"Oh!" Fred hopped down from his seat and patted Hiro on the back. "It looks like you're up bro!"

"Indeed he is!" Wasabi motioned for them to start punched Hiro's arm as walked past him.

"Break a leg!"

"Good luck Hiro!" Honey Lemon hugged the boy tightly and made her way to the audience. This left Jubilee as the final friend to give him her good luck.

"Well...looks today is the day for you." Jubilee Shyly rubbed her arm. "I mean, I know I go after you but...guys first. Yeah...*sigh*...I know you'll do better than I ever can Hiro. Show em what it means to be cool."

Hiro nodded. After his friend left, Tadashi smiled after her and turned to Hiro. "She's a great friend Yknow. "

"Yeah...she is..."

"You okay bro...?"

"..I don't think I can do this." Hiro responded quietly. "I really wanna go here but..."

"Hey.." Tadashi patted his shoulder. " you got this."

Gradually, his little brother smiled.

By now, as Hiro stood before the small crowd of people including his family, friends and Callaghan himself, his smile was gone. He stood there for a moment and gulped in the presence of all those watching eyes, expecting him to do something. "...uh...*ahem*...Hello-"


Hiro winced from the feedback, and noticed the eyes looking uninterested in him. He swallowed again, turned slightly red and reached into his pocket. "Sorry...my name is H-Hiro Hamada...and I-I've been working on something that I think is pretty cool." He pulled out a mechanical headband and placed it around his forehead, then held up a tiny mechanical pellet, black as oil. "This is a Microbot."

A man in the corner glanced around and quickly walked away from the crowd. Hiro paused in fear, staring at the crowd with wide eyes. He spotted His Aunt, Brother, and Jubilee motioning for him to continue...so he coughed again. "It doesn't look like much, but when it links up with the rest of it's pals..."

The recycling cans that had been brought in earlier burst open and black water flowed out...well, microbots at least. Hundreds upon billions of them surged in tandem to create a massive sea of obsidian that slithered up onto the stage and finally halted in the form of a giant cube. The Audience now looked much more interested in what Hiro had to offer. "Things get a little more interesting."

"They're controlled by this Nuerotransmitter!" Hiro explained and took off the headband. The giant cube fell apart, only to reform once he put it back on. "I can turn them into whatever I think!"

The cube transformed into a hand that waved at the crowd carelessly, and then fistpumped Hiro The boy smiled wider when he saw the crowd slightly applaud at this, and at Callaghan's approving look. "The applications with this are limitless! What used to take hours to build with hands of a hundred people..."

The Microbots surged furiously into each other, and soon began to slowly drift apart. What was left was a carefully constructed building, complete with small little windows. "...can be made in seconds by one person. And that's just the beginning!"

He started to walk off of the stage, and the microbots quickly supported each step so that he didn't fall. "How about Transportation?"

The applauds grew louder while his stilt walking continued above the crowds unhindered. He even went so far as to walk upside down. "Microbots can move anything, anywhere! The only limit is your imagination."

Hiro walked back onto the stage, and finished his speech with the Microbots imitating fireworks."Microbots!"

"THAT'S MY NEPHEW!" Aunt Cass shrieked happily. "MY NEPHEW'S A GENIUS!"

"Dude you rocked it!" Tadashi congratulated him instantly.

"I know, right?!"

Everyone else came over and greatly congratulated Hiro on his job well done. He smiled and thanked them all. "Well, I guess it's Jubilee's turn to present."

"Oh!" She waved a hand. "Actually, I showed mine to Callaghan earlier. I don't really know if I'm in yet buuut..."

"Seriously?" Hiro smirked. "How come you got to do it earlier?"

"Cuz I'm awesome." She crossed her arms. "Duh."

"Awesome is just how I would describe Hiro's invention."

The group turned and noticed a very familiar man walking up to them, albeit not Callaghan. Hiro was the first to say his name in surprise. "woah...Alistair Krei."

"In the flesh." He nodded to him. "May I?"

