Hey guys! New chapter! Woooh! So, I got asked this question a few times, and because it won't be a giant spoiler if I tell you, I decided to answer the question. The question was: Why did Eaglestar make Snowpaw a Moor Runner instead of a Tunneler? Well I can answer that question. The answer is: Eaglestar obviously knew that Snowpaw had been a rogue before he joined WindClan, so Eaglestar wanted to show Snowpaw that things didn't always work out the way he wanted them to. And because it would be unrespectful to give the deputy's apprentice to another cat. So yeah! That was the reason. Now everybody knows :)

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For the next quarter moon, Snowpaw faded in and out of consciousness. The times he was awake he caught glimpses of cat's faces and the bright moor sky. But when the darkness swallowed him back up, the tom wandered through dark, and vacant woods where the streams were made of a green muck and the plants wilted and Silverpelt didn't Snowpaw would glimpse a wiry orange and black she-cat, but otherwise he was alone.

When he finally awoke, it was to blinding light. Snowpaw squinted his eyes and let out a hiss of annoyance.

A black pelt stirred beside him. The tom turned his head and saw Fernpaw curled up beside him. Suddenly the beautiful she-cat's eyes snapped open.

"Snowpaw!" She yowled happily.

This caused Snowpaw to flinch: her sudden outburst hurt his ears and added to pain that was echoing through his head.

"Hi Fernpaw." The white tom rasped, his voice surprisingly hoarse.

Fernpaw lunged forward and covered Snowpaw's face with licks. "I thought you would never wake up!"

Snowpaw cocked his head. "How long was I asleep for?"

"It felt like forever!"

"More like two weeks." A voice interrupted from the shadows of the den. Swallowtail emerged from the shadows. "I may be a medicine cat, but I still need my sleep."

Fernpaw ducked her head, embarrassed.

But Swallowtail chuckled and lightly flicked Fernpaw's ear with his tail. "It's no problem." He turned his attention to Snowpaw. "Welcome back from the dead!"

Snowpaw smiled and stood up on wobbly legs. "Wooft. That's a weird feeling." He shook each of his legs in turn, gradually regaining feeling. "Speaking of weird feelings, why did I pass out?"

"We're not entirely sure..."The medicine can mewed. "There were no signs of illness, which is weird. So I'm just guessing here, but I think it might be the stress of Clan life and over-working. Doesn't seem likely, but that's the best explanation I can come up with."

The white tom nodded slowly. "Ok, I guess I can believe that."

Swallowtail smiled. "Oh, by the way, I spoke to Eaglestar yesterday and he told me that if Snowpaw wakes up in time, both of you could go to the Gathering."

Snowpaw bounced on his paws. "My first gathering!" he yowled.

Fernpaw, walking next to him purred. "Mine too!"

The two young cat's padded next to each other, shoulder fur brushing. "Really?" Snowpaw asked. "I thought you would've been to at least one before!"

The black she-cat knocked her shoulder into Snowpaw's. "Silly! I'm the same age as you!"

The tom laughed and continued to pad on. "Hey, Fernpaw, Snowpaw." Tigerspirit called back. "When you're talking to other Clan cats, be sure not to reveal any secrets, but be sure not to be too distant otherwise you'll seem unfriendly."

The strong warrior nodded and turned back around, running to catch up with Blizzardwind.

Snowpaw nodded. He snapped his head up as shadows suddenly engulfed the group of cats. The apprentice shivered, looking nervously into the shadows. Snowpaw felt Fernpaw tense next to him as well; seeking comfort, Snowpaw pressed closer to her.

"We're here." Eaglestar announced.

The group of cats slowed their pace as they lined up on either side of Eaglestar. Snowpaw looked down and gasped: below was a giant dip in the ground: a hollow. And on each corner of that giant dip were four great oak trees, standing more than fifty tail-lengths tall.

"Woah." Snowpaw and Fernpaw whispered simultaneously. They looked at each other and grinned. Focusing back on the wonder that spread out below him, Snowpaw saw many many cats milling about in the clearing. He'd never seen so many cats in his life!

"Welcome to Four Trees." Heatherclaw purred.

With a wave of his tail, the WindClan cats followed Eaglestar down the slope and into the clearing.

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