she saw some clones and a few Jedi eating at their tables. She paid them no mind as she picked up the tray and got her food before sitting down at a deserted table.

With a quiet sigh, she lifted her newly acquired cybernetic arm. Having a new arm still threw Levi off because she had gotten used to not having it, that she literally forgot what moving that limb was like. The day before they departed for Earth, she was fitted with a new arm. Although she was asleep throughout the surgery that connected her nerves to the circuits, the pain that came upon waking up was excruciating since they literally had to open up her stump to connect her to her arm.

Now came the task on retraining her arm to do the simple tasks; tying knots, putting her hair up, etc. Seeing how she was a left hand dominant person in her time, she had to train her right arm to perform simple and difficult tasks after her left was amputated.

Flexing her cybernetic fingers, she picked up the fork with her left hand in a steady manner in case she accidentally dropped the utensil. Stabbing the pieces of meat, she shakingly and slowly brought the food to her mouth before her teeth took the meat off the fork before she started chewing. After swallowing, she repeated the action again, feeling happy when she saw that her new limb has adapted to it's movement.

Someone sat down across from her, making Levi look up to see an orange/red alien female who looked around her age smile at her. "We haven't been properly introduced, I'm Ahsoka Tano. I'm a padawan as well." Ahsoka introduced herself, holding her hand out for Levi to shake.

Not wanting to be rude, Levi took the offered hand and shook it in greeting, "Levera Grimes, though I prefer 'Levi'." she said, before releasing Ahsoka's hand.

"You probably don't remember this, but you and I met before when we found you." Ahsoka said, Levi searched her memory until she recalled Obi-wan mentioning that name.

"Oh yeah, Kenobi mentioned you when he and I first met. Sorry you had to see me in such a position, not the first impression you prefer to see." Levi apologized, knowing that she must've terrified Ahsoka when her sickness hit.

Ahsoka waved it off, "Don't worry, not the worst I've seen. I'm just glad you're okay, you had me really worried back there." she said, watching as Levi stirred her food with her cybernetic hand that held her utensil.

"Don't be. This sickness comes and goes as it pleases. Though to be honest, I'm surprised I'm still alive at this point, considering all the hell I've faced in the past two years." Levi said, uncaring as she took another bite of her food.

"Yeah, speaking of..." Ahsoka trailed off, not knowing how to address her question, since the woman in front of her is a survivor of her planet.

Levi set her utensil down with a sigh, "You want to know what my planet is like." she stated, rather than asked, having that suspicious feeling that Ahsoka wanted to know about her desolated world.

"Obi-wan didn't give me and my master the details, but he did say that you survived with death at your heels every single day." Ahsoka said, watching Levi's facial expression that went from neutral, to cold as she folded her hands in front of her as she set her elbows on the table.

Levi locked eyes with the Togruta, "What Obi-wan told you...barely scratches the surface of the harsh reality I was dragged in." she said, in a voice that chilled Ahsoka to the bone, "My world...isn't for the weak minded. It is a world filled with death, fear and madness. The moment you set foot on Earth soil, death will follow you every step of the way, you'll wonder when your time will come. Every moment in my world, there is a knife at your throat just waiting to take your life." she paused, letting Ahsoka absorb what she just said before continuing, "However, even if death doesn't take you, the cruelty of my world can and will change you into something horrible...something worse than what death plans for you. You'll be forced to make horrible decisions for yourself and those around you, whether for survival or mercy, it's up to you. But in the end, you'll become less of the person you are and more monster as time progresses. You become your worst nightmare." she finished, Ahsoka sat frozen in her spot as she stared at the survivor in masked fear, Levi's words ringing in her ear.

Finally, Ahsoka spoke, "Sounds like every hostile planet I visited." she said, a little tense with Levi now.

"No, it's not." Levi said, her voice remaining the same, "I will say this though, because I'm starting to like you. You should've stayed home." she said, making Ahsoka choke on her spit, "What?"

