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Snowpaw woke with a start. For once he wasn't woken up by an angry Heatherclaw! Score!

"Snowpaw!" Heatherclaw shouted into the den. Snowpaw sighed; he was sorely mistaken. The apprentice dragged his paws out of the den. After getting up early the previous morning, working all day, then staying up late; he was exhausted.

"You know, for once; just once, I would just like to sleep in." Snowpaw grumbled, glaring at his mentor.

"You can sleep when you're an elder." She retorted. "And speaking of elders…"

The young tom hissed in frustration, he had forgotten about the elders.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm on it." Snowpaw growled. Walking over to the fresh-kill pile, he noticed that only a few pieces of prey were sitting next to the rock. Hopefully a hunting patrol will be coming back soon. The tom picked up the last three pieces of prey and carried them over to the elder's den. He stuck his head into the entrance and called a tentative hello.

"Ah! Welcome back young'un!" Goldenpelt mewed gruffly.

"I see you have returned. And with fresh kill!" Iceflare purred, blue eyes shining.

"I call the biggest mouse!" Scarmuzzle meowed, hooking a mouse with his claw.

"Well, I'm not that hungry, so I'll take the other mouse." The ginger elder added.

"I wanted the thrush anyways." The oldest elder, grumbled. While the older cats ate, Snowpaw searched their pelts for ticks and fleas; finding a few of the insects and cracking them in between his teeth.

"All done." Snowpaw announced.

"Thanks." Iceflare purred.

"Have fun at training!" Scarmuzzle added. Goldenpelt just grunted. The white tom gave the cats a nod and padded out into the camp. He spotted Heatherclaw and wove his way in between cats until he reached her side.

"I'm ready." Snowpaw told his mentor.

"Good." She responded. "Let's go."

The two cats padded out of camp, Heatherclaw in the lead. Snowpaw could tell that she was heading towards the training clearing. When they arrived, Heatherclaw spun around and jumped on Snowpaw, pinning him down by the neck. The white tom's eyes widened in shock and he let out a yowl of surprise.

"Always be ready for an opponent's attack." The deputy meowed, stepping away from Snowpaw. She turned her back on him and padded into the center of the clearing.

"Now-"Her mew was cut off as Snowpaw bowled into her. This time, pinning her down.

"Like that?"

Heatherclaw shook him off and kicked his hind legs out from under him causing the tom's head to smack into the ground

"Yes. Except you underestimated your enemy." She responded.

Snowpaw grunted and sat up, tail swishing against the ground. "Fine."

Heatherclaw gave her apprentice a 'really' look. "Snowpaw. You can't mope around just because a warrior beat you. And may I add, a warrior who is older than you and has much more experience."

Snowpaw grunted and stood up. "Can I try it again?"

The deputy nodded. "Of course."

The apprentice smiled to himself. Suddenly he lunged at Heatherclaw, sliding sideways under her body, knocking her legs out from under her body. She collapsed on the ground, momentarily stunned. Snowpaw took the opportunity to do some offensive damage; he jumped on his mentor's shoulders and swiped his paws at her face, claws sheathed. He got a few good blows in before Heatherclaw rolled onto her back, squishing Snowpaw. He tried desperately tried to push her off, but failed.

"Can you please get off me now?" The white tom grunted. "I can't breathe."

Heatherclaw laughed and rolled off of the apprentice. "Try again. You did well, but you forgot that I'm heavier and stronger than you."

Snowpaw nodded and squared up with his mentor, circling each other. He waited for her to make the first move; eyes flicking back and forth. Suddenly Heatherclaw lunged forward, stopping right in front of Snowpaw, then drawing back. The white tom raised his paws defensively, expecting Heatherclaw to attack, revealing his stomach. The grey deputy darted towards the young tom, and raked her claws down his exposed stomach. Snowpaw dropped down on his paws and glanced at his mentor's paws; tufts of his fur were snagged in between her claws.

"I thought you said claws sheathed." Snowpaw mewed in an accusing voice.

Heatherclaw shrugged. "I figured that a little danger would keep your head clear."

The white tom sighed. "Yes, I guess so."

The she-cat nodded, "Good."

She stood across from her apprentice, "Again."

Snowpaw nodded briskly and shook out his fur. The white tom examined his mentor; she was standing loosely with her tail up and hazel eyes sparkling. I'll leap towards her left foot, then swipe her face. Snowpaw tensed his muscles and leapt. But Heatherclaw stepped to the side and swatted Snowpaw to the ground.

The white tom looked up at his mentor through confused eyes, "Wha- how?" He sputtered.

"Your eyes betrayed her plan." She responded.

Snowpaw sighed for not the first time that day. "Ok, I got it."

He tried again, this time looking at the left leg, but faking to the right. He then swiped his paw across Heatherclaw's face. But then the grey deputy dodged to the right as Snowpaw tried to lunge again. She nodded and an approving light lit her gaze.


The pair of cats flopped down on the grass; they had been training all day and the setting sun was turning the sky into a deep golden color.

Heatherclaw stood up, "Alright, let's go Snowpaw. You've been training all day and haven't had a scrap of fresh-kill."

Snowpaw rolled onto his stomach and stretched. "Ok. But you have to help me with the elders."

"I'll get one of the other apprentices to do it."

The white tom's eyes widened in fear. "Owlpaw?"