"Of course." Hiro handed him one of his Microbots, and Alistair inspected it carefully before giving it back to him.

"It's amazing...' He told the boy. "So much that I want it at KreiTech."

"SHUT! UP!" Jubilee exclaimed, shaking Hiro like a rag doll. "HE WANTS YOUR STUFF AT KREITECH!"

" is right..." Callaghan announced as he sauntered towards their group with his hands in his pockets. "Your tech is an amazing piece of can develop it...or you can sell it to a man who's guided by his own self interests."

Jubilee and Hiro glanced at each other curiously, while Tadashi sensed an argument brewing.

Krei sighed and frowned at Callaghan. "Robert, I know how you feel about me...but it shouldn't affect-"

"This is your decision, Hiro." Callaghan gruffly stated." But you should know Mr. Krei has cut corners, and ignored sound science to get where he is."

"That's just not true, Robert."

"I wouldn't trust KreiTech with your Microbots...or anything else."

"Hiro..." Krei tried. "I'm offering you more money that any teenager has ever had."

Hiro stared down at his robot. Who could he chose? Both of them had something to offer to him, and that was messing up his choice thoughts. The boy looked back at his friends, and finally at Tadashi who bore an indescribable expression on his face. But Hiro knew what the expression meant, and he turned back to the adults. "...I appreciate the offer, ...but they're not for sale."

Krei looked as if he was masking worry, and chuckled. "heh heh...I thought you were smarter than that."

"I'm sorry..." Jubilee glared at Krei. "But that seems to imply that you're calling my best friend an Idiot."

After Jubilee was marked the first girl in history to make Alistair Krei walk away awkwardly, Callaghan gave an approving smile to Hiro and to Jubilee. "It would seem you two are going to be working together...in class that is."

"This is probably the day of my life..." Jubile whispered happily, walking alongside Hiro and Tadashi.

"Same here..." Hiro smiled widely. The three eventually ambled over to the bridge that stretched over the lake and leaned on the railing. They watched the other people below them enjoying the festivities and a few of the foods they had to offer from the university. Hiro glanced at his aloof older brother and felt as if he was going to start talking, so he beat him to it. "I know what you're gonna say...I should be proud of myself because I'm finally using my gift for something important."

Tadashi rolled his eyes at him. "Nah, I was just gonna say your fly was down the whole presentation."

"Sure...Ha Ha."



"...He wasn't kidding."


Hiro turned red, positioned himself away from Jubilee and zipped up his pants. Tadashi shook his head in amusement and they all fell into silence again...until tadashi spoke again. "Welcome to nerd school...Nerds."

Hiro chuckled in tandem with Jubilee's giggle, but the boy soon frowned. "Hey uh...I dunno about her but...I wouldn't be here if it wasn't if it wasn't for you so...Y'know...thanks for not giving up on me."

"...Anytime, little bro. Anytime."

"Heeey, let's not forget how no one else gave up on you...' Jubilee quipped. "Like a certain frieeend?"

"Of course I wouldn't forget you, Jubilee." Hiro declared, wrapping an arm around her shoulders in a half hug. The girl blushed madly at this, but smiled and sort of snuggled into him. Hiro blushed and glanced back at Tadashi, who silently did the wolf whistle. Hiro rolled his eyes.


The trio spun around, courtesy of the fire alarms, and we're greeted by a terrifying sight: Their University burning in mountain sized flames. Tadashi immediately raced down the sidewalk followed by the younger students until they were in the courtyard and could feel the heat coming off of the building in giant waves. Tadashi spotted a woman coughing and moving away from the building, and they only recognized her when they were close enough to help.

"GoGo!" Jubilee gasped in fear, scanning over her cousin's body for injuries. "Are you okay?"

"Where is everyone else?' Tadashi asked as well.

"*Cough*...I'm fine...I think the others went for the Fire department...but..." Her eyes went wide. "Oh no..."


"Callaghan's still in there!" GoGo exclaimed. The four gazed at the crumbling building in worry, and fear for their teacher. Tadashi eventually inhaled a good sum of oxygen and started running towards the entrance of the building.

"Tadashi!" GoGo reached out too late to stop, but Hiro managed to.

"What are you doing?!" Hiro pointed at the fire. "You can't go in there!"

His older brother gazed at the building for a long time, and then back at Hiro with a sad expression. "Hiro...I...Callaghan's in there...someone has to help.'

He tore away and into the University before Hiro could say anything Else. Despite the fire growing stronger, Hiro stood his ground and waited for his brother to return with the professor. The seconds dragged out into minutes, and the minutes dragged out into a horrible crackling noise from the building. Jubilee sprinted forward and shoved herself on top of Hiro to protect him from the explosion that blew apart the entrance. Gogo sprinted forward too and dragged them back into safe zones as fast as she could...

And that's when Hiro realized that Tadashi wasn't coming back out.

An Hour after The Funeral of Tadashi Hamada and Robert Callaghan...

Aunt Cass' café was never meant to be gloomy, but today was much different. Another Hamada had been lost not long ago.

The building's ground floor was filled with people who knew Tadashi, and all were very close to the young man. The closest were gathered near the stairs, silently glancing at each other and thinking. Tadashi's college friends could only tearfully remember all the things he had done to encourage them in their earlier years and how he was the start of their little robotics group. Aunt Cass reflected quietly on the years she had spent raising Tadashi and all those amazing times she had with him...

"I...um..." Aunt Cass began quietly. "Where is your cousin, GoGo?"

"She's in The restroom Ma'am..." Her voice sounded hoarse. "She need to use a few tissues...'

Ironically enough, Jubilee walked into the group about ten seconds later, looking as gloomy as they all were. "Hi, Miss Cass..."

"Oh...Hello Jubilee..." Cass greeted sadly. The youngest of the group looked up at the stairs behind them longingly, but kept silent. The adult gestured to it, however.

"...I think he could use someone to talk to for a bit..."

Jubilee slowly nodded, and moved up the stairs as worrying thoughts swam in her head. 'What if he doesn't want to talk with me...? Or maybe he just doesn't say anything at all...but I have to try. I have to.'

She had finally reached the top of the stairs and walked inside slowly. Hiro wasn't in his room, she noticed with a start. She peeked inside Tadashi's room and saw the boy's figure sitting on his bed and holding a square object. "...Hiro?"


She walked in cautiously and sat on the bed beside him. She could Hiro was holding a picture of himself and Tadashi smiling in a park. "..."

"...this was few months ago..."

Jubilee stared at him, noticing his gloomy blank look with a frown of her own.

"It was his birthday then...we had such a great time back then...wish he was still here..."

"...You know he is still here, right?" Jubilee paled as soon as the words left her mouth. From the suddenly angered look on his face, she guessed Hiro had heard that one before...and did not like it.

"How can sit there and lie like that?!" Hiro snapped furiously. The girl was deeply hurt by this, and turned away from his gaze...which slowly softened as he realized what he had done. "...Jubilee, I-I'm sorry...I just...I miss him so much..."

"...I know..." She replied softly, and found that she simply hated his sad look. The girl's mind raced to think of some other topic she could talk about...something that couldn't sadden him more. The she had it...one thing that might work. But she was afraid of how he would react to this...or if she could trust him with this. She told herself that as her best friend, she had to trust him. "...hey...Hiro...can I show you something?"


Jubilee looked at the stairs to see if anyone would notice her and then back to Hiro. With her palms facing upwards, the same multicolored orbs of lights sprouted out from her hands and into the air between them. Hiro's eyes widened and stared at the strange ability before it dissipated into the air. Jubilee bit her bottom lip nervously and rubbed her hands. "I was...born with this weird ability and I can make hard light constructs I guess."

"You had that all this time...and never told me?" Hiro asked, although he sounded slightly more fascinated than gloomy.

"Sorry...I was worried that you'd be afraid..."

"...I'll never be afraid of you...you're not some freak if that's what you think..."

"...you r-really mean that?"