The 'Art' Teacher

Ichigo sighed, he was having a rough day. First everyone was asking about the truck that crashed into his house then that girl, Rukia, who gave him the power to defend his family showed up as a new student while trying to get him to become a Soul Reaper.

"Yen for your thoughts." Ichigo turned in the direction of the voice and saw a man around 5'8'' with short auburn hair, coal black eyes, and somewhat pale skin. The man was dressed oddly with a buttoned up violet cloak covering the rest of his body with the kanji for scorpion on the back in red and a straw hat with bells and paper strips hanging off it. (Think Akatsuki outfit only different color.)

"Just a long day Akasuna-sensei." Ichigo explained to the art teacher. He acutely liked the man even though he didn't have his class as he had often helped him out when he was in trouble or just needed someone to talk to. The man was like a second father to him and his sisters as he often helped them out when he could.

That said Ichigo learned the hard way what happened to anyone who insulted Akasuna's 'Art.' He shivered at the memory and to this day he had yet to see anything that scared him more than a pissed off Akasuna. Even the Hollow thing he fought barely held a candle in comparison to the things he had seen Akasuna do to people that insulted his Art.

"Well if you need someone to talk to you know where to find me." Akasuna said before blinking as he seemed to remember something.

"Anyway I actually was looking for you Ichigo; I have a new student and rumor states you know her so I was wondering if you could tell me what to expect?" Ichigo's eye started twitching, he had a good guess what those rumors said about him and the girl tied into this whole mess.

"I don't actually know her as I only just met her yesterday before the truck crashed into my house so I'm not going to be much help beyond her name." at least not without you think I had gone insane.

Akasuna shrugged and waved his hand in a 'continue' motion causing Ichigo to sigh and say, "Kuchiki Rukia," as he closed his eyes missing Akasuna stiffen for a second before returning to his normal lax stance.

"Well thanks for everything and Ichigo if you ever need help you know where to find me." With that Akasuna left his mid abuzz with what Ichigo told him and everything that meant for this game he had been playing for over a hundred and twenty years.

Hmm Aizen has made his move now Kisuke what will be your counter. Was the thought passing through the red head mind as he returned to his class all the while his hands had been fiddling with a small chain bracelet with the kanji for Bee on one side and the kanji for scorpion on the other.

Short but the next one will be much longer that i can promise