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A long time ago when I was around 8 years old I was taken from my adoptive family. I can't remember much about them anymore. What I do remember is a certain boy that was my so called "Half-Brother".
He protected me, Hugged me, took my first kiss, scared everything away that I didn't like. But I can't remember his name or his face nor his voice. I always feel a tugging in my chest when I think about him.
But I can't let it bug me anymore, after all. I have a new Path in front of me that I can't change or decide.
It was all decided by my kidnappers, my caretakers.
They had decided everything for 8 years now, and it wont change even today. My kidnappers beated me, used me, overworked me until I turned 14 years old. And now im 15.
And Today in this age and time I am working as a member of a circus that they sold me off to, called Siren.
Its quite a good circus but shitty at the same time. Oh curse my language.
Im working with acrobatics and music for the shows, I don't get many breaks since I am simply a lowly worker here.
And the food isn't the greatest, I sometimes sneak out and buy something from the fast food stalls in the towns we stop by.
Maybe I'll do that today after the show is done.


Time to stop thinking.


I had to scream over the loud sounds of people cheering and music playing in the background.
My outfit felt nice and fiddle around my body as ever.
A White blouse and a black ribbon around my neck. A pair of black shorts and a black rainbow colored gas mask over my face.
My Blond hair matched with my blue eyes and the outfit. My body was toned and nice but still a bit girly and frail. Some call me a loli or shota in the troupe which I hate.


I Marched in to the staged area. All the lights were focused on me. People cheered and awaited for my performance The tent was big and was enough to fit at least 1000 off people. 3/4 Of the tent was filled, It was unusual for it to be this many.
The ground against my feet felt nice, it was cold and easy to grip with my toes in. I bowed earning another applaud.
"Master" The leader of the circus sat high up signaling that it was ok to start.
The trampoline was first. I jumped and did all kinds of rolls and jumps in the air. Then a horse came running from the curtains behind me, I did as I had learned at practice. Jump on the horse and stand on it.
The second step they had instructed was to stand on my hands while the horse kept running. It was challenging but it was manageable.
People cheered as they saw me. "Master" Did another hand signal and told me to move on. The high wire act. It was simple and easy. Jumping off the horse with a back flip i went towards the ladder and climbed up to the wire.
lights followed my every step and so did peoples eyes. The wire was about 10 meters up in the air. There was no cushion so I can never make mistakes, Learning the hard way was not always the wrong way is what master said. And that may be true.
Finally I was up at the top on one the platforms placed on each side of the wire. Looking down i felt my stomach twist a little. Deep breaths. Step by step. look straight, Focus on the balance. The main things.
I went out to the middle of the wire and jumped a bit. middle of the feet Eddward or else you'll fall.
I looked over to the master and he nodded. It was time.
jumping of the wire I stretched out and took hold of it again and spinned around.
Then my colleges came with rings swinging by. I let go and my hands grabbed one of my colleges and and tossed me over to the other one.
a little motion sickness acted up but I couldn't stop now.
Giving a wink to the person swinging me responded and let go of me half way to my other college making my grab the wire again and pulling myself up and keep walking.
Terrifying but exciting is what I felt right now.
Applause and cheers filled the tent. It was good enough to make people cheer, and that's what I want.
Slow and steady I made my way down and came back to mother earth. I slowly breathed and made my way to the back to the curtains.
They opened for me and a few of clowns stepped inside instead. New cheers could be heard through the tent.


The set, The place where my station was and where I created special music and effects for the show. I Ran to the set and sat down in the computer chair. I had a view over the area in the dark. A few machines were set up for me. I started flickering and starting the more advance lights to create more of an effect to impress. Then was the sound. Mixing and tapping I made effects for the perfomance. Siren made me work my ass off for them because they couldn't handle the more advance stuff.
I sat there for quite sometime until the whole show was done.

-So thirsty, so thirsty.

before going down I closed everything down and fixed some cables.

I streatched and made my way to the food tent behind the maint tent.