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Jana had long imagined being unable to sleep on the eve of the biggest day of her battling career. Growing up, she always expected the night before challenging the Elite Four to be spent awake in anxious anticipation of the five battles to come, but as it turned out, she slept like a rock. The alarm on her PokéGear barely even woke her up at the time she had planned on. She attributed her sudden bout of deep sleeping to her recent head injury, but there was no way to be certain.

Jana quickly disregarded the train of thought that concerned her injuries and made a mad dash to the main room of the Indigo Plateau. She stood in front of a pair of huge doors, in front of which stood two men in tuxedos. After checking her badge case for eight badges, they allowed her through and her Elite Four challenge had begun with the same words her gym challenge did.

"It's Jana time, bitches."

The first Elite Four member was a tall, lanky man named Will. He wore a get-up one would expect to see at a masquerade ball and spoke in a way that reminded Jana of a certain other very flamboyant trainer she had met on her journey. "Welcome to the Pokémon League!" He greeted. "My name is Will. I have spent many years traveling the world and making my Psychic-type Pokémon more powerful. Recently, I was, at long last, accepted into the Elite Four."

"Yeah yeah, thanks for the heads up about what Pokémon you'll be using," Jana said as she grabbed Houndoom's Pokéball from her belt.

Will scoffed, not happy with being interrupted. "Fine. But know this before we begin: For me, losing is not an option!"

Scizor and Houndoom dominated in the battle against Will. Scizor only needed to be brought in when Will's Slowbro put an abrupt end to Houndoom's domination. Despite this, the battle was still a lengthy and slightly tiring one. Once the battle was over, Will recalled his second Xatu and sighed deeply. "I see there's a reason you're the first Elite Four member," Jana said.

"Don't you get cheeky now," Will advised her. "You've yet to experience the true ferocity of the Elite Four. Go on and see what you're really up against."

"Gladly," Jana said with a nod. She left the room and, after taking a moment to heal up her injured Pokémon, ventured into the second room, which startled her.

It was filled with vines and the ground was covered in grass. A huge log rested in the corner and, strangest of all, no one seemed to be in it. Jana raised an eyebrow and looked around the room in confusion. "Um, hello?" She called into the seemingly empty room. "Is there an Elite Four member in here or is this a free pass?"

Suddenly, a dark shape dropped from the ceiling and landed in front of her with a loud thud. She screamed and stumbled back before the shape revealed itself to be an old, aging man with a black get-up and a red scarf. He laughed at Jana's distress while she struggled to regain her composure. "Greetings challenger! I am Koga of the Elite Four."

"Dude!" Jana yelled. "Were you fucking hanging on one of those vines up there?"

Koga nodded. "I am a ninja. I master the shadows, and my battle style will confound and destroy yo—"

"You dropped in from the ceiling!" Jana said once more.

Koga rolled his eyes. "Yes, I did. Are we gonna battle or not?"

Jana shook her head. "Fine, fine. Just don't scare me like that again."

Koga laughed again. "Very well. I'll show you why I was deemed worthy enough to be promoted from gym leader to Elite Four member."

In the battle that ensued, Koga attempted to subject Jana's Pokémon to every status condition he could think of. Poison, sleep and confusion plagued the battle as Jana struggled to keep up with Koga's crafty techniques. Fortunately, Jana negated the poison problem when she sent Nidoqueen into battle. Even more fortunate was her ground typing, which effortlessly took down three of Koga's five Pokémon. Houndoom managed to take care of Forretress and then it all came down to an aerial showdown between Jana's always trusty Aerodactyl and Koga's extremely speedy Crobat. In this battle, Jana managed to win without cheating and mega evolving her Aerodactyl. When Crobat finally fell to the ground, unable to battle further, Koga nodded calmly.

"You managed to best everything I threw at you. You truly are worthy of those eight badges you posses. Go on and put your skills to the true test. Your next opponent is a man who has been a member of the Elite Four longer than I've been a gym leader."

"What's with all the Elite Four members being boys?" Jana asked. "Seems kinda fishy."

"We used to have Agatha and Lorelei, but things happened," Koga explained.


"Lorelei left to travel the world and Agatha..." Koga paused. "Well, let's just say I'm here for a reason. But hey, maybe you can change that problem."

"If being champion counts, I'll absolutely change that problem today," Jana said. "That's a promise."

Koga smiled and nodded. "Then go forth. I wish you good luck!"