Levi kept her eyes locked on Ahsoka's, "You remind me of myself, who I was before my world went to hell; happy and alive. If you want to stay that way, do not set foot on my planet, you're better off staying on this ship." she said, before standing up with her mostly empty food tray in hand, "Don't take this personally, I'm just trying to save you from a fate far worse than death. So that you don't go through the same agony I suffered on my planet." she said, before she started walking away, "Nice talking to you, think about what I said before you act."

Ahsoka sat alone at the table, her mind reeling from Levi's intense warning that more or less frightened her to her very core. Obi-wan wasn't kidding when he warned her about Levi's intimidating personality and explanations. Just looking into the girl's eyes, you can see all the horrifying hardships done to Levi. Everything she has suffered through has left a nasty scar that will take a century to heal.

With a sigh, she pushed her food around with her fork, "Obi-wan's gonna have his hands full." she said to herself as she started eating, her mind wandering to the newest addition to the jedi order.

Levi walked around the cruiser in order to clear her head and kill some time before they arrive on her planet. Occasionally, she would pass by some clones who she would give an acknowledging nod to as she continued to walk down the corridor.

Eventually, Levi stopped in front of a window that viewed the stars in space, she couldn't move her eyes away from the cold darkness of space. 'There are days where I envy the night; never to be bothered, never to be touched...never...to feel.' she thought to herself as she raised her right hand to the window, her fingertips sliding along the glass, her eyes half-lidded in contemplation for her fate.

Deep in her thoughts, her memories conjured up the sickening snarls of the dead and agonizing screams of the living. But one sound in her particular made her subconsciously claw the window when an infant's cries entered her mind.

Sensing something behind her, she swung her leg in a high kick out of pure reflex. However, her foot was caught before it could make contact with the person's head.

"What are you doing?" Obi-wan asked, holding Levi's foot as she remained balanced on her other foot. Her attack caught him by surprise, but thankfully he was able to catch her foot before she could kick him.

Levi's expression didn't change, she relaxed her stance as Obi-wan released her foot. "My apologies." was all she said as she lowered her foot to the ground.

"You seem distracted." Obi-wan said, crossing his arms as he surveyed Levi's appearance, how tense she looked as though the devil was haunting her.

"I was merely lost in thought. Happens when everything's quiet...which is not very often." Levi said, glancing out the window to avoid looking at her recently appointed master.

"Yes, I understand that." Obi-wan said in agreement, knowing that when all noises are off, everything inside is at its loudest volume.

Levi turned her eyes back to the Jedi Master, "Did you need me for something?"

"Yes, it's time for training." Obi-wan answered, gesturing for her to follow him as he walked in the direction of the training room with Levi trailing behind him.

Arriving at the training room, Obi-wan turned to Levi, "You remember what happened before we found you?"

"Aside from coughing up blood, I vaguely recall three guys at a bar and a flying cup and gun. Though I don't know which one flew first." Levi answered, searching her memory of what happened before she dropped in the street.

"It was the gun." he answered before explaining, "The fighting skills which you've demonstrated in that place are on par with that of a padawan who has been training for more than a year." he said, stroking his beard as he estimated her level of training.

"Yeah, never thought that Dad's self defence and martial arts class recommendations would actually come in handy, especially for how my world is now." Levi said, a shadow passing her eyes as she remembered her Father before she quickly covered it up with her stoic expression.

Obi-wan caught the pained look in Levi's eyes, but didn't say a word, knowing that it would only cause her further pain. "It's good that you put your fighting skills to use. But today, we are focusing on your meditation." Obi-wan said, sitting cross legged on one of the meditation chairs.

Levi followed suit, beginning her training as a Jedi.

"So, have you talked to the new girl?" Anakin asked his padawan as they walked down the hallway.

Ahsoka didn't know how to answer that question since Levi left quite an impression on the Togruta. "Well...she's..." she struggled to find the right word to describe the survivor, "...intense."

