Zangetsu: Shiro! I didn't catch you today...
Hyourinmaru: Of course not. I'm not a dog.
Zangetsu: I didn't say you were, lol. I really want to see you.
Hyourinmaru: That's the thing... I need to tell you something.
Zangetsu: Tell me in person!
Hyourinmaru: Again, with this conversation.
Zangetsu: Please? If it's something serious, just tell me in person.
Hyourinmaru: Can you promise me one thing then?
Zangetsu: Yeah.
Zangetsu: Anything.
Hyourinmaru: Promise me you won't run away when you see me?
Zangetsu: I'll never run away from you.
Hyourinmaru: Okay... Meet me at the garden after school.
Zangetsu: Okay, after school. You know how I look right?
Hyourinmaru: Yes.
Zangetsu: Goodnight!
Hyourinmaru: Goodnight.

Zangetsu is now offline.

Toshirou exhaled with intensity. He brushed his fingers through his white spikey locks and breathed in roughly.

"From the sound of it, Ichigo's pushing your buttons," Rangiku inferred, closing the magazine she was reading and looking up to the boy. "Do you want me to confront him?"

"No. I-I don't know, Matsumoto," he admitted.

Rangiku sighed, walked over to him and patted his head. "Just tell him the truth. He's a good boy. "

Now it was Toshirou's turn to sigh, staring at his computer.

"I hope you're right."

"Okay everyone, today I'm going to introduce our new unit but first, get into pairs."

The emanating sound of students groaning and 'ugh's made the teacher chuckle to herself. She clapped her fingers, "I already picked your partners."

Ichigo had his head in the clouds, barely paying attention to the teacher and the couple of whining students as their names were called up into their partners. He was too busy thinking about Shiro and how he's been talking to her for so long. Seeing her for the first time because she refused to show her face was agony but that was entirely Ichigo's fault. Shiro wanted to meet right away but Ichigo insisted they get to know each other better as his sisters suggested it until physically seeing each other.

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

But he should've just done it. He should've just met up with Shiro in person earlier so that things would have been better; he would have taken her out to dinner, movies, and all those romantic things. He's not good with expressing romance, but he was good enough.

"KUROSAKI!" The teacher barked.

Ichigo snapped out of his daydream. "Huh, what?"

"What's wrong with you today? You're usually attentive."

"Sorry," he scratched his head and stood up.

The teacher shrugged it off and pointed to a white-haired student. "You're partnered with Hitsugaya-kun."

Ichigo scanned the room when the whole class turned silent. There were a couple of murmurs and gasps when the name was mentioned and Ichigo couldn't help but wondered why. He looked towards his partner and studied Hitsugaya. The boy tried to avoid his gaze but noticed his turquoise eyes glowing from the sunlight; Ichigo hated to admit it, but he was quite attractive and his silvery white hair projected bright strands despite how short he was.

The strawberry felt the need to break the icey barrier that Hitsugaya was sending him. He made a big gulp and extended his hand to the boy, "I'm Ichigo Kuro-"

"Kurosaki, I know. Don't be a burden and sit down."

Wow. Cold as ice, Ichigo looked away and dropped his bag next to his chair before the teacher started her lecture. Guessing the boy wouldn't introduce himself; Ichigo took his hand back and folded it against his chest to hide his embarrassment. The truth was, he could barely pay attention. Ichigo casually glanced at Hitsugaya; the beautiful boy seemed so mysterious and he would certainly like it if he got to know him better.

Wait. Stop. You have Shiro, Ichigo thought. He sneakily took out his phone,

Zangetsu: Shiro, we're still meeting up today right?

Hitsugaya's phone vibrated loud enough for Ichigo to turn and see his body jump from his seat. The boy didn't do anything and still continued to avoid locking with Ichigo's eyes.

Ichigo leaned closer to Hitsugaya, "uh, your phone vibrated."

"I know that, idiot." Was the stern reply he received.

He moved back to his position, trying to ignore the irritation growing up inside of him. Hitsugaya may be gorgeous, but his attitude needs a little bit of improvement. Ichigo took his phone out again; not noticing Hitsugaya quickly taking out his phone, typing something in, and chucking it into his backpack; and decided to text Shiro some more.

Hyourinmaru: Pay attention in class!

Ichigo blinked twice.

Zangetsu: Are you in the same class with me? I don't see you around.

And just like some kind of a miracle, the bell rang and Hitsugaya dashed out of the classroom. Ichigo watched the boy leave at a speed, gaping and muttering about how he didn't even get to ask for his cellphone number to exchange contact information. His phone beeped.

