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This story takes place in the future of Futanari Lucy. Unlike the main story this story DOES NOT contain Lemons (Unless I state otherwise)

If you haven't read the main story don't worry you can most likely understand what may be happening if you read these few facts.

First- In This Universe Lucy possessed both sets of equipment "Downstairs" hence why she is able to be a parent to these children.

Second- In this Universe Lucy is the Father of Asuka not Alzack.

Third- Some characters who are not in Fairy Tail are members

These people are- Angel, Michelle, Yukino, Flare, Minerva, Erza Knightwalker, Ur, Éclair, Mary Hughes and Coco

Fourth- Some Male Characters have the ability to become female; This won't really matter much since they won't be part of the main cast.

These characters include- Natsu/Natasha, Gray/Gracie, Gajeel/Gabby, Jellal/Jennifer, Sting/Stacy, and Rogue/Rachel.

In addition Happy, Lector and Frosch can become catgirls, the only one that really matters is Happy.

I know it seems overwhelming but it's not too important as many of these characters won't be taking part in the day to day happenings of this story.

Well then enough of this let's get to the story…

Asuka's POV

My name is Asuka Heartfilia. I'm the Daughter of Bisca Mulan and Lucy Heartfilia, I'm 25 years old.

Today started like any other day. I woke up, showered, brushed my long green hair to its blonde tips and got dressed in my vest and rawhide pants.

I looked an myself in the mirror and made a gun with my fingers "Bang."

I grabbed my hat and put it on my head. I walked out into the kitchen and kissed my mothers good morning. Yeah that's right I'm a 25-year-old woman who still lives with her parents, but honestly when you have a family as big as mine all living under one roof in a mansion estate you kinda aren't in a rush to get your own place.

"Morning Mom." I said grabbing my coat "I'm going to the guild."

"I'll see you later." Lucy said.

"Bye." Bisca added.

I had barely gotten off the front lawn when I heard them.

"Hey Big Sis!"

"Yeah hey Big Sis!"

Two girls ran up to me. These were the twins, Candy and Crescent Milkovich. They're both 13 years old and they both have long dark purple hair. Candy wears a purple dress and ties her hair in a right-side ponytail while Crescent wears a white shirt and ties her hair off to the left. Both of them practice Aunt Ultear's Ark of Time.

"What's up?" I asked as they walked with me.

"You'll never guess what we heard." Candy said.

"Yeah you'll never guess!" Crescent added.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Big Brother's home." Crescent told me.

"Yeah Simon's here."


Simon is the closest to my age, just about a mouth younger. He's Aunt Knightwalker's son…and he does not like us. He insists that Mom abandoned him and Aunt Knightwalker in Edolas. As a result, the Lucy of Edolas helped raised him. Against his wishes Knightwalker took him on a one-way trip to Earthland. Now he's made it his life's goal to find a way to return to the Lucy he really feels is his Mother. He bullies the younger kids and never treats Mom with any respect…I can't stand him or the fact Mom never seems to punish him for how he acts. I do what I can to protect the younger kids from his attitude but I can't beat him in a fight. I'm the oldest and I lose to my younger brother every time, guess that's why he got S-Class…

"Do you know where he is?" I asked the twins.

"Nope!" Candy said.

"We only saw him in town." Cress added.

"We'll I'm off to the guild then. You two stay out of trouble alright."

"Okay!" they chimed in unison.

I walked off and headed to the guild, it didn't take me long to get there. As usual the guildhall was bustling and full of people. I headed over to the bar and took a seat.

"Morning Aunt Mira." I said.

"Morning." She said before pointing to the ceiling "Someone's been waiting for you."

"I've got you now Sis!"

I made a pistol appear in my hand and shot the girl as she plummeted out of the sky. She spun out and crashed into the bar, wrecking it.

"Mirai." Aunt Mira sighed "Please be more careful."

"Sorry Mom." The white-haired girl said getting off the broken planks "I'll clean this up."

"Better luck next time Mirai." I smirked.

"I'll get you one day Asuka." She pouted.

Maria is Aunt Mira's daughter. She's 17 years old and like her mother she uses Demon Take Over Magic. Some people say she's just like Aunt Mira, loud and violent even dresses the same, but I've never seen Aunt Mira act like that or dress so provocatively in a tank top and shorts. For some reason Mirai wants to beat me so she can say she's Mom's strongest daughter.

"I heard Simon was around." I told Mirai.

