by Maudlin Mush

This is the obligatory note stating I receive no material or financial compensation for my story.

I'm just here to play in the sandbox and work on a little personal psychological needs...

Chapter One

Steve McGarrett stretched, yawning, mouth wide. He really hated paperwork days! More so since his team had all learned to refuse to complete his. Even the rookie!

He knew Danny Williams was a bad influence!

Glancing around he noted that Kono Kalakaua was leaning over Danny's shoulder as they scanned something on the smart table. Maybe it was a new case. Maybe it was a sporting event. It really didn't matter - it had nothing to do with the stacks of paper and files on his desk and computer! He stood and purposefully walked out of his office to 'check' on his team.

"I double checked all the original witnesses," Kono was telling the blonde detective. She indicated several pictures line up on the screen.

"Did you look at the mock-up of the actual crime scene?" he asked. He tapped the table trying to access the information.

"Cold case," Chin Ho Kelly explained to the Seal. "Danny's been teaching Kono some of his methods." That made sense. When their case work was done Williams had set the example of pulling cold cases from HPD to review. In two years time he'd found new leads in 15 cases, 10 of which were solved by the HPD detectives based on them. The Haole had quite a rep over at the PD.

Now he was showing the 'rookie' the ropes. Kalakaua was a fine cop, did great undercover work and had a flexible mind that could figure out problems. Plus she could kick butt almost as well as McGarrett (and earned almost as many rant/lectures from Williams!). The Commander didn't get into solving old cases, but Kono was keen to keep busy.

So 5-0 used 'free time' to review select unsolved cases. Chin had actually brought in a few from his days as a police officer. The case on the table was an unsolved murder. The victim had been dumped at Ala Moana beach. Any footprints had been obliterated by a rake.

Casting a disinterested glance over the 'scene' Steve figured this was better than the alpha/numeric forms on his desk. Williams was a great source of amusement at times. When he was in analytical mode he was intense; even more compelling.

At the moment the detective was leading the younger officer through the mock up of the crime scene. With judicious nudging Kono began to piece together a good idea of what had happened.

Once she'd reached the end of her abilities, Danny waded in and completed filling in the backstory and a solid conjecture at what had happened. This lead them to a new person of interest. Steve was pleased that finally the team had an excuse to leave the office and take the investigation into the field.

Chief Fields reviewed the latest set of completed cases. Three cold cases all closed by 5-0. By Williams. Damn it all, he'd had a gem and he let it get away. Of course, the Haole had been ostracized by most of the department - too set in his mainland ways for the laid-back Hawaiians.

The 5-0 commander recognized the attributes the feisty detective brought to his team. The character traits HPD found abrasive the Navy Seal accepted and nurtured in his own way. With the distance Fields could easily see that those traits weren't really annoying. The exclusive nature of his department created those problems.

Once again he wished he could get the man back. Just to review all the cold cases that languished in the evidence locker and files. Maybe he could do something to have the Haole returned to the brotherhood.

But how?

Chief Fields walked into 5-0's office. He wanted Det Williams back in HPD. He needed him! It had come to the Governor's notice that 5-0 was providing leads and sometimes solving cold cases. The current budget reflected an increase in funding for the elite team.

And his budget was where some of it came from!

Walking past the large computer table Fields glanced at the offices. Officer Kalakua was working on her keyboard, her fingers moving and her face wreathed in concentration. Two other offices were empty. In the final office was Commander McGarrett. Straightening his shoulders the Chief strode purposefully to the door and tapped once before opening it.

"Chief Fields, welcome," McGarrett stood and offered his hand. Danno would be sooooo proud, interdepartmental cooperation was important according to the detective. He indicated that his visitor take a seat as he settled down at his desk.

"Commander McGarrett, I trust you're not too busy. I wanted to speak with you privately," he said. Curious, McGarrett's attention laser focussed on the visitor. A bit unnerving!

"Of course, Chief, I have time. What can I help you with?" he asked. A file folder was handed over. Inside were several sheets of paper devoted to the cold cases the team had worked on, many successfully closed.

"Your team has surpassed expectations," Fields started. Praise was good! "Your solve rate passes the HPDs."

"We do have a little more leeway in working our cases," Steve said generously. A lot of leeway!

"Yes, I understand that and why it was given to your team. I was wondering if you might want to add two or three officers to take on some of the load," he said tactfully.

"The team has considered it," Steve allowed. "Although we were thinking of just one additional officer. I have Lt Kelly working on that."

Good, thought Fields, an inroad!

"We might shift all of the cold cases back to the HPD," he began. "I was going to ask the Governor about funding a position just for a profiler to go over the backlog of cold cases."

"We don't mind looking over cold cases between active cases," McGarrett said. "Williams has been using them as a training exercise for Kalakua."

"About Williams, he's quite a profiler," Fields began. "Quite an asset." Not quite sure where the conversation was headed, and more than a bit uncomfortable in the direction Steve pulled back a little and leaned slightly into the chair.

"Yes, he is," he agreed. "A huge asset to our team." Emphasis on 'our'.

"I was looking over his work and thought he might be under-utilized in 5-0," the Chief started into his pitch not noticing, or ignoring, the defensive posture the head of 5-0 took. Arms crossed, sitting straight, no emotions on his face.

"Go on," he bit out.

"I was thinking of transferring him back to the HPD, put his talents to better use," he dared. "That would free up at least two positions for fresh blood over here." The Navy Seal stood up and slowly leaned on his desk, palms down.

"You thought that, eh?" he challenged. Fields recognized a tactical retreat was in order.

"Well, it was a consideration," he backtracked, "with budget cuts and all I thought it would serve both departments."

"5-0 has had no budget cuts," Steve said evenly. "Although we create some damage, our case solve rate and protection has proved to be beneficial to the state of Hawaii. I see no reason to transfer my second in command back to a desk job in the bowels of HPD." There was the glare, the slight growl. No one would separate his team!

"It was just a thought," Fields stood and moved behind the chair, a poor shield against an upset Seal. "I haven't done anything but speak with you. Since you feel it's not in the best interests of 5-0 then I'll drop it." He inched back slowly to the door.

"I'm glad you understand my position, Chief Fields," he enunciated clearly, starting to move around the desk.

"I can find my own way out," the Chief replied, exiting with his tail between his legs.

Chin Ho Kelly watched as the chief of HPD sailed past him without so much as a grunt. He knew he was still not very welcome over at the station, but he had thought Fields at least understood his situation. He turned to see McGarrett walk out of his office not looking very pleased.

"Problems?" the Lt asked. Steve continued to glare until the chief was out of sight. Only then did his facial features soften.

"Just clarifying my personnel choices," he said cryptically. "Where's lunch?"

"Ah, about that," Chin hemmed, "there was a bit of an, uh, incident, so Danny will pick it up." Steve raised an eyebrow.

"I forgot to swing by Rainbow's and fortunately Danny was up that way so he's going to pick it up," the older man offered.

"Forgot?" sly voice.

"Uh, yeah?" he looked a bit embarrassed.

"Want to share, brah?" teasing voice.

"No, no," Kelly said. "Just going to update some programs and stuff on the table." He quickly busied himself leaving Steve to chuckle and walk back to his office. Better find his wallet and repay Danny for lunch or he'd never hear the end of it!