THIS HAS BEEN RE-WRITTEN (Its stil on the same story, but I've re-written it here)

One Piece: A Cheshire in Jail

Summary: Monkey D. Luna (fem!Luffy) was brought to Impel Down when she was eight after the marines had discovered who she was. Ten years later after being subjected to the humanity of humans and of the insanity of her own mind that has created for herself, she finally gets a cellmate.

Her brother, Portgas D. Ace, who execution is in one month.

Patience has become a virtue of hers, and it's about to pay off.

The world is going to have to face the one they were so scared of so many years ago. And now that's she free, she'll have to adjust to her new life, finding a path that seems broken and shattered to her eyes.

Warning: If I ever use the name Luna again (I have, I just haven't put the story up), know that they have no connect to the other unless I say so.

Tags: Different Devil Fruit Fem!Luffy MarcoxLuffy MarcoxFem!Luffy Alive!Ace Alive!Whitebeard Powerful!Smart!Broken!Luffy Spoiler Alert AU

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Prologue: Six Levels Under

It wasn't that she didn't understand what had happened. She knew very well what had happened. She just didn't know how it happened. It had been a normal day for her, training with her grandpa. Every three months she would be forced to separate from her brothers and go to strange islands her grandfather had picked out in the time he was away. There she would be forced to survive on her own power without any help from the outside world.

She usually got out with minimal injuries, a few scratches here and there to show that she wasn't wasting her time and she actually had to fight to live. It would have been pointless if she didn't even get challenged. It was a waste of time if she wasn't getting stronger. She wouldn't have bothered to go.

She didn't have to go in the first place, not really any ways. She choose to go, chose to be the one he took along with him. Her brothers were the main options, but they were strong, they were super strong in her eyes, but they weren't strong enough for the sea. They had never left the island. She had. She left numerous times, having been shipped from place to place.

Her brothers, her treasure, were not ready for the Grand Line islands. She was, and Gramps knew it too. That was why she allowed her to go, after all. If she wasn't strong enough no amount of begging would allow her to be shipped off instead.

She never told them this though, having fought her point with the old man behind closed doors when they were asleep.

The islands she was sent to were not normal by any means of a civilian's perspective. The plant life ate mammals and the animals were bigger than normal, always out to get her as if they were under command. Everywhere she went there were dangers and she never allowed herself to let her guard down until she was back in the forest of Goa. She was grateful for these trips though, knowledge was something she prized herself on and with going to place to place she gained a lot of experience that her brother's lacked.

She would need it, after all.

Contrasting to popular belief, she had not always been in her grandfather's custody. Since she was born and until she was five she was within her father's care, being loved and trained by him as if there was nothing else in this world he would rather do. Father had dotted on her, and though he had a firm hand on her personality and attitude, he trained her in everything he knew. Dragon knew of the dangers that came with being his daughter, knowing he would make the most wanted list in a matter of years. He couldn't be there always to protect her. She had to learn to protect herself.

She was six when her custody changed hands, Dragon about to do something that he couldn't risk even a chance to be seen with her for fear she too would be hunted down. With little choice of relatives to send her to, he decided to send his only child to his father in which she had never met. The first time she had met him he brutally threw her into training, determined to make her into a marine. She appreciated the training, and blocked out all the preaching of marines and how good they were.

It was a trip to one of these very islands that everything changed. It had started off normal, but then the second day came around and nothing would be as it was again. She didn't think it could even be remotely fixed to the way it had been.

Someone high up in the chain of command had figure out who she was, and tracking Garp's movements, eventually found her on a remote island in one of the Four Blues. Luckily she had been away from the East Blue at the time, not leading any trails to her brothers. The how might never be answered, but in the end it didn't matter. The fact was that they did. Garp didn't hear any word of it, and left her on an island like usual, planning to pick her up within a week.

He never did.

The white coats came in waves two days after her arrival. Enough time for her to get settled and for Garp to be away from the immediate area. He would forever wonder about what happened to her, never knowing the marines who had been dispatched to capture his only granddaughter. He would search endlessly only to find her in Hell ten years later.

The girl had no warning of their attack, but nonetheless decided to make her stand than to be killed for nothing. She didn't know who these people were for while she recognized the uniform, she didn't recognize the faces. The people she fought were nameless, only sensing the strength in which they possessed. Most of them were stronger than the usual greenhorn, and were probably higher up in the military. It mattered not to her, determined to give a fight for these people who happened to stand for 'justice.' Who would kill a child for living? Who would call a kid a demon because of the blood that ran through their veins? She never wanted to understand human logic, and hoped she never would.

Two days the fight went on, and only then did she lose her foothold in this battle of theirs. Between ten high ranking marines and a person who was probably now an admiral, she didn't stand a chance when they cornered her from all sides. They took advantage of the fact she was overpowered by the swarms of weak marines at her back and the higher ranking officers attacking her head on. One slip in the mud cost her ten years of her life which was spent in Impel Down. No one hesitated in taking the hit which would insure her downfall, their attack not stopping for even a moment. It just shows how heartless they had become, not even taking her down with honor befitting a marine.

A painful shout escaped her lips, a terrified shriek that would forever echo in the wild for the animals that could do nothing to help the girl who had done nothing wrong. The eyes of a girl with bright blue eyes that were forever filled with never ending amusement closed and her world faded into the black abyss.

The girl woke up in a cell, chains around every limb to keep her body unmovable. Cuffs around her hands and feet, her hands chained to either side of her and right above her head on the wall. Binds were attached to her ankle shackles, her legs cross and metal meeting the collar around her neck. Together all her chains met to the back of the wall, where her spine was directly below.

Her shackles were made out of sea stone, the only element she would never be able to destroy.

Deep under the ocean where darkness is birthed and people are all but forgotten to the outside world, lays a girl not even the age of ten. The girl was battered and beaten, scars that might never heal even with expert doctor treating them after they were received. Hair that is so dark it is blue, and purple streaks rise from underneath, bright sapphire eyes that only darken and the once frown turning upwards that grow into a crazed smile that screams of insanity.

On the final level of Impel Down, Level Six, is prisoner 875936.
Name: Monkey D. Luna.

Age: Eight

DOB: May 5th, 1504

Mother: Unknown

Father: Monkey D. Dragon "Most Wanted Man in the World" – Bounty: Three billion beli.

DOI: May 12th, 1512

Residing Level: Six

Crime for Imprisonment: Existing
Idiotic, foolish humans. If they simply paid more attention to the words of the world, if only they realized you could never keep an unwilling cat caged, if only they realized how truly insane she was, then maybe they might have stood a chance. A cat never lets a mouse get away, and always destroys the cages.

Only the insane can do it, after all.

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