X-men Evolution and HP

By: FunahoMisaki

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It was three hours later, at about six thirty pm, when Harry and Ororo got back to the mansion. Ororo was on Harry's arm giggling heartily and looking like she was the happiest woman in the world…she probably felt like that too.

"Please tell me that you're going to be staying here with me from now on Harry?" Ororo asked as they walked up the drive, causing Harry to smile down at her again and kiss her forehead.

"Of course I am luv. I will never leave your side by my own free will again. You're mine…and I'm very possessive." Harry said grinning, his grin turned goofy when Ororo gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth for a solid minute before pulling back.

"Good answer." Ororo said giggling at the goofy grin on Harry's face as she opened the door.

"Surprise!" A chorus of yells greeted them, causing Ororo to 'eep' slightly with a lightning blast in her hands instantly.

"Easy luv. It's just the squirts from the mansion." Harry said grabbing Ororo's lightning covered hand and kissing the back of it to sooth his girlfriend. Not being effected by the pure lightning at all much to most of the students surprise.

"On edge much Storm?" Kitty asked giggling at how jumpy her teacher was.

"Sorry but with how often one bad guy or another interrupts one of my dates with Harry… it's a reflex to blast first question later by now." Ororo said with a sheepish smile and shrug as she made the lightning vanish.

"Looks like I'm rubbing off on you more and more, a few years ago you would have hesitated to blast someone even if they surprised you." Harry teased as he poked Ororo's nose and caused her to scrunch it up and look away.

"At least I'm not completely like you who blasts first and questions it never." Ororo retorted blushing slightly, Harry was the only one who could make her feel like a freshman girl with a crush on the senior football star.

"Hey if it works it works. Besides I don't ever see them interrupting our dates a second time." Harry said with a shrug and a grin, causing more than a few guys to snicker.

"I like this guy Storm. Where'd you get him?" Wolverine asked with a smirk and causing Harry to pale and hold his hands up in mock surrender as he backed away from Wolverine.

"Whoa there! I'm flattered and all man but I don't swing that way!" Harry said causing Ororo to laugh while everyone paused for a minute before the students snickered and laughed while Wolverine gaped at him.

"A wise guy huh? Let's see how much of a smart ass you are when I bring these out." Wolverine said scowling and bringing out his metal claws as he glared at the guy who just grinned and wiggled a finger behind his back.

"Dude seriously. I'm not into guys. Put away the flowers." Harry said causing everyone to gasp or giggle at the sight of Logan's claws being made of flowers now… much to Ororo and Evan's amusement.

"How the hell?" Logan asked staring at his claws in disbelief while Ororo was giggling even as she elbowed Harry.

"Harry. That's not nice. Turn them back." Ororo told her boyfriend who pouted at her but nodded. In an instant the claws were back to normal.

"A mutant?" Scott asked looking at Harry who just gave them a grin and secretive wink.

"Maybe I am maybe I'm not. You'll never know till I tell you." Harry said grinning and causing Ororo to giggle again and nudge him.

"Don't tease them like that Harry." Ororo said causing more than a few of the students to just outright laugh now.

"He has to save that for you huh?" Bobby asked snickering and causing a few catcalls to be heard from the others while Ororo's face went red slightly before she smirked.

"Got that right. I'm the only one he gets to tease." Ororo said smirking smugly at the dropped jaws this got from everyone else. Harry just laughed at this.

"Damn Ro. Trying to give them heart attacks or brain failures?" Harry asked causing Ororo to elbow him lightly.

"Ow! Let me guess…Language warning?" Harry asked rubbing his ribs and causing Ororo to nod.

"Watch the language." She said giving him a mock frown before smiling and snuggling into his chest when he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close.

"Yes dear." Harry said dropping a kiss onto Ororo's head, causing her to blush slightly harder.

"Like…Is there any chance that he, like, has a younger brother?" Kitty asked after a minute, causing a chorus of agreements to come from the other single ladies of the mansion while the guys glared feebly at Harry. He was stealing their girls without even trying!

"Sorry ladies. Hate to disappoint you but I'm an only child. I have a godson but he's only seven." Harry said causing pouts and 'aw man's to be heard from the ladies.

"Any cousins?" Kitty asked pouting and causing Harry and Ororo to both snort slightly.

"I've met his cousin once Kitten. If I didn't know better I'd think he was a mutant like Toad, only pig version." Ororo said causing the girls and even most guys to look disgusted.

"When I was younger I actually thought he was a pig in a wig. I always wondered how my Aunt and Uncle could teach him how to walk on two legs and talk like a human." Harry added earning a couple of snickers from the others before looking down at the dark skinned beauty in his arms and smiling.

"Enough about me or my former family though. This is Ororo's birthday…so why don't we get the birthday party started for the Weather Witch?" Harry asked causing Ororo to smile up at him.

"You are the only one who gets away with calling me that." Ororo said kissing Harry's cheek and causing him to grin.

"I know."