A white tom sat hunched over in a patch of soggy grass. He was in the swamp area of the dark forest. Barely any cat came there, but this cat did. He came to that place quite often.

"Hey! Snowtuft!" A young voice called. Snowtuft turned his head in the direction of the sound. He saw a dark striped tom was running towards him with an evil sneer on his face. Snowtuft sighed and laid his ears back against his head,

"What do you want, Blackthorn?" He growled. The dark tom tackled Snowtuft.

"I want you to come see something." Blackthorn chuckled," Ashfang is clawing up this pathetic WindClan apprentice."

Snowtuft hissed and shoved the other cat off of him with a kick of his back legs.

"No, I don't want to see that. It's horrible." The white warrior stood up with his back arched and his teeth bared," Go away! I don't need that right now."

Blackthorn huffed, clearly annoyed,"Cut this foxdug, Snowtuft. Dig yourself out of the trench of sadness and depression you've created for yourself, and have some fun!"

Snowtuft gave the dark tom a hateful glare,"Go stuff yourself. Have fun torturing an innocent apprentice, causing him physical and emotional pain, forcing him out of StarClan, into the Dark Forest and ruining his life forever!" The white tom had his face right up to Blackthorn's face, his words were filled with spite and venom.

"Jeez. Fine."Blackthorn stalked away. Snowtuft growled and flicked his tail. He walked further into the swamp, his body quickly enclosed in a shroud of thick fog. I will never forgive you, Mapleshade.