Hello hello. Here we have an experimental fic that I thought of trying and posting to see what you readers think about it.

I've read a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction, and I have my preferred pairings. Some times, I read fics with no romance, such as Mentor Snapes in Severitus stories. However, I have yet to find any really good fanfics featuring Grindelwald and Harry, romance, friendship, family or otherwise, with the exception of Phantasy, by Tsume Yuki. If any of you know of any such fics that are either completed or updated recently (meaning in the last year or so), do PM me?

Anyway, a plot bunny came along, and here is a fanfiction where, instead of What if Harry had been brought up by Snape? Or the Malfoys? Or Voldemort? I'm trying out a "What if Harry had been raised by Grindelwald?" fanfic.

Warnings: Fem! MOD! Neutral/Dark! Harry, Time Travelling (of three characters), AU-ish... As this is an experimental fic, I may choose to abandon it if it does not turn out well and I fail to save it from whatever depths I sunk it to with horrible story-steering and a writer's iceberg. Let me know if you feel like there should be other warnings included later on in the story.

Pairings: Hadria (FemHarry) x Tom Riddle, other pairings undecided.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Chapter One: Parole

"Alea iacta est." The die has been cast. — Julius Caesar

An island floated high above the dark Abyss, enveloped in a shimmering sphere that swirled with iridescent magic like a bubble. The sphere was in fact, the only thing with colour in that place. The sky was pale grey, colorless, like a cold winter morning, and the Abyss below was a sea of black shadows. The island itself was dark gray like ash, its plants were black and the building built from the island—a castle with towers and turrets stretching to the sky like skeletal hands—was white as bone.

Within the building, in the Court of Hell, a gathering of seven robed figures sat in a circle on raised platforms, looking down at their latest Special Case. The room was neither big nor small, its size had no value in a place like this, but there was something about its structure that made the Criminal standing in the centre feel claustrophobic despite the sense he got that the room was too vast, too wide, too open, as if it were just him in a white endless desert, the presence of the Seven Judges meaningless.

The Seven wore robes as white as snow, with hoods over their heads and skeletal masks hiding their faces. Death had a raven skull mask, while Fate's skeletal mask was that of a ram. Luck wore the mask of a young stag. Chaos's mask was the skull of saber-toothed tiger, and Change's was snake skull. Time covered his face with a dragon skull while Magic wore her owl skull mask.

Life was not present, for she waited outside the Courtroom, wearing robes black as the night, with a simple golden mask in place. A fiery iridescent phoenix design danced across her black robes as she stood patiently for the session to end.

Gellert Grindelwald wasn't sure if he was fortunate or not. He fidgeted in the centre of the Courtroom, as Fate read out his offences and the punishment he was to receive for them. He had already finished one and a half out of the three years he was to spend in the lowest levels of Hell. It sounded like a short time, but all who went into Hell knew that a day in Real time was equivalent to a decade in one's mind when one was in the Ninth or Tenth Districts of Hell. Grindelwald had been quite convinced he had spent almost 50 decades in ice and fire when They brought him out. He still didn't know why. And the Judges weren't acting professional at all.

"... For dabbling in the Forbidden Arts, another year in—"

"Keeping in mind that the Forbidden Arts here do not mean the same thing as the misunderstood Dark Magic in your world. We're talking about truly Forbidden Magic here, magic that goes against the Great Laws, such as Death Magic. And I would know," Magic interrupted.

"Of course you would. But really, I approve of your attempts at creating an Undead army with Death's Temptation. Nothing better than an army of possessed corpses to—"

"Chaos! You're not supposed to encourage him!"

"Hey, at least he didn't mess with Soul Magic, right? I mean, look at that Idiot."

"Which Idiot?"

"Oh. You mean The Idiot?"

"Which other Idiot was stupid enough to split his soul eight times and get all of the pieces destroyed before he could put himself together? Even the Train to the Tenth District couldn't bring him to have his soul reforged. "

"Technically, the destruction of his soul pieces wasn't his fault. Hey Death, wasn't it that girl of yours who did most of it?"

"She's not a 'girl of mine'. She's my Master."

"Poor Death. One of his Favorites in Limbo, the other stuck in the Living world unable to truly die, and this last one here in Court because someone couldn't stand—"

"How is everything my fault? This wouldn't have happened if Magic didn't favor the three of them along with Death!"