Hyourinmaru: I'm not in your class. Did you hear my name?
Zangetsu: Uh, no. I don't think so.
Hyourinmaru: Wow, looks like someone hasn't been paying attention. Partners could get deducted you know.
Zangetsu: So you were in my class! Why didn't you say hi?


Ichigo dodged by reflex and watched his friend crash to the door. Keigo cried, rubbing his head because of the impact. "Yo, Keigo."

"You're so cruel! You always do this to me!"

"Good morning to you, Ichigo."

The strawberry turned around and grinned, carrying his bag over his shoulders. "Mornin' Mizuiro."

"So, you got yourself the Snow Prince."

Ichigo was confused, "Snow- who?"

"Seriously?" Mizuiro couldn't believe Ichigo didn't know whom he was talking about. "The Snow Prince soccer captain, Toshirou Hitsugaya."

"Never heard of him."

"Wow! This is what happens when you don't hang out with us afterschool!" Keigo screeched. "You don't know what's going around in school!"

Mizuiro patted Keigo on the head. "Chill. Ichigo just wants to spend time with his girlfriend."

"What? You're still talking to that Shiro chick?"

"Don't make it sound like she's some fish in the sea," Ichigo huffed. "But yes, I'm still talking to Shiro. I'm meeting up with her afterschool."

"WHAT!?" Mizuiro and Keigo asked harmoniously.

"Yeah," Ichigo raised his brow. "You guys make it sound like it's never going to happen."

"Not to be rude Ichigo but, I've always thought that Shiro girl's a fake," Keigo sat up on the ground. "You guys were all just talk yenno."

"Your fangirls were getting depressed too but even now they're back on their feet," Mizuiro pressed a couple of buttons on his phone.

"I have fangirls?"

"Wow, you are missing in action for too long dude!"

Ichigo shrugged. "I have Shiro, why does that matter?"

"We gotta see this, man," Keigo insisted. "We want to see her!"

"It's just me and her!" Ichigo hissed. "I don't want to break her trust."

"Who said we'd be next to you?" Mizuiro commented, grabbing Keigo. "We'll hide in the bush. Where are you guys meeting?"

"At the garden."

"Great, we'll hide in the bush after we watch the plants."

Ichigo let out an exasperated sigh. "Fine. But if you guys get caught and I get in trouble, I'm going to kill you."

"Ai'yi boss!"

Ichigo's heart began pounding fast whenever he looked at the clock and watches the time tick by faster than anticipated. He was just staring at his teacher's mouth, talking, moving as the lecture goes through one ear then the other. His friends tried talking to him, but getting his attention seemed to have failed since the end of class bell rang.

Keigo and Mizuiro exchanged glances before they yelled for Ichigo to wait up, running after the rushing boy who was heading to the garden.

"Bet you five dollars that Shiro's not real," Keigo grinned.

"Bet you a hundred; Shiro's just a pen name and is actually a guy."

"That's not fair!"

"Okay, fine. Fifty."


"Fine, forty?"



"Dude," Keigo whined. "I'm broke as fuck!"

"Fine, twenty."

"Good enough."

"Okay, let's head to the bush."

"Are you sure about this, Toshirou?" Rangiku frowned, putting her textbooks into her locker.

The whitehead sighed. "He doesn't even have a clue. I'm right next to him."

"You can't blame the guy," she thought aloud. "After talking for a year, I'd be more than excited to meet my lover that I wouldn't be able to think straight."

"I just hope he keeps his promise."

"He's a good guy, that Ichigo," Rangiku complimented, adjusting her bra strap. "He'll either be shocked or speechless, but he won't run away."

Toshirou closed his locker and made a small nod.

With a slap on Toshirou's bottom, Rangiku cheered him on. The small boy solemnly dragged himself to the garden where he was to meet the strawberry. When he reached the garden, he spotted Ichigo's orange hair. He suddenly felt like walking back, his knees had gotten weak, and even if he didn't want to, he knew that he had to do it. He had to get it over with. If Ichigo walks out, then that just means he's not the one. That just means he'll find someone better, but that means he'll be heartbroken; even though he didn't admit it to Rangiku, he has grown attached to Ichigo in some way.


Ichigo's back was facing him, but it was no doubt that it's him. Toshirou's phone vibrated; he could hear his heart pounding through his ears.

Zangetsu: Where are you?

Toshirou trembled and clenched his phone. His turquoise hues stared straight into Ichigo's hair and wondered, there wasn't anyone else there but them right? His throat went dry but he swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth to speak:

"I'm right behind you."

"Oh shit."

"No way."

"No fucking way."

"So where's my twenty?"

"Here— but still—"


"Yeah. Toshirou Hitsugaya."

"Damn. Who would've known."