Hello MLP fandom! I would like to thank you all for accepting me here (I hope). this is really going to be a change of pace for me because I just escaped the clutches of the FNAF community. You can only see so many shippings of Foxy and Chica before you just get sick of it. Anyway I hope that you all like my story that I have planned, I just a lot of work into developing my OC, backstory, personality, I even made concept art. Anyway before I begin I want to say that I am on the Brony side of the fandom, and I am not that serious of one either, so if I get anything wrong that you catch please PM me so I can fix it, and try to be nice. Again, FNAF community, not a place you want to make enemies, or insult, anger, or just not reach somebody's expectations. Anyways I have written one fan fic, obviously FNAF if you didn't figure that out already. I'm sorry if I'm too lazy to make this a chapter (future Noob says: yes I am), and instead make this an introduction. I'm still debating weather to make this a sequel or its own independent story. Maybe you guys can decide? You'll have to read my other story, just saying. It's the only way you will understand why this is a question. Again, sorry, but I need to think about this, also finish the OC's backstory, and I'll probably integrate that into my story. Also, i tend to talk a lot. Not my OC, me. You'll see why this is called what it is in the future. Also I need time to integrate myself in here and read a few of these, so if I don't post for a day or four, I'm reading them. Or procrastinating and being extremely lazy. One of those two. probably the second one.