"You were the one who dumped that Prophesy unto that Trelawney Seer. And weren't you the one who wanted to get a kick out of throwing a soul who hasn't finished rehabilitation back into the Living? And don't forget The Idiot and Death's Master were your Favorites as well."

"You're one to talk, Change. The Idiot wasn't supposed to Mark the Girl with a soul piece!"

"Can we get back to the topic at hand? I don't want to spend another week in here like that last time."

Gellert Grindelwald sighed. On one hand, the Judges were acting like immature teenagers, on the other hand, they exuded this aura that made you feel very very small and insignificant.

"Right. Let's cut this whole damn thing short. Life is waiting outside already," Death said and took the parchment that Fate was reading from. "Gellert Grindelwald, it has been decided that since you have been favored by Magic, Chaos, Luck, and recently, Fate..."

"Not to mention Death, who favored you after his Invitation took a liking to you. Of course, you'll only be third best since second best goes to The Idiot and his ultimate favorite is the Girl-Who-Lives," Chaos happily added. Death scowled at him, though the mask covered his expression.

"Anyway, you have been given a second chance at life, on some conditions, since Fate wanted to try releasing you before your time in Hell was up. The conditions are as follows: No killing anyone in the first three years of your new life. No dabbling in magic that Magic considers Dark—she'll give you a list later. No interacting with your other self should you meet him, unless you're under the disguise of someone else. Last but not least, we may hand you a Task later on. You may choose to accept the Task or not. Not accepting the Task simply means that when you die again, you'll be spending five days in Real time in the Fourth District of Hell, which is equivalent to five weeks in your mind. Nothing too severe. Just a bit of Nothing. No fire, no ice or even water."

What wasn't said was that Nothingness was almost as bad as Water. Grindelwald had heard of horror stories of days spent in Nothing. And the thing about horror stories shared in here was that they were 99% truly horrifying, if not an understatement.

"Any questions?"

Grindelwald thought about it. Speaking to Death was not a very appealing idea, especially when at the mercy of his whims but...

"What do you mean by 'other self'?" he asked, then added "Sir?" as a polite afterthought.

"We'll most likely be returning you to a time when your past self is still alive." It was Time who replied. "Do you have any particular time period you'd prefer to be placed in?"

Grindelwald didn't hesitate when he said, "After Voldemort's first demise."

"October 31st, 1981. Sounds good. With Samhain in full swing, the release of magical power upon the Idiot's death due to the backlash of the Killing Curse, and the Fulfillment of the first half of the Prophecy, it would be next to nothing to return him to life," Change commented. "He won't even need to be reborned. The energy of the amount of Soul Magic present on that night would be sufficient to return him to the Living in the body of his adult self."

"But in that case, an Alternate Reality would be created, since this would change the outcome of what has already occurred," Fate observed.

Change grinned. "Precisely. We've already prepared for the probability of this happening anyway."

"Well then. I guess that settles it," Fate said, looking at Grindelwald. "Gellert Grindelwald, we hereby release you from the imprisonment of Hell. You will be given a second chance in life, under the conditions that we have mentioned... Not that you can decline this since I'm not going to allow you that choice. Life will provide you with your body and return you to the Living. Guards, escort him out."

Two Dementors appeared and led him to the huge double doors at one side of the room. The cold they exuded was still present, despite the fact that he had no physical nerves. All sensations that could be possible to experience in this place affected the soul, not the body.

Life met him outside the Courtroom, and led him down a white hallway as the Dementors fled the moment their job was done. They couldn't seem to stand her presence.

As the Courtroom doors closed behind them, Grindelwald thought he heard Change saying, "He's gone! Finally! Chaos, grab some wine. We're going to Limbo for a party."

So, what do you guys think? I call it Chapter One, though it's more of a Prologue. Please review and leave some comments and let me know how I've done, kay? Constructive criticisms are welcomed. Flames are not. But you can still flame, and I'll ignore you. I don't really see the point in anyone flaming anything anyway.

Chapter Two will be up in a few days time, but don't expect such quick updates for all the chapters. I'll try not to take more than three months to update any chapter though. But I make no promises.