Truth Is

A/N: The title and story line is taken from the song "Truth Is" by Fantasia. (I don't care for her songs or voice but after hearing this song, this story came to me.) I hope you enjoy it. It will be short, probably 3 Chapters. And, as all of my fanfiction stories are, this is for our Cory Monteith and the beautiful character he played to the hilt, Finn Hudson.

Glee characters belong to Glee and any songs and lyrics mentioned belong to the singers/songwriters.

Chapter One

Rachel rounded the corner, heading toward the large park downtown on Westmoreland Drive. She loved jogging in this park because of the beautiful scenery along the jogging path. She enjoyed her early morning runs, even on this already hot and humid July morning. As she entered the park, she smiled at the passing joggers and walkers as she picked up her pace.

Her office was closed for the next four days due to the upcoming July 4th holiday. She planned on finishing her morning run, stop for an iced coffee and then head back to her apartment. She had just downloaded Gone Girl to her Kindle and was looking forward to relaxing on her couch and reading it.

Rachel Berry had finished Duke Law School last December. She took a month off after that to decompress before clamping down and studying for her bar exam for 3 months. She passed her bar exam in May and finished her review with the North Carolina Board last month. She then took several weeks off to visit old college friends. She then moved back home to join her father's law firm. Rachel was proud to be an associate corporate attorney for Berry, Patterson and Banks. Hopefully, after proving herself as a corporate lawyer, she was going to become a partner in the future.

As she rounded the far end of the park, she headed back toward her apartment as she passed by a row of cafes. Looking at her watch, she noted it was almost 8am. In about an hour, the heat would be unbearable. She made a mental note to head to her parent's pool this afternoon for a swim. Looking up from her watch, she noticed a tall figure standing in the doorway of one of the cafes. Their eyes met and Rachel realized she was staring into a pair of very familiar amber eyes.

"Rachel?" The sound of his voice caused her to stop immediately. Frozen, she couldn't move or respond. She never dropped her gaze at the 6'4" handsome man staring back at her from across the street. They both stood there, staring at each other for moments, or was it hours?

Shaking her head, taking her out of her trance, Rachel finally crossed the street. As she got closer to him, she noticed he was smirking, that gorgeous half-smile that had caused Rachel many a restless night over the years. That smile, those dimples, those amber eyes. Rachel had fallen in love with all of him at the age of 15 and never stopped.

"Finn Hudson," she breathed out. She couldn't believe he was standing there after all these years. They immediately embraced each other, Rachel taking in that familiar Finn smell. Damn, he still smells the same! And, it still makes her head spin.

Suddenly she pulled back, remembering how sweaty she was from her run. "Oh, I'm sorry, Finn," she apologized. She looked up at him as they broke their embrace. She had to admit, the years had only made Finn that much more handsome. His body was sleeker, toned, making him seem to be that much more taller than she remembered. He had always towered over her 5'3" frame. But Rachel was also remembering how it made her feel so safe and so loved everytime he used to gather her into one of his wonderful hugs.

Finn grabbed both her hands into his one. "God Rachel, you look good. Still beautiful," Finn said as he squeezed her hands in his, never dropping his gaze.

Rachel instinctly reached up to try to tuck her hair back into her sloppy ponytail. "Yeah, right Finn," she said, playfully hitting him on the arm with her now freed hands. "All sweaty with my hair a mess. No makeup. I'm sure I'm just a knockout." They both awkwardly laughed, easing some of the tension in the air.

"So Finn," Rachel continued, looking up at him again, "what brought you back to town? Last I heard, you were traveling, seeing the world."

Finn stuck his hands into the pockets of his shorts. "Well, I have traveled some. I've been working on a cruise ship. It's fun but I'm home for a while now." Rachel raised her eyebrows out of curiosity. "Well," he continued, "at least for the summer. I'm sticking around for a while to help Mom out." There was sadness in his eyes.

"Oh, Finn. I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I heard that your Dad died last year." She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Rach." There goes that nickname he always had for her. She never allowed any of her other boyfriends to call her that. That was something special between her and Finn. She watched him take in a breath. His smile returned. "So," he continued, "what brings you back here?"

"Well," she said, looking down briefly. This was a touchy subject for them. "I finished my degree, passed the bar and now I work for my Dad's firm," Rachel replied, smiling, a smile that didn't quite reflect in her eyes. She noticed a look cross over Finn's face briefly. Sadness? Hurt? "So, here I am. I've been back about a month."

"Really?" replied Finn. "Well, that was always your plan, wasn't it?" He looked her directly in the eye, sort of daring her to disagree. He then cleared his throat. "Well, anyway. I've gotta run, Rachel. I have a few more stops to make." He pulled his keys out of his pocket. "Nice seeing you, though."

Rachel was disappointed. She wanted to talk longer. She wanted to find out more about what his life was like. Was he married, did he have children, a girlfriend? Was he happy? She placed her hand on his arm and looked up at him. "I'll tell you what, Finn. Why don't we meet for lunch? I would like to catch up on things. What do you say? That is, if you don't have other plans."

"No, not really. I think I'll finish up with what I need to do by noon. Why don't we meet up at..." he looked at his watch, "say, around 1:00?"

"That sounds perfect," Rachel smiled. "Where do you want to meet?

Finn smiled, "What about Mack's on Freedale? Still has the best burgers in town."

"That sounds good, Finn. That will give me..." Rachel paused. "Wait. Mack's is still open?" Finn smiled and nodded. "Wow! I loved going there. Hmmm, I can just taste their french fries."