The next room was also decorated strangely. The ground was littered with rocks and red dust. In the middle of the room sat a huge, shirtless man who seemed to be meditating. He held a cross-legged pose and his fists were pressed together. When the door behind Jana closed, his eyes fluttered open and he stared at his new challenger intently.

"Um, hey?" Jana said, unsure of what this man was doing.

He closed his eyes once more and brushed some of his long blue hair from his face. "I am Bruno of the Elite Four. You are?"

"I'm Jana."

Bruno smiled knowingly. "Ah, so you are the girl Lance has told me so much about. Nice to meet you, and congratulations for besting one of the most powerful Pokémon in the world."

"Thanks," Jana said, puffing her chest out proudly.

"That is what I would say if I believed Lance's outlandish story."

"Excuse me?"

"I do not spend much time with civilization," Bruno explained. "I spend most of my time training in the wilds and do not keep up with the news. We only come to this castle when we are expecting a challenge."

"Are you using the royal 'we,' or...?" Jana asked.

"Me and my Pokémon," Bruno said. "I see much potential in you, but I also see that you are stubborn, unruly, and somewhat dense."


"I do not believe that you have the strength to face me and come out on top, but the only way to learn is through battle. Put up your dukes, trainer. Hoo hah!"

By the time Casey managed to take down Hitmontop, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan without much struggle, Bruno was strongly reconsidering his stance on Jana's power. When his Onix fell to Feraligatr's might was when the battle truly got interesting. Bruno's Machamp was unbelievably strong and took out both Feraligatr and Aerodactyl without breaking a sweat. Casey's re-entrance was expected, but the resulting battle was the most intense yet. It all came down to one well-placed Future Sight that managed to knock Machmp unconscious a fraction of a second before it delivered the finishing blow to a beaten and bewildered Casey.

Bruno recalled Machamp and nodded. "I see."

"Changed your mind about my potential now, haven't you?" Jana bragged.

"I lost and therefore have no right to say anything," Bruno said flatly. "Go on and face the final member of the Elite Four. Your father has been looking forward to this day."

And that was when the day really got intense.

Up until this point, there had been short, straight, plain hallways separating the different rooms, which Jana used to heal up her Pokémon and psyche herself up. The hallway standing in between Bruno's room and Lance's was long and winding, decorated with orange wallpaper that had pictures of dragons drawn in the style of cave paintings. She could pick out pictures of Dragonite, Gyarados, and Charizard, while some of the figures' identities were lost on her. Finally, the winding hall opened up into a large room with rows of dragon statues on either side of a long, red carpet. Standing at the end of the carpet atop a short flight of stairs was the man Jana had been waiting to do battle with for so long.

He nodded at her, nervously tapping at his cuff. "Hello, daughter of mine. Or, since you're a formal challenger now, I should use your real name, shouldn't I?" After his daughter nodded, he continued. "Well then. Welcome, Jana of New Bark. I am Lance, the fourth and strongest of the Elite Four. Known as Lance the Dragon Master, I have faced many a challenger and very few have made it past my sheer power. Now, without further ado, show me just how powerful you've become!"

Jana gave her father a cheesy grin. "Right. You asked for it!" The penultimate battle of Jana's journey began with two Pokémon simultaneously emerging from their balls. Having no idea which Pokémon her father would use, Jana decided to open with Casey, while her first opponent was a familiar Pokémon. "Wait, you've already trained that thing to be strong enough to fight in the Pokémon League?"

Lance nodded. "The red Gyarados was already very powerful. All it took was a little bit of having it warm up to me. He reminds me of you in that respect."

"Flattery will get you nowhere," Jana said. "Casey, use Calm Mind." Casey crossed her legs and started floating in her sitting position. Jana could feel the power coming off of her grow stronger as she executed the stat-boosting move. "Now use Future Sight." Casey's eyes started glowing, but nothing happened.

Lance took this opportunity to start attacking. "Dragon Pulse, Gyarados!" Gyarados' wide maw started glowing with orange flames and it launched the attack towards Casey.

"Light Screen!" Casey erected a large, purple barrier of light in between her and Gyarados. The attack hit the wall hard and slowed down considerably. When it hit her, it hit with much less force than it would have unobstructed, allowing Casey to easily shake it off. "Now use Psychic." Casey fired a blue beam out of one of her spoons and when it hit Gyarados, it outlined his body. Casey lifted him out of the pool in the center of the battlefield and slammed him into the wall.