Heatherclaw chuckled. "No. Definitely not Owlpaw."

Snowpaw sighed in relief. He stood up and walked over to his mentor, stumbling a little. Heatherclaw looked her apprentice up and down with worried eyes.

"How about we get you some fresh kill now?" She mewed, anxiety lacing her mew.

Snowpaw warily shook his head, "No, no. I'm fine."

The tom turned his head towards the direction of the camp and started walking slowly, hunger squeezing his stomach like thorn-sharp claws, causing him to collapse on the ground.

"Snowpaw!" Heatherclaw gasped. She ran up to the apprentice and crouched down behind him. "You need to eat."

All Snowpaw could do was groan in response. Heatherclaw cast a worried glance at her apprentice before dashing away. The white tom rolled over onto his side and curled up into a small ball. Another spasm of pain racked his body.

Heatherclaw came rushing back up the hill, this time with a rabbit clamped in her jaws. The gray warrior rushed over to Snowpaw and nudged the rabbit towards him.

"Eat, Snowpaw."

The apprentice shook his head and pushed the prey away from his face.

Heatherclaw gave him a hard stare. "That wasn't a suggestion, Snowpaw."

He groaned and took a small bite. But the prey only made things worse; making Snowpaw feel five times worse. The tom bit back a yowl of pain and frantically shoved the rabbit away from him.

"Ok, I'm bringing you to Swallowtail." Heatherclaw nudged Snowpaw to his paws, but he fell right back down. "Come, on. You have to help me here, Snowpaw. I'm not strong enough to carry you by myself."

"I...can't..." Snowpaw managed to choke out. He convulsed in pain again and hissed. Heatherclaw sighed and grabbed her apprentice's scruff and started to half carry - half drag him across the ground. She grunted with the effort and dropped Snowpaw on the ground, panting.

"Heatherclaw!" A cat called out to the deputy. The gray she-cat turned her head to see Rabbitwing racing towards the two cats. "What's wrong with Snowpaw?" The cream warrior asked. Amusement glittered in her blue eyes. "Did you overwork him?"

"No-" Heatherclaw broke off as Snowpaw cried out in pain. Rabbitwing's immediately crouched down next to the white tom.

"What happened?" She closely examined Snowpaw, pressing her paw into his stomach, causing the apprentice to flinch. "What's wrong with him?"

Snowpaw squeezed his blue eyes close, hoping that the pain would go away. Heatherclaw shook her head helplessly. "I don't know. He suddenly collapsed and whenever I touch him, he cries out in pain. At first I thought that it was hunger, but one day without food can't kill a cat."

Rabbitwing nodded in understanding. "Ok, I think we should take him to Swallowtail."

The deputy nodded. "You read my mind."

She padded over to Snowpaw and lifted him up by his scruff. The young tom grunted as Heatherclaw laid him over Rabbitwing's back. The cream she-cat almost collapsed from the extra weight. Heatherclaw quickly bent down to help Rabbitwing carry Snowpaw. The young tom was now sprawled across both she-cats' back.

This is so embarrassing! Snowpaw thought as Heatherclaw and Rabbitwig neared the camp. Owlpaw's going to laugh at me for a moon!

"Wait." Snowpaw rasped. The two warriors stopped, exchanging a confused glance. "I can walk now."

"Wait, no-" Heatherclaw meowed, but Snowpaw had already rolled off. He fell on his side as he toppled to the ground, but shook his head and shakily stood up. Rabbitwing hurried forward to support Snowpaw as the apprentice started to lean to the side.

"I can do this by myself, Rabbitwing." The tom growled, shaking the warrior off. He stumbled forward, the two she-cats trailing behind him. Snowpaw pushed through the heather leading to the camp and veered towards the apprentice's den.

"Snowpaw!" Fernpaw gasped, running up to her friend. Her eyes widened in distress as she saw the state Snowpaw was in. "What's wrong?!"

But Snowpaw didn't hear her. His ears filled with a loud ringing noise, drowning out all other sounds. The edges of his vision became shadowed with darkness; Snowpaw felt a bolt of white-hot pain shot through his stomach before collapsing to the ground. The last thing Snowpaw remembered was Fernpaw's terrified face, before falling into an endless black abyss.

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Here it is! The white tom sighed in relief. "Ok, thanks." He stood up, stretched and started to trot towards camp. He looked back over his shoulder at his mentor and saw her standing stock-still, staring at something past Snowpaw. The tom slowly turned his head around and saw a badger standing a few tail lengths away from him. The great brute's tiny eyes were glittering with hatred. It let out an earsplitting snarl and lumbered towards the two cats. Snowpaw arched his back, and leapt at the black and white creature, but the badger just swatted the apprentice away with its paw. It jumped on Heatherclaw and with one swipe of it's giant paw, sent her flying; causing the deputy to smash into a rock. The grey she-cat slid down the rock face, blood pooling from a gashing wound in her head. Snowpaw let out a wail of despair. His vision clouded with a red haze, and all he could think about was killing that badger. The enraged apprentice leapt at the badger, dragging his claws down the badgers face, claws slicing deep into it's flesh. The white and black creature howled in pain and bounded away. Snowpaw, vision clearing, stumbled over to his fallen mentor. He gave a cry of sorrow and pain and pushed his muzzle into Heatherclaw's grey fur. She was gone. Forever.

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