"Yeah, we had our first date there, remember?" Finn asked, putting his hand on her shoulder, burning the bare skin where his hand touched.

She then looked up at him, her heart pounding in her chest. "Oh, how could I forget?" she answered. He then dropped his hand and put it back into his pocket. "So," Rachel said, hoping he didn't pick up on the tremor in her voice. "I better go shower and change." She then pulled Finn down for another hug.

"I'll see you at 1, Rach," he whispered in her ear. She then smiled a big smile as they separated again.

"Bye, Finn," she said as she turned and headed toward her apartment, her heart pounding in her chest as she was quite aware that Finn was watching her walk away.


Rachel let the water pulsating down from the shower head hit the sore muscles of her shoulders. Her run this morning had produced quite the surprise. Finn Hudson. Finn Hudson. All of the long-buried feelings she had for him were front and center now, filling her with emotions and memories that she had tried to suppress these past years.

5 years ago...

Finn and Rachel were sitting by the pool. She lifted her head from his chest as they shared one of the chaise lounge chairs. "Finn, you know I love you so much." He leaned in to kiss her softly but she pushed him away gently. He had been trying to get her away from the subject they had been talking about since she had come home for the summer. He needed to make a decision about his future and she wasn't going to let him delay it any longer. "No, Finn. That's not going to work this time."

She then sat up on the side of the chair with Finn wrapping his arms around her hips.

"I'm working my butt off in school so I can come back here and have a career, Finn. A career. Do you even know what that means?" Rachel said to Finn, frustrated with his unwillingness to even talk about their future.

"Rachel, yes I know what that means." He was getting angry with her insistence on staying on this subject. "I know I want to travel. I want to see places and cities besides this one. Greensboro is a wonderful town. And I want to come back here permanently one day and live here with you. Buy a house, have lots of children. But I don't know what I want to do for a living right now, Rach."

"But, Finn. You are 20 years old. You have spent the last 2 years we have been out of school doing what? Working as a bartender. A bartender, Finn."

"What the fuck is wrong with that, Rachel?! Yelled Finn.

"What's wrong with that? Bartender is a job, Finn. It's not a career." She threw her towel at him, standing beside the chair. "You need a career to have a family, Finn."

"Oh, now I'm not good enough for you. Well, let's just lay it all out there, Rachel! You have known how I feel since high school, Rach. I don't want to go to college. I don't want to be a doctor, a lawyer or a fucking accountant just to please your parents! That's just not me, Rachel. I can't be closed in an office day in and day out. You knew this. Why is it such a big fucking deal all of a sudden?" Finn stood up and pulled his shorts on over his swim trunks.

"It's a big fucking deal because my family thinks I'm wasting my time on you! You're a 20 years old drifter, Finn. No ambition, no goals, just drifting through life. Life isn't just one continuous party, Finn. You have to make decisions, plans, goals. Do something with your life."

"I am Rachel. It's just not what you and your almighty parents want."

"Well, my 'almighty' parents are right. And you know what else they got right? I'm wasting my time on you! I'm through, Finn. I can't take this anymore." She now had tears running down her face. Ever since they had graduated, she couldn't get Finn to make plans for his future. Here it was 2 years later and he still couldn't see things her way. No more. It hurt her to end things with him but he had to be forced to grow up.

"You know what Rachel?" he growled at her. "You don't have to 'take' anything from me anymore. I love you but maybe that's just not enough. Not enough for you! Not enough for your precious Mom and Dad."

"You're right," she said, turning away from him so he couldn't see the tears. "I want you to go. Go! Travel, find yourself or do whatever the hell you want. .done!"

With that, Rachel ran into the house before she changed her mind and ran back to him, begging him to forgive her like she had done so many times before. Not this time.

She ran up to her bedroom and slammed the door. Then she went to her bedroom window, with tears running down her face, she watched the boy she loved so, so much walk to his car with his head down. With her body trembling with hurt and pain but with stubborn determination, she watched his car until it was out of site. She then fell onto her bed, sobbing.

Back to the present...

And that was the last she saw of him until this morning. Rachel turned the shower off, grabbed a towel and walked into her bedroom. She put on her robe, sitting on the side of her bed to dry her hair.

She and Finn had had a passionate relationship since they decided to date after meeting each other when he was barely 16 and she was 3 months from turning 16. They had loved each other deeply and completely. And the years after their breakup had been very painful for her. She had decided to dedicate herself to her studies, graduating magna cum laude.

She had dated several guys over the last 5 years. The longest lasting 6 whole months. She never could get past the kissing stage with them, though. She found with the last guy she dated, she would laugh when appropriate, smile when needed, kiss him at the correct times. Then she would always end up in her apartment alone each night, thinking about Finn. Finn's laugh, Finn's smile, Finn's touch. She loved him so much and she just conceited to the fact that no one else would ever have her heart. He was just it for her.

Sighing, she pulled on her favorite white sundress, pulling her hair up into a high ponytail. Finn probably was married or had a girlfriend by now, anyway. This was just a friendly lunch, to get reacquainted with each other. Nothing more. Grabbing her keys and bag, Rachel headed toward her car. Why did the thought of Finn having someone else besides her make her so sad.

Starting her car, she put on her RayBan sunglasses and headed toward the restaurant. Well, this summer they could at least work on rebuilding their friendship. If that's all Finn had to offer her, then she would just have to accept it.