"He stopped in before." She said "Cranky as always, he took a job but not before pushing Rex's buttons."

I just sighed "Of course he did."

I got up and headed across the guild. Four of my siblings were sharing a table together. These four are usually together, probably because they're all 18.

"Hey guys." I said sitting.

"Hi Asuka." They all said.

The four kids were all different.

The oldest was Aqua. Aqua is half celestial spirit. Her Mother is Mom's old spirit Aquarius…Mom, doesn't like to talk about her much. Aqua uses Water Magic and dresses herself in an ornate looking dress from the Spirit World and ties her hair back in pigtails. Unlike the rest of Mom's daughters Aqua really didn't get the chest genes, she's flat. But by far her most unique trait is that if she gets wet her legs turn into a mermaid tail.

Next to her was Rex. Rex and Aqua have the same birthday though Aqua's older by a couple hours. Rex's mother is Aunt Flare and like her he uses Hair Magic. He has to keep his hair long to use it so he normally wears a hat to contain the mass of red locks cause if he takes it off his hair falls down passed his knees. He's very shy and tends to keep to himself.

On the other side were two blonde haired girls. The first was Cornelia, Aunt Cana and Mom's daughter. She dressed just as scantly as Aunt Cana except she wears a jacket over her bra. Cornelia has been trying to perfect Crash Magic like her Grandfather. Just like him she can have a little trouble controlling it so she wears gloves to avoid breaking things.

And finally, the most unique of my siblings, Nona. Nona has short blond hair and dresses like any normal teenage girl with a blue and white t-shirt and black skirt. Nona is special; she's the only one who has access to Mom's keys. Nona's also the only one of us who can use Celestial Spirit Magic in the traditional form. Oh and did I mention she's half Exceed. Nona's mother is Happy…don't ask. Just know she has yellow cat ears and a tail.

"I heard our favorite sibling was in town." I said using a clearly fake voice.

"Yep." Nona said "But he already took a job and left."

"Yeah but not before he made a big stink like he always does!" Cornelia yelled tightening her grip "I could just…UGH!"

"Relax." Aqua said "Before you crush the table."

"You okay Rex?" I asked.

He just shrugged "I'm fine…"

"Come on." I said standing up "Let's go on a job, the five of us."

"Really?!" Cornelia said "Alright!"

"I'll go get my things." Nona said running off.

"Rexy why don't you pick the job." Aqua said "We'll all meet at the door."

The group broke apart and I laughed.

I guess I should go tell her we'll be out of town.

I turned around and headed over to Mom.

"Mom I going on a job with the others." I told her.

"Well you guys be careful." She said.

She seems a little quiet.

"What's wrong Mom?" I said taking a seat.

"It's nothing."

"Mom." I raised an eyebrow.

"Mother is upset because she heard Simon was here and didn't come see her."

I looked up and saw my younger brother Michael cleaning his glasses. Michael is Aunt Minerva's son. He uses Territory Magic like her but to quote him "Would prefer to avoid fighting." Michael has short black hair and has to wear glasses for his poor vision.

"Why do you keep doing this Mom." I said "You know how he is."

"Still." Mom said "I just want to know that he's okay."

"Fine." I sighed "I'm leaving then see you guys later."

I turned and then tripped over something and landed on my face. I rolled over and saw what I had tripped over.

"Dammit Kane!" I yelled "Don't read on the floor!"

"Huh…yeah…whatever…" he didn't take his eyes off the book he had open.

Kane is Mom's son with Aunt Levy. Just like his mothers he loves to read…especially while lying down. He practices Solid Script but like Michael he prefers to stick to the side lines. Just like Michael he's 16. Kane usually parts his blue hair off to the left and wears sweatshirt and jeans.

"Big sister gave you a command." A girl said pulling Kane off the floor "Obey Asuka."

This is Lindsey, Aunt Kagura's daughter. Now Mirai and I both look like our mothers but if Lindsey wasn't 16 she could be Aunt Kagura's twin sister. They dress alike, use the same magic and sword style, heck they even act the same, brutally stern. Lindsey tends to act a little to fan girlish with me. She always listens to my every word and makes everyone "Obey Asuka"

"Asuka!" I heard Cornelia yell "Let's go!"

"I'll see you guys later." I said heading to the door "We'll be back tomorrow."

On The Job

"You picked out a job hunting Lizardmen." Nona whined "They're so nasty."

Rex just shrugged "Sorry…"

"Well that will just make you wanna beat them up even faster." I told her.

