Number 45

Meeting NG

Nora Gray is dead.

Dead! Nora Gray is dead.

Her ashes litter the cemetery like gold dust in a field of flowers. Her heart beat thrumbs through the headstones like a butterfly caught in a jar. Dead. Nora Gray is dead.

Patch Cipriano feels dead.

There is something missing.

He is an angel – a fallen one, perhaps, but an angel nonetheless –

So he knows why.

He knows why he feels this way.

He doesn't know that Nora Gray is dead – but he knows this heartbreak is because of the death of someone in his future.

Is it odd – to want to mourn someone you didn't know?

Patch spends days of his time in his underground apartment, unmoving, unquestioning of this emotion. Rixon cannot help. Dabria – the witch – even the thought of pissing her off cannot help.

Patch feels alone.

And then he gets moving again.

He spends his time doing his usual things to get money – gambling and stealing and killing. What were humans, anyway, but the things to give you money? A lesser species. A means to an end.

He does this for weeks – until they begin.

The hallucinations. The visions. Turning his head to watch a girl only for her to turn her face towards him – for him to see what she looks like – for him to feel disappointed.

Patch knows he should have met the dead person by now. He knows he should have met Nora.

The hallucinations – at the pier – playing an arcade game – someone swatting his arm – she's not wearing make-up because I told her not to – small glimpses of someone he knows doesn't exist. A faceless female further from this Earth than Corbyn is from a majority.

Visions of kissing someone – and tomatoes – Patch winces when he tastes cherries on his lips – in his mind, he builds this bigger picture of this beautiful girl –

Whose dead. Nora Gray is dead.

Sleepless nights of remembering her…

…but they're not memories because they never happened.

Mourning this dream-girl – Angel – because she's dead…

And Patch knows it. Patch knows that Nora Gray is dead.

A/N: thank you hope79 for the prompt! Your comments were so cute I swear! you made me update this dry story which I partially detest...AT LEAST IT WAS NORA DYING THIS TIME LOOK AT THAT CHANGE OF PACE YAS BOIS! Thank you for your comments on my sure know how to make a girl blush!

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