Lance smirked. "Good job making your Pokémon more resilient against my special moves, but the bad news is that Dragon Pulse is Gyarados' only special move. Use Waterfall!" Gyarados lifted himself off the ground and charged at Casey, enveloping his body in a coat of water.

"Dodge it and use Psycho Cut." Casey jumped to the side, using her superior speed to outrun Gyarados' savage attack. One of her spoons emitted a purple light and she swatted at Gyarados. She managed to hit him point blank and send him sprawling. Just as he attempted to get up, Future Sight finally slammed into him with all of its force. Gyarados fell under Casey's unrelenting might and Lance recalled him without a word.

Until Gyarados had disappeared completely, at which point he launched into an essay. "Good job. You recognize that Alakazam is a speedy Pokémon, but can't withstand many physical attacks. However, all three of my Dragonite can counter it. Now the question is, which one do I use?"

"Do you give this spiel to all of your challengers, or...?"

Lance laughed and grabbed a Pokéball from his belt. "Actually, yeah. It helps to know what you're doing right. Especially if you're about to lose. Go, Dragonite!" Lance's first Dragonite emerged from its ball and roared at Casey.

"Furture Sight," Jana instructed.

"Thunder Wave!" As Casey set up her future attack, the antennae on Dragonite's head shot a large electric beam at her. Before she could finish setting up the attack, she was enveloped in a ball of electricity. She yelled in pain and when it disappeared, started moving noticeably slower. "Now take advantage of her paralysis and use Dragon Rush!" Dragonite flew at Casey, surrounded by a deep blue aura.

"Dodge and use Psychic!" Jana yelled. Despite Casey's best attempt, she couldn't jump out of Dragonite's path and was slammed into with the devastating blow. She tumbled backwards and barely managed to stand up. "Recover," Jana said next.

"Quick, use Thunder!" Casey started healing herself slowly, but wasn't fast enough to negate the damage that Thunder was about to do. While her Light Screen was still standing, it didn't weaken the ridiculously powerful electric attack quite enough, which cost Jana her first Pokémon of the battle.

"You did good, Casey," Jana said, kissing the Pokéball once it once again held her Alakazam. Next up was Nidoqueen. "You like using electric moves so much, why don't we make them go away? Nidoqueen, it's your turn!"

Once Nidoqueen had emerged, Lance nodded. "Wise choice. You just negated half of Dragonite's moveset. However, I still have Hyper Beam. Go!" Dragonite opened its mouth wide and shot the powerful blast at Nidoqueen, who managed to take the hit thanks to Light Screen.

"Quick, while he can't move, poison him with Toxic!" Nidoqueen hurled (literally—like out her mouth) a ball of thick, purple sludge at Dragonite. It coated the Dragon-type, badly poisoning it. "Now follow up with Smack Down!" Nodoqueen thrust her hand into the ground and produced a large rock, which she threw at Dragonite. The rock hit its wing hard, sending the dragon falling to the ground.

"Shit," Lance said. Now that Dragonite was on the ground, it was completely vulnerable to Nidoqueen's more dangerous type—ground. "Quick, use Dragon Rush!" Dragonite ran at Nidoqueen, cloaked in the blue aura. However, being forced to use its stubby legs slowed it down considerably.

"Earthquake!" Jana yelled. Nidoqueen stomped on the ground hard enough to shake the entire building. The rumbling resulted in a pillar of rock erupting form the ground and hitting Dragonite under its chin. This stopped its attack in its tracks and knocked the dragon on its back. "Now while it's down, use Body Slam." Dragonite tried to get up, but the poison caused it to flinch, which stopped it from getting up just long enough to allow its opponent to body slam it with one hundred, thirty-two pounds of angry Nidoqueen. This was enough to bring Dragonite's battle to an end, which Lance lamented on as he recalled it. "Dragonite number one is in the bag," Jana celebrated. "You're doing great, Nidoqueen." Her Pokémon smiled and nodded as Lance sent out his second Dragonite.

"Don't get too excited. This one has something a bit more harmful to Nidoqueen than Thunder." The second Dragonite roared and Jana rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, if you can pull it off, I'm sure I'll be terrified," Jana said, pretending to be bored. "Nidoqueen, Smack Down again." Nidoqueen grabbed another chunk of the ground and hurled it at Dragonite.

