It was sunset. I looked and took in the beautiful view on the outlook of the jungle. Suddenly, I heard a twig snap somewhere behind me, and I turned. It was a tall man with slicked back blonde hair. "Ve~ Ciao, Ludwig!" I greeted happily. However, I suddenly realized something. This man had paler blonde hair, with scars on his face and violet eyes. "Y-You're not Ludwig... W-Who are you?!" I questioned, feeling scared already. The stranger did not answer my question, but rather said something that confused me.

"They say that if you sing from that spot, somewhere else, in a different world, your alternate self can hear you. If they sing back, anyone standing near this spot will hear the singing. It works vice versa."

I gave the Ludwig-look alike a strange look. "Ve?~"

"Try it. I want to hear the voice of my captain once more."

And so, without even knowing why I was helping the stranger, I began to sing one of Kiku's songs.

"Shinryoku ni yureru hikari no houyou~"

I heard a "tch" before someone else joined in. His voice sounded like mine, but a bit deeper.

"Ikutsumo no mirai ga omoi wo tsumugu no~"

I smiled and kept singing, making the song become a duet.

"Bokura ga mezashita saihate no sora wa~"

"Shuukyoku wo tsugeru hitohira no kakera demo~"

"Tooi kioku ni michibi kareru you ni~"

"Kono sekai ga kyoumeishite~"

"Hikari sae ushinatte mo...~"

"Bokura wo mada yasashiku tsutsunda~"

"Hurikaesu asa wa yuugen no toki~"

"Taiyou no kiseki ga bokura wo terasu no~"

"Kanata ni kanaderu ryoukyoku no merodi~"

And so the song went on and eventually ended.

"Tch, if whatever that legend says is true, you must be my alternate self. You have some nerve making me sing with you," the voice that was so alike my own said.

Suddenly, the Ludwig-look alike spoke, "Captain, I made him do it, so don't get angry at him."

"Hmph, should have known you were somewhere weird after you disappeared so long ago, Lutz."

I was so confused. What was happening? What had I gotten myself into?

The "Lutz" guy then turned to me, and said a quick, "Thanks," and jumped off the outlook.

I was too shocked to stop him. The strangest thing then happened. Lutz disappeared! "V-Ve?!"

I heard Lutz's voice. "Thanks. You opened up a little portal for me to return to my world."

Oh, so that was what this all was about. Lutz just wanted to get back home, though I have no idea why or how he got here in the first place. I smiled and said, "Bye!~ Hope to sing with you again!~"

The other me's voice sounded annoyed, but he said, "Hmph, I hope not. Anyway, thanks. It was weird without this idiot around. Anyway, my name is Luciano Vargas. Just give a shout, or rather sing a song if you ever need help."

I smiled and responded with, "My name is Feliciano Vargas, and I hope to actually get to see you next time."

And with that, we parted ways. I was really happy when I discovered that I could now contact Luciano at any time. I actually could talk to him whenever I wanted by singing when I wanted to contact him. We chatted from time to time, though I never really saw him. I hope we will actually meet someday.


Ehehehe~ I just forced those two to sing! Or rather, forced Luci to sing!

That was the Vocaloid Song, Soleil.

This little oneshot was inspired by the YouTube video titled "Soleil (Italy and 2P Italy) Hetalia MMD"

Hetalia does not belong to me!