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I put my arm over my eyes and clenched my fist, blood dripped on my cheek and slowly went down my neck. My brother, his ego was the thing that created this whole mess. the source that started this all, destroyed my porcelain world. I just had to ask him why.

-Why do you want me back?.

-Because...Your funny.

That was the last drop. I clenched my teeth and stood up quicker than I had ever before and jumped out of the helicopter. Luckily for me there was forest under us. Like dancing I jumped from tree to tree trying to break the fall. When hitting the mossy ground beneath me I sprained my foot, but no matter how much everything hurts I had to get back. My heart ached. I was mad, mad at my brother for destroying the little peace I wanted. I ran, fast. I kept running and running despise hearing the helicopter coming from behind me. My brother was not the best at hide and seek. When a clearing came before me, I knew that i was close to town. i heard the sound of sirens. A root stuck up from the ground and I tripped right on my face. But it didn't stop me, I kept running. Everything ached. I was scared deep inside, I was scared what he had in store for me if I followed him, he killed our parents. and murdered two more people.
Like a movie it played out in my head of he would use me in his sick games. My life have already been a hell form the very start, and im certain I wont need it again. Sweat fused together with my blood as I ran. My hair stuck to my forehead. I had to get into town before he found me. My heart ached at the though of getting caught. Finally I was by the same building that I had left from. cars and ambulances stood everywhere. people talked, screamed and argued. Leaning a bit on my knees I took a few breaths before I stood tall again. A few nurses noticed my presence and screamed oh my god. They ran up to me and looked me over. Thankfully they managed to get a few more eyes on me. One of them being Kevin that stood stopped in his tracks screaming at a police man.
He eminently ran up to me and hugged me in the most welcoming hug so far. I pulled back and kissed me, my heart felt at ease with him.
He was like my guardian angel that kept me at peace. A string of saliva connected or lips for a second when he pulled back to inspect me from head to toe. I held me hand tightly at my ribs where the bloody bandages was starting to fall apart, he noticed and took me in bridal style. Though, this warmth wasn't something that would last. I heard the helicopters roaring sound, My eyes widened. almost leaping like a cat out of Kevin grasp in need of getting to one of the police cars. I opened the door quickly and took out what I hoped to be there.
A gun. The helicopter landed and everyone backed away from it. Every officer and police man pointed their guns at my brother. I had it down my waist resting and awaiting for my brother to step out. as I had hoped he did. And he wasn't happy. he looked serious. I felt someone trying to pull the gun away from my hand which I didn't let go of. It was Kevin that was trying to stop me.
No words was needed to read his expression. I simply glared back at him and made my way out of the crowd that was surrounding my brother awaiting me to appear. go thru and I pointed my gun at him.

-You've go guts ototo.

-Well, who did I get that from, aniki?

-Who knows.

He moved a step closer to me that stood in front of everyone.

-Don't get any closer.

-...Your really going to shoot your own flesh and skin?

He was right, was i?

-...Your bleeding pretty badly.

He pointed his finger at the bullet wound.

I looked down for a second before I herd him pull out his own gun, but it wasn't directed at me. it was at Kevin..

-... Well bye bye Kareshi-san, your making my brother act weird~

Before He pulled the trigger I did it first. I hit him..My brother..My own flesh and own family..

I collapsed to the ground on my knees, so did my brother.

-Seems were both on the same death bed. Haha, ironic. is-int it..

We both slumped down on the ground with guns in our hands. Time stopped for both of us. We both laid on the cold ground, slowly leaving the name of earth. With blurred vision I tried to keep my eyes open the most I could. sirens was getting loud and I felt people touching me all over. The sound of the helicopter stopped and people were shouting all around me. I heard my name being screamed out by Kevin in the distance. not long after that I fell empty, and cold. Darkness consumed my vision and I was gone.. Sounds and movements disapeard, my senses went numb. I died..

"5 weeks later"

Beeping echoed in my mind and I quickly sat up. My heart was so fast I could feel it in my head.
Where was I? I looked around and emidiettly understood, I was in a hospital. I survived. I never died...My heart was beating.
I'm breathing and m thinking. I slumped down on the bed and sighed in happiness while smiling. But the thigh feeling in my stomach came bubbling up at the thought that I had killed my own family.. That I had killed him because I was angry..and annoyed..
I killed him for pointing a gun at someone other than me..I was a murderer..The door opened and in stepped a nurse wearing a pink nurse clothing with brown long hair. She looked at me wide eyed and ran out again. within a few seconds she was back with a doctor.
they stepped forward and smiled at me gently before the doctor opened his mouth.

-How are you feeling Eddward?

-fine actually, to my surprise..

-That's a relief!

-Yeah..Umh..How long have it been since.. you know..

-5 weeks to be exact today. and your recovery speed is quick, which was lucky for you. You was at the brick of blood loss.
You could had died Eddward.

-...Wheres Kevin?

-Mr Barr?, He down in the cafe, shall I get him?

-Please do if its not much to ask for.

-Then well be back later.

I nodded and pulled at my hair a little while waiting. The door shot open, it almost made me scream in shock. Kevin stood by the door and gently closed it.

-Sorry, just kind of, you know.


I smiled at him which he thankfully returned.

-Hey Kevin. -Sup.

-Im a murderer aren't I?

-..Edd don't even think about blaming yourself.

-But, I killed my own family..My only family member, it hurts. It really do.

I tugged at the blanket that was laid on my lap.

-Edd, you did what you had to, you defended yourself. Okay?.

He took my hand and squeezed it. My hand that murdered. my hand that made me a sinner. I felt like I was going to throw up with the clenching feeling was having in my chest. Without a second thought I cried, loud. My brother may have been a killer or a psycho, but he was still my brother. Kevin kissed away my tears the whole afternoon until I calmed down. It had gotten us entangled with each other, He kissed me back instantly, when I kissed him. his hands caressed my body leaving me whimpering at the feeling that was building up.
He parted his lips and demanded entrance into my mouth. Slowly I opened my mouth and I felt our tongues move against each other. The friction was new to me in a way. I couldn't help but let out a moan. He removed the blanket that was covered over me and sent it flying to the floor. I tightened my legs around his waist as he pulled me into his embrace in the hospital bed. He undid the zip on his jeans before pulling them down quickly in the sloppy entangled mess we were in. my heart was going quickly and the heat made me sweat. My hair felt damp as i felt my body's oils coming out. pulled my pants down my legs as he laid me back down in the bed. he pushed his hand up my shirt. The feeling of his erection made me go crazy against my own.


We both looked at the door where one of the nurses stood with a red face of embarrassment. Kevin almost flew of the bed and I quickly covered myself with whatever I could get my hands on.


We both nodded with beet red faces.


-Emh so yeah..Im going to go talk with a doctor..just..writing stuff..Since this isn' or dads hospital..

I nodded and hid myself under a pillow in embarrassment. Kevin left the room and I sighed.

2 months later.

-So Edd wanna go for that dinner we never went on?

-That would be nice.


I got startled at the sound of Tom's voice, he moved out and got a work after the accident. but how did he hear us?. tom have always been strange.
I giggled and went back to watching the tv with Kevin and his mom and dad...

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