After the conference ended, many questions answered to the satisfaction of the ever-present press, the 5-0 team gathered in the Governor's office. It was late Thursday, and a lot of concern regarding their future was apparent. McGarrett squirmed in his seat. He'd gone out on a limb to protect his team. He'd been fortunate that Denning had publicly supported them. He just hoped there wouldn't be too much fall-out.

Kelly and Kalakaua also shifted uneasily. They'd enjoyed the week off but now was the time to pay the piper. Only Williams sat easily, body relaxed sipping at a cup of coffee that Debbie had generously offered. At his desk Dennings also was enjoying coffee, his iced in deference to the heat. He looked at the four task force members, giving Danny a slight nod.

He loved being in charge!

"I believe we need to talk about the direction of the task force, Cmdr McGarrett," Denning began, very stern. Steve sat up straight, trying not to appear concerned.

The governor carefully looked at his task force, his face tooled in complete seriousness. Finally he turned his semi-glare on Williams. The detective lost his composure and started laughing.

"Is there something amusing about this situation? Not to mention the entire task force shut down? Oh, and the rampant rumors of harassing an employee by management?" Denning growled.

"Oh, no sir," Steve quickly jumped in, elbowing his team mate soundly in the side. "Nothing at all amusing!" Which sent Danny into more laughter.

"Your… face!" he snorted. "And Chin's and Kono's! It's the end of the world!"

Denning managed to hold on to his composure, looking at the rest of the detective's team as they scrambled to 'save' the situation. Kono hit Danny's arm followed by another elbow in the side. Even Chin growled soto voce for Williams to shut up!

As they tried to rein in Danny a new voice added laughter to the meeting. Slowly turning the team noted that the governor was now joining in. First confusion and disbelief flashed across their face. What the heck?

Then an inkling of suspicion.

"You PLANNED this!" Chin blurted out. "You… you…"

"Not quite like the news conference," Denning managed to giggle out.

"That was sheer genius, sir," Williams added as he began to control his breathing. Denning grin widened as he composed himself.

"Well, yes, it was," he agreed. "And I didn't say anything about how satisfying it was to take care of a certain police chief and his hubris."

"Didn't hear a thing," Danny agreed, shaking his head.

McGarrett, Kelly, and Kalakaua stared in disbelief as the head of state shared a smirk with their haole. Before any of them could vocalize the Governor straightened up and firmly tapped the stack of papers in his hands. Williams also straightened up and looked completely professional.

"So, Governor Denning, what is our assignment?" the detective asked.

"Unless a case comes up," he decided, "I expect you to report back in Monday morning after you finish your authorized vacations." Pressing a button on his phone he called for his secretary. Debbie bustled in with a box.

"Your shields and guns," Denning waved imperiously as they were sorted and passed out.

"Sir, don't forget you have a telephone conference in 15 minutes," she reminded him. He nodded his thanks as she left the room. Squaring his shoulders he suddenly gave his body a shake and relaxed, smiling.

"It was an unpleasant situation, but you handled yourselves well," he said. "And received a paid vacation out of the deal! Plus I believe the difficulties between 5-0 and the HPD will lessen with our acting Chief of Police. Be sure to keep him in the loop - he has some good ideas and contacts."

"Sir," Steve ventured, "Thank you for how you kept our team together. All we want is to serve the people of the state of Hawaii."

"Yadda, yadda, yadda, good job," Danny broke in before things got too serious and overwhelming. "If you have another six pack or two bring it over to McGarrett's tomorrow after work. This time there'll be a BBQ." His team mates glanced uneasily between the Governor and the Detective.

Denning seemed to be considering the offer. "That can be arranged as I have heard McGarrett rarely has his wallet to buy such provisions."

The absurdity of the statement caught the others off-guard, both Chin and Kono snorted while McGarrett looked affronted.

"None of that fru-fru stuff," Williams added.

"I don't drink fru-fru stuff!" Steve asserted. Loudly.