"Use Blizzard," Lance commanded. Dragonite opened its mouth wide and shot a huge blast of cold air towards Nidoqueen's attack. The rock lost its momentum until, when it finally hit Dragonite, it bounced off its belly harmlessly. Nobody could lament this, however, because the ice attack was unaffected by the rock and slammed into Nidoqueen hard. She stumbled back a few steps, somehow managing to keep herself standing. "Now use our Dragon Blizzard combo!" Dragonite flew at Nidoqueen, cloaked in the fiery blue aura indicative of Dragon Rush.

"Smack Down!" Nidoqueen lobbed another rock in Dragonite's direction, hoping to stop it in its tracks. In response, Dragonite dived and hit the ground directly in front of Nidoqueen, causing a cloud of smoke to erupt from the impact. Before the smoke in front of her could clear, Nidoqueen was blasted with a point-blank Blizzard attack. She fainted, unable to withstand that attack twice in a row, and Jana called her back into her ball. "You did great, Nidoqueen," she said as her Pokémon disappeared. "Now Houndoom, it's your turn!" She tossed her next Pokéball into the fray and Houndoom emerged, fired up and ready to take on Lance.

Aforementioned dragon master decided now was the time to bring back an old strategy. "Thunder Wave."

"Thunder Fang, Houndoom." Houndoom ran at the dragon with crackling electricly-charged fangs while his opponent shot that electric current from earlier at him. He ducked and narrowly dodged the beam before jumping up and biting down hard on its wing. Dragonite flinched at the electricity surging through it and struggled to shake Houndoom off. "When it throws you off of it, use Flamethrower!" Jana called. Right after she said it, Dragonite managed to shake Houndoom away. The second he wasn't latched onto it, Houndoom fired a blast of fire and propelled himself across the battlefield, landing right in front of Jana. The fiery attack didn't phase Dragonite much and the two combatants stared each other down over the large distance between them. Jana spoke to Houndoom in a hushed tone. "If you can keep your distance, you can easily get around his long-range attacks. Just watch where he's aiming and go the opposite way, alright?" Houndoom nodded understanding.

"Dragonite, use the Dragon-Beam combo," Lance said. Dragonite flew at Houndoom, surrounded by Dragon Rush's aura, which Jana was well prepared for.

"Flamethrower!" Houndoom unleashed the inferno, which collided with Dragonite, causing a small explosion. Out of the smoke came a Hyper Beam, but the spot it was aimed at no longer held a Houndoom. Houndoom had jumped out of the way and managed to circle around Dragonite while it was blinded. "Now Crunch!" He leapt at Dragonite and latched onto the back of its neck. Dragonite roared in pain and struggled to reach Houndoom with its stubby little arms.

"Calm down," Lance said. His Dragonite had started to get visibly frustrated about not being able to reach Houndoom. "Shake him off with a Thunder Wave." Dragonite's horn cracled with electricity and shot the beam directly in the air. When the attack came down, it cloaked Dragonite in electricity, causing Houndoom to fall off, paralyzed. "Now use Hyper Beam before it can dodge!" Dragonite launched the powerful move and hit Houndoom directly, sending him flying.

When he landed, he shook off the attack, barely managing to stand straight. "Use Crunch while it can't move," Jana called. Houndoom ran at Dragonite and bit it hard again. This time it was too much, and Houndoom's fangs brought Dragonite to the ground, unable to battle further.

"Return, Dragonite. You did well." Lance put away his Pokéball and grabbed a new one in one fluid motion. Jana rolled her eyes at his flourish as he sent out his next Pokémon. "Aerodactyl, go!" A familiar Pokémon emerged, roaring at Houndoom.

"This won't end well," Jana commented. "Houndoom, use Thunder Fang."

"Stone Edge." While Houndoom ran at Aerodactyl, Lance's Pokémon landed on the ground hard, causing a lot of small stones to raise from the ground. It flapped its wings and smacked the rocks toward Houndoom, who was unable to dodge due to paralysis. The rocks chipped away at him until finally, one tripped him and he yelped in pain before tumbling across the battlfield, landing at Aerodactyl's feet unconscious.

"Whoa, that's an awesome move," Jana said. "When does Aerodactyl learn that?"

"It's a TM," Lance explained. "Maybe some day I'll let you use it on yours."

Jana nodded as she recalled Houndoom, congratulating it as she did. "Okay Scizor, let's go." Scizor jumped from its ball and snapped his claws at Lance's Aerodactyl. "Speed up with Agility, and we'll talk when you're faster."