"We're here." Cornelia said once we got to the top of the hill "There they are."

There was a hoard of Lizard people stomping around in the open field at the bottom of the hill.

"You guys head down I'll be up here." I said lying on the ground "I'll provide some covering fire."

The four kids headed down the hill and I summoned my rifle "Starlight."

Starlight is a beautiful golden hunting rifle from the Celestial world, where all my guns come from.

I checked the wind and aimed down the scope.

"Here we go…"

Cornelia's POV

"Alright I'll deal with destroying the nest you guys take out the Lizards." I told the other.

We all nodded and broke our huddle. I headed for the center of the nest. I saw the others start to deal with the Lizards.

"Scarlet Hair." I saw Rex take off his hat and grab a Lizardman before slamming it into the ground "Ignite!"

Rex's hair lit on fire and charred the surrounding lizards.

"I call upon the rushing tides!" Aqua called as a golden vase appeared "Jar of Undine!"

Aqua made the vase float and turned it towards the hoard of Lizards.

"Tidal Rush!" A flood of water flew out of the jar and blasted the Lizardmen away.

I made way towards the back, punching away a few Lizardmen as I progressed.

"Open!" I saw Nona pulling out one of her keys "Gate of the Ram: Aries!"

"Wool Wall!"

The spirit placed a barrier between my sister and the Lizards, trapping them in wool.

"Look out I'm not just gonna stand here." Nona said as her nails got long "Kitty Claw!"

She jumped up and scratched at the face of the trapped Lizards.

I made my way to the center of the nest and took off my right glove.

"One hand should be enough." I said to myself.

I saw a bullet wiz passed and I turned to see a Lizardman get blow away by a yellow streak of light. I looked up at the top of the hill Asuka was already lining up her next shot.

"Here we go!" I said cracking my knuckles and throwing a punch into the ground.


I punched the ground and shattered it. The earth cracked and split becoming unstable before collapsing in on itself.

"A little warning next time!" Nona yelled as the wool protecting her and the others vanished.

"Sorry." I scratched the back of my head "Maybe one hand was too much."

Asuka's POV

I watched the whole nest cave in on itself and I put my gun away.

"Another job well done." I said to myself.

"Is that what you call that crater?"

I could hear the rattling of metal.

"What are you doing here?"

"Passing through."

"Well keep passing Simon." I growled.

There was a palpable tension in the air as we looked at each other. He was wearing a heavy suit of armor with a cape on the back, his red hair was cut short and buzzed around the edges, strapped to his waist was an elaborate black and grey sword.

"Shouldn't you be checking on them?" he asked me in a condescending voice "What if one of them was hurt?"

I stomped forward and pushed passed him "Don't act like you give a damn."

I walked down the hill and found my siblings pulling themselves out of a crater.

"You guys all good?" I asked.

"Yep." They said.

I looked at the setting sun "Let's camp here for the night."


Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns.

Some brief information on Lucy's many children.

Name- Age/mother/magic

Asuka Heartfilia- 25/Bisca Mulan/The Gunner

Asuka's Arsenal

Revolver- Six Shooting Stars

Rifle- Starlight

Assault Rifle- Meteor Shower

Shotgun- Crashing Planets

Bazooka- Comet's Tail

Supernova Grenade

Simon Knightwalker- 25/Erza Knightwalker/ the Ten Commandments Sword

Simon's Ten Commandments

Mel Force, Gravity Core, Silfarion, Cannon Sword, Blue Crimson, Explosion, Rune Save, Ravelt, Ruination Fang, 10th form unknown.

Aqua Heartfilia- 18/Aquarius/ Water Magic (Jar of Undine/Eclipse Aquarius' jar)

Rex Corona – 18/Flare Corona/Scarlet Hair

Cornelia Alberona – 18/Cana/ Crash & Disassembly

Nona Heartfilia- 18/ Catgirl Happy/Celestial Magic & Aera

Mirai Strauss – 17/ Mirajane Strauss/Demon Take Over

Michael Orland- 16/Minerva Orland/ Territory

Kane McGarden- 16/Levy McGarden/Solid Script.

Lindsey Mikazuchi- 16/Kagura Mikazuchi/Gravity Manipulation

Candy and Crescent Milkovich- 13/Ultear Milkovich/ Ark of Time.

Also Asuka and Cornelia both possess Lucy's special gift but that's not really important for this story.

The above list doesn't cover all of Lucy's children, there are others out there that we've yet to meet.

Till Next Time!