Summary- When an unsub that goes by the name Ladybug attacks the members of the BAU will anyone survive?

A/N- This was a prompt given to me by whitecrossgirl. I would also like to mention that none of the ladybug series has to do with each chapter. They are all just one-shots.


"HOTCH, Don't. Move." Reid yelled.

"Reid, what do you think I'm doing?" Hotch said as he stared down the unsub.

"No, you don't understand Hotch. Ladybug on the end of your gun." Reid squeaks as he's trying to hold his stance.

"Oh for god sakes Reid not now." The unit chief growls out.

"Hotch you don't understand. They are little demons I tell you." Hotch wants to glare at Reid, but he doesn't want to take his eyes off the unsub.

"So you guys are real FBI agents, right? This isn't some kind of joke?" The unsub Donnie Meyers looks at Reid.

"This is not a god damn joke Donnie. Let the woman go and we can talk about this." Hotch tells him.

Just then the ladybug flies at Reid to which he loses his stance and starts gesturing wildly.

"Reid," Morgan yells, "It's a damn bug."

"You don't understand dammit! These things are demons!" Reid cries out as he hits at the ladybug sending it towards Emily.

Emily ignores the bug at first as she continues aiming her gun at Donnie. "Let the woman go no- Ow! Dammit JJ!" she yells looking towards her best friend.

"Sorry Em." The blonde says smiling innocently before backing away from the angry brunette.

"Are you all really FBI agents? Cause like two of you are afraid of a little bug." Donnie says as he holds the woman to his chest.

"Yes, we are FBI agents. Dammit Reid, JJ go back to the SUV, Morgan get over here," Hotch growls.

Just as Morgan takes over the ladybug lands on Morgan's nose. Unfortunately it's impeding his sightline.

"Damn bug." He yells as he tries to shoo it away only for it to fly away into Emily's hair.

Emily growls lowly when JJ makes a move to hit it. "I swear to God Jayje if you and Reid do not go to the SUV's I will shoot you myself."

Everyone is a little unnerved by how still Hotch is. Even when the bug flies right past him he doesn't blink.

"So Hotch, you okay there?" Even Morgan is unsettled by his unit chief's focus.

Hotch ignores him as he continues staring at the unsub. "Let the girl go."

"Now why should I do that man?" The unsub asks tightening his hold on the squirming woman.

Emily goes back to aiming her gun at the man. "Let her go now." she growls out.

A loud feminine squeal catches everyone's attention and they all look toward where JJ is trying to smack the ladybug away from her and Reid.

"Seriously, you guys are really the FBI?" Donnie stares at Hotch, "Because those two aren't really acting like it." He smirks at JJ and Reid.

Again the ladybug buzzes around Emily's face, "Damn bug," She waves her hand to shoo it away only for it to land on Hotch's hair. He stays still ignoring the bug.

"Man that is freaky," Morgan whispers to Emily.

"Donnie let her go and you may get out of this alive," Hotch glares at the unsub.

"You guys are afraid of a damn bug so really, you're not scaring me right now." He sneers at Aaron.

Emily carefully reaches up and shoos the bug away from Hotch. It's a tense couple of minutes when they see Reid running towards them with the miniscule terror following him.

Grinning Emily sticks her foot out and trips him, before turning her gun back towards Donnie. "Let the girl go. We can make a trade." She says slowly putting her gun away. "Me for her." She day referring to the brunette in Donnie's arms.

"Emily?! What the hell?" Reid yells at her from his sitting position on the ground. He suddenly realizes the they are a stand down with their unsub.

He jumps up and re-aims his gun on Donnie.

"Come on Donnie, me for the girl. " Emily asks again.

"You come over here, leave the gun badge and vest." Donnie growls out before another loud squeal is heard.

Emily quickly does as Donnie said ignoring the looks everyone but a freaking out Reid is giving her. Walking over to the unsub slowly. When she reaches him hr releases the girl, shoving her at Morgan. Before roughly grabbing Emily by her hair and holding his knife to her throat.

The ladybug of course chose that moment to land on Emily ' s cheek. It was slowly crawling on her tickling her. She couldn't help it she started laughing at the feeling of the bug on her.

"What the hell is so funny?" Donnie yells.

"Sorry," Emily pants, "Ticklish. This bug is crawling on my cheek." She continues chuckling as the ladybug keeps exploring her face.

"Stop laughing, this isn't funny," He yells at her again.

"Actually it is kinda funny," Morgan smirks, trying to stifle his own laugh.

"Yeah, it kinda is," Rossi stands there wondering just what Emily was up to.

When the bug starts crawling lower Emily begins to squirm as her laughter fills the room.

"Stop moving you bitch!" Donnie yells hitting Emily over the head with his knife causing her to fall to the ground unconscious before he kills the ladybug.

Morgan immediately jumps on him getting him into handcuffs.

"Donnie Meyers you're under arrest," Morgan proceeds with the Miranda as he forcibly pulls the man to his feet.

"Oh and thank you for killing that stupid bug."

"Will it get me a deal?" Donnie asks with a hopeful gleam in his eye.

"No," Hotch says as he shakes his head and walks away.