"Crunch." Aerodactyl flew at Scizor, but he was prepared and sped out of the way. He continued flying circles around Aerodactyl as his speed climbed. When he couldn't possibly go any faster, he landed next to Jana, waiting for his next instruction.

"Now Swords Dance around its attacks. We'll talk again when you're hitting like a truck," Jana instructed. Scizor performed the strange dance that raised his attack, nimbly avoiding all of Aerodactyl's moves as he did so. When Jana figured Scizor had sufficiently raised his attack, it was time to launch her onslaught. "Use Iron Head!" Scizor's whole head started glowing silver and he flew at Aerodactyl. He slammed into it hard, sending Aerodactyl tumbling through the air.

"Damn," Lance said. "You've turned your Scizor into a war machine. This is gonna suck. Aerodactyl, use Aerial Ace!"

"Bullet Punch!" Aerodactyl flew at its opponent quickly while Scizor punched at it faster than the eye could see, which stopped Aerodactyl in its tracks. "Now dunk it!" Jana yelled happily. Scizor slammed his head into Aerodactyl, sending it crashing to the ground hard. When it didn't get up, Lance recalled it.

"Not half bad, however, your Scizor won't stand a chance when it faces Charizard." The dragon master threw his Pokéball and the flaming dragon-like Pokémon emerged with a fierce roar. Jana took note of the mega stone it was wearing around its neck. "Use the Flamethrower strategy!"

Jana bit her lip, trying to remember a move Scizor knew that could do any damage to Charizard. "Use Night Slash." Scizor flew at Charizard with pitch-black claws. It dropped sharply to dodge the pillar of flames and ran at Charizard on foot. Before it could swing at Charizard, the fire Pokémon flapped its wings hard, which somehow produced a thin wave of fire, which swept over Scizor, causing him to fall to his knees. "What the fuck?"

"We're prepared for when our opponents dodge Flamethrower like that," Lance explained. "Charizard knows to use Heat Wave when that happens. Quick, now that it's down, use Flare Blitz!" Charizard roared and flew at Scizor, surrounded by harsh flames. The contact caused an explosion, which rocked the room and sent Scizor flying into the wall. Scizor couldn't stand the attack and fell easily.

Jana recalled him, telling him how well he did before grabbing her next Pokéball. "Okay, let's do this, Aerodactyl." She threw the ball and Aerodactyl emerged, also wearing that peculiar stone around her neck.

Lance smirked. "You know it would be totally fair if you used that trick I taught you. I can do it as well."

"I plan to," Jana said. "Aerodactyl, let's mega evolve!" She touched the Key Stone holding her new piercing in place and it shone with a brilliant white light. Lance tapped the stone embedded into his cuff and it too started glowing. Aerodactyl and Charizard became enveloped in their own spheres of pink light and emerged much stronger than they were seconds ago. Charizard, now a black dragon, growled at Aerodactyl, who was a bright grey color and had black stones protruding from her body.

"I've already won this battle," Lance said. "Now Charizard gets more powerful dragon type moves, which will demolish you."

"We'll see about that," Jana shot back. "Aerodactyl, use Crunch!"

"Charizard, hit it with Dragon Rush." Charizard flew at Aerodactyl with the blue aura around it. Its attack won out, and Aerodactyl landed on the ground hard, struggling to stand back up. "If you don't have anything good against dragons, no amount of mega evolutions will help you."

Jana smirked at that. "Oh, I don't have anything against dragons? Well, if I remember right, that TM I was given for beating Clair says otherwise."

"Oh shit," Lance said, his spirits dropping.

"Dragon Pulse!" Aerodactyl opened her mouth wide and shot the orange blast at Charizard, who couldn't dodge it in time. "While it's down, hit it with Take Down." Aerodactyl flew at Charizard and slammed into it hard. The fiery dragon stumbled back, but managed to take the hit alright.

"Flare Blitz while it's close!" Lance called. Charizard hit Aerodactyl with the immensely powerful fire attack, sending its opponent tumbling through the air. When Aerodactyl recovered her bearings, Charizard rushed her with Flare Blitz again.

"Stop it with Dragon Pulse!" Aerodactyl fired off the attack and it managed to break through the attack, hitting Charizard hard. "Now Crunch." She latched onto Charizard's neck, causing it to cry out in pain.

"Dragon Claw!" