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A clear set of rules.

Councillor Tevos sighed heavily letting her face drop into her hands. The headache that had been building for the past hour was making itself known with a vengeance. As she rubbed her temples in an effort to soothe the ache, she wondered idly why the humans had chosen the least diplomatic human she had ever met as their representative.

The human in question, one ambassador Udina had just left her office after an hour long tirade on why the humans should have a seat on the council.

Rising from her desk she crossed her tastefully furnished office and pored herself a drink from her selection and had a seat in one the armchairs in the office.

Idly flipping thru one of the many files from her desk she noted that it was the profile for the human spectre candidate.

The decision to grant the humans a spectre was mostly done in order to get Udina to shut up. Not that she had any high hopes of this succeeding, most likely this would only make Udina more unbearable.

She briefly contemplated arranging some kind of scandal that would lead to him being replaced before dismissing the idea for now. It was to likely to backfire and so far he hadn't done anything but make a nuisance of himself.

Putting the file away she opened another one. This file was one all associate races received on joining the citadel and one she doubted Udina had ever read or if he had he was completely ignoring it.

Requirements for full Citadel Membership

Any government wishing to join the Citadel Council must have a population of at least 11 000 000 000 citizens.

Any government wishing to join the Citadel Council must have a GDP of 500 trillion CCR (Citadel Credit)

Any government wishing to join the Citadel Council must provide 10 % of it's naval forces (minimum 3 dreadnoughts, 12 cruisers, 36 frigates) for patrolling of Citadel Space.

Any government wishing to join the Citadel Council must follow all laws and treaties established by the Citadel Council.

Shaking her head Councillor Tevos put the file down and got back to work, the stupidity of the human ambassador could wait, there was always more work to do.

A/N2: It always bothered me how there doesn't seem to be any clear rules regarding what is required to join the council, just a vague when you prove yourself worthy.