Chapter One:

After Cara had kicked John out of The Tomorrow People, Stephen had found him drunk. Stephen took him to his house and just as John had fallen asleep and Stephen was ready to head to bed himself, the door opened and Jedikiah walked through carrying a large bundle of folders.

Stephen tried to stop his uncle from entering the living room, but it was too late, Jedikiah had seen John, stopping in his tracks and eyes widening as he took in the sight of John asleep on his nephews couch.

"I can explain…" Stephen tried desperately, mostly thankful and slightly curious that his uncle hadn't already pulled his gun and called for the ULTRA agents that Stephen knew were waiting outside. Jedikiah was silent for a few more moments and Stephen didn't try to reason anymore, waiting to see what his uncle would do.

"You will both be here waiting for me tomorrow, for breakfast." Jedikiah said in a clipped tone. Stephens jaw dropped as Jedikiah turned to leave, forgetting all about the folders he was holding. "Oh, and Stephen there will be major consequences if you both aren't here tomorrow," and with that Jedikiah left shutting the door behind him.