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Asuka's POV

Making the main part of the games is easy, we are Fairy Tail after all. We and seven other teams passed the qualifying test and were now awaiting the start of the introductions for the main tournament.

"Sound like it's our turn." I said putting my hat on.

All our outfits had been given a purple tint and Fairy Tail patch and when the door opened we headed out, the crowd cheering us on. Ever since I was a kid I've dreamed of walking out of that tunnel and representing Fairy Tail, just like Mom did. And unlike that time no one booed or laughed at us, we were considered special again.

Our team was made up of Me, Cornelia, Rex, Nona and Michael.

The second team to come out after us was the other Fairy Tail team led by Simon, with him Lindsay, Mirai, Candy and Crescent, aside from the last two I had no doubt they would be serious competition.

"I hope you don't expect us to hold back if we have to face off." Simon said

"Oh I wouldn't dream of it." I smirked.

We looked back to see the next team coming in was Mermaid Heel, using the same team from years ago when Mom competed.

"Mother." Lindsay bowed.

"You arrived as anticipated." The woman said "I hope you'll impress."

"Yes." Lindsay nodded "I will "

Lamia Scale came in next with their old team, having swapped Sherry for Jura who retired a while ago.

"You guys go all out okay." Aunt Sherria smiled "If you get banged up I'll heal you."

"We are another team." Michael said.

"Family first." She smiled.

After them was Sabertooth. Sting couldn't compete because he was master now so their team was Rogue, Minerva, Rufus, Orga and Dobengal.

"I assume you've already heard the don't hold back chatter?" Minerva smiled at her son.

"Yes, which means you will say the same?"

"I won't repeat used up words." She smirked.

"I wonder who the last two teams are?" I said.

The seventh tunnel opened and the announcer said that the team was Fairy Tail.

"Aren't we the Fairy Tail teams?" I asked.

"Yes." Simon sighed as we looked back at the master who was laughing like an idiot.

"What did you do?!" I yelled.

"They game to me for a sponsorship, how could I say no in increasing our chances!"

The announcer introduced them one by one, this C-team had Nashi, Serena, Kalim, Elise and…

"Marnie?!" I yelled "What are you doing here?!"

"There's no way I would miss a display like this." She smiled.

Marnie Hughes-Heartfilia, one of my little sisters and the daughter of Mom and Mary Hughes, she's 15 and practices command magic. Unfortunately, she's a bit of a prodigy so she spends most of her time traveling and learning new ways to use her skills. She's tall, buxom like the rest of us, though she has her mom's oversized rear end. She has short curled purple hair with tips of blonde and white and is usually seen wearing an outfit you'd see a stage magician or conductor in, a suit with long coat tails.

"I'm surprised you would agree to participate." I said "Yet alone take a break from your travels for this."

"Even I like the bonds of family from time to time." She hugged me "It gets…lonely always moving around."

"And the last team, Crater Beasts!" the announcer yelled.

Five people walked out, the first was a pale girl with bun styled hair wearing a blue Yukata, the announcer said she was Yuuna-La. Near her was a taller boy with a shaved head wearing a skin tight black shirt like Laxus tends to wear and baggy brown pants, the announcer called him Shishi.

With them were two other people, one looked like he had been dipped in metal, piercing red eyes peered out to study us when the announcer said his name was simply Number 9 I couldn't help but wonder if he really was a machine. Not too far from him was a girl in an elegant white dress and covering her face with a white and pink bell umbrella. She seemed calm but the way her long blonde curls bounced on her shoulders she seemed a bit haughty, the announcer said her name was Parasol.

"Fairy Tail…" the last member of their team walked up to us.

He was tall and probably my age, he had short brown red hair and was wearing a red leather jacket and black baggy jean like pants.

"Walking right up like this." I looked at the man from under the brim of my hat "I suppose you have something to say?"

"Yeah…I don't really care for stuff like this, Master's the one saying we should compete and let other people know we're a top guild." He said "Scorch."

"That your name?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's what they call me." He walked off "Oh if there's any eating challenge, try not to burn your tongue."

"Tsk." I hissed "So, that was his idea of sending a message huh? Well fine, I'll kick his ass into next week!"


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Lucy's Kiddie Corner

Marnie Hughes-Heartfilia- Age 15, Mother- Mary Hughes, Magic- Command, Voice- Amanda Lee

Marnie is the daughter of Lucy and former Zentopia Church member Mary Hughes. The young girl is considered a magical prodigy and performer of classical music, she spends a large amount of her time away from her family studying and practicing, as she's gotten older she's gotten more used to her isolation but that doesn't mean she doesn't still get homesick. She has a rivalry with one of her other musically inclined sisters.

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