Note: Jubilee is Hiro's age in this story. Her vampiric abilites are sliiightly altered.

Fifty shades of grey isn't something teenage friends should go to see. And now Hiro and his good friend Jubilation Lee had discovered that the hard way. If any of their friends had seen them exit the Theater , they would have laughed at the sick looks on their face; the green in their cheeks. Even if they'd hit puberty long ago, it was still horrific to them.

"...well...that was a pleasant film." Jubilee declared hesitantly.

"Ugh!" He cast a funny look of disgust at her.

"Okay, okay! "She giggled. "It was terrible!"

"Beyond that! Christian is just...crazy!" Hiro said in exasperation.

"He is!" Jubilee shuddered. "I'd hate to be Ana."

"I mean, the guy has a serious bondage fetish...Thing going on! Who stays with a guy like that for days?!" Hiro continued as the two began to walk down the street.

"I know! " The dark haired girl agreed, while she adjusted her yellow trench coat. "And the guy has no Romantic feelings for Ana, but he insists on having her stick to the contract so he can practically rape her?!"

"Oh my gosh!" Hiro rubbed his face with a hand. "I cant believe I wasted your time by making you watch that pile of crap."

"Hey, it's alright!" She patted his shoulder playfully. "T least we enjoyed criticizing it, Hiro. "

The Boy genius smiled and chuckled as he realized she was right. Their conversation faded into silence, as the two took a shortcut down the alley and entered darkness. Hiro sighed with embarrassment. "Sorry, I probably should have brought a flashlight or..."

Wisps and flurries of light suddenly appeared, which blinded Hiro for a few seconds. The little balls of light floated forward, thanks to a swift hand signal from Jubilee. With a wink at Hiro, they continued on their way down The alley.

Aunt Cass?" Hiro called, opening the door allow Jubilee inside.

"Hiro, you're back!"

"Good evening, Hiro."

"Hey Bay..." Hiro once again trailed off when he saw his robotic companion sitting on the couch with his Aunt, wearing a black hat and tie. Aunt Cass was wearing a police costume. Jubilee was wearing a look of amusement. "...max?"

"W-Why are you two dressed like that? " Jubilee chuckled.

"Oh, Jubilee, honey! It's seems Baymax here was a fan of The Blacklist too! So now we're both watching it. And I thought, it'd be cool to watch it dressed as the main characters!"

"And might I say that it is quite Riveting to do so." Baymax stated with a more Baritone voice.

"Really? That's your best Reddington impression? " Hiro smirked. Jubilee patted Baymax's shoulder.

"I think you did a fine impersonation." She reassured him.

Hiro rolled his eyes. "Well, anyways, Jubilee and I were gonna ho hang out up stairs, Aunt Cass."

"Okay. But no funny stuff. I'm not ready to be a grandmother-Aunt."

"Wait, you...Aunt Cass!" Hiro blushed furiously. "I don't...we aren't even..."

"You know, you sure did freak when hour Aunt made that joke. "Jubilee sat on his bed, her legs crossed over one another. "Could if be that my best friend Hiro has a crush on me?"

"Even if I did, I probably wouldn't tell you for years." Hiro smirked, taking a seat next to her. "I never tell really hot girls that I like them...for a long time."

"Really? And...just what would turn you on about me?" Jubilee joked, rubbing her knee against his. Thanks to the blue jean shirts she wore, her smooth legs were visible. "Could it be my sexy legs?"

"Oh stop, you sweet talker you..." Hiro rolled his eyes. "How you can stand wdaring shorts and a cut off shirt on a cold night is beyond me."

"Uh...The cold never really bothered me." Jubilee stammered.

"Stealing Elsa's lines, are we?"

"Heh..." Jubilee went silent, then looked down at her feet. "...Hiro?"

"...yes? Is something wrong?" Hiro asks, hearing the sudden change in her tone.

"...I don't know...we're good friends...right?"

"Sure, of course." He reassured her.

" wouldn't think of me any less...would you?"

He shook his head.

"...I'm a Vampire. "

Hiro narrowed his eyes at her after a very long period of silence. "Okaaay..."

"I know it sounds crazy but...look." She opened her mouth and showed him her perfect, regular teeth. Almost abruptly, when he least expected it, her canines elongated until there were two times the original length. Hiro flin hed back with surprised, and Jubilee sighed in sadness.

" That's why I was never cold... seeing his expression, She added: "You think I'm a monster now...don't you? "

"...No, I don't! I swear." Hiro told her truthfully. "You're no monster...but,uh, how long have you been a Vampire? "

"Me? I have no clue. But Professor X says ever since I was born."

"Oh." Hiro nodded. "Well, it's not a bad thing. Honest. I dont think any less of don't want...suck blood, do you? "

"No...that's the strange thing. " Jubilee shrugged. "I haven't really felt like...biting anyone."

"Uh, that's good...hey. let's get rid of this weird tone for conversation and go watch a film with Aunt Cass."


When Hiro got up, she suddenly took his hand and pecked his cheek. "And Hiro? Thanks. I wasn't sure of what your reaction to this would be."

"Well apparently, it was a good one." Hiro smiled, helping her up. "But hey, what are friends for, right?"