Anakin raised an eyebrow at his padawan, "'Scuse me?"

Ahsoka sighed, "I talked to her while we were eating and she described to me, in detail, what her world is like and what happens to people who have to live there." Worry and fear filled her voice, "She told me that her world turns people into something less than human if your mind and heart isn't strong enough to handle the cruelty of her planet." she summarized, remembering what Levi described to her.

Anakin's expression changed from intrigue to mild surprise, "She told you that?"

Ahsoka nodded before she added, "The last thing she said to me before walking away was that I shouldn't have come along on this mission."

Anakin narrowed his eyes at Ahsoka, "She said what?" he exclaimed, his protective brother instincts surfacing.

"She wasn't trying to be mean or anything, she said I reminded her of who she was before her world died, said that I was better off not going through the same horrors her world brought her." Ahsoka said in Levi's defence, "That, and she said that she's starting to like me."

"Huh, she has a strange way of showing it." Anakin said as they approached the training room.

"Give her a couple days, she'll warm up to us." Ahsoka said as Levi walked out of the training room with a tired expression, dusting off her robes before she realized that the two Jedi were outside with her.

Levi turned her head to the Jedi as Obi-wan appeared beside her as he regarded his former padawan and Ahsoka before making introductions, "Levera, allow me to introduce you to my colleagues; my former padawan, Anakin Skywalker, and his padawan, Ahsoka Tano."

"Nice to meet you, welcome to the Jedi Order." Anakin stiffly said, slightly disturbed by how dark her eyes are, evidence of the torment she suffered.

Levi nodded in return, "I look forward to working alongside you." she replied evenly, without a hint of emotion before turning her gaze to the Togruta, "Hello again, Ms. Tano."

Ahsoka smiled faintly before nodding her head in acknowledgement, "'Ahsoka' is fine."

Obi-wan looked between the two girls, "I see you two have already met."

"We talked in the mess hall briefly." Levi said before addressing the elder Jedi, "May I return to my quarters Master?" she politely asked, not feeling in the mood to converse with other people.

Obi-wan paused, feeling a great deal of apprehension from his newly appointed student who looked uneasy around other people. Deciding to grant her request, he nodded, "You're free to go. But I expect you to be here for training same time tomorrow." he said, leaving no room for argument as she nodded before leaving for her quarters.

Once she was out of earshot, Anakin said, "Not exactly the social type...or a ray of sunshine." Obi-wan gave his former padawan a look of disapproval for that comment.

"Might I remind you Anakin, that she is a child who was forced to survive in her world." Obi-wan scolded the Jedi Knight, "Although she's focused on her training, she has yet to open herself up to the idea of becoming a Jedi." he added, earning a look from Anakin and Ahsoka.

"What do you mean? She's part of the order now." Ahsoka said, not understanding why since she and Levi are both padawans.

"Simple, while she has agreed to serve the order, her mind and heart still suffer the painful memories of what happened on Earth. She's here in the present, yet remains in the past." Obi-wan mournfully explained, having sensed how she functioned during meditation.

"And you're still gonna train her?" Anakin asked, worried for his former master since the latter has to be the one who trains the cold unpredictable survivor.

"Yes. Master Yoda believes that if I teach her personally in the ways of the Force, the darkness that threatens to swallow her will disappear. When that happens, she will truly become a Jedi." Obi-wan said, remembering Yoda's orders to help the young girl and guide her on the right path to becoming a Jedi.

Anakin paused, still wary of the idea where Obi-wan has to apprentice a girl who looks ready to snap, "Are you sure you can take this one, Obi-wan?"

Obi-wan smiled, "If there's one thing I learned from you, is to be up for a challenge and hope for the best." he said before walking away, leaving Anakin smiling with pride before it melted away, "Wait, was that a shot?"

Ahsoka fought to keep the grin off her face, "I think it was." she said, making Anakin turn to her with a growl, making her laugh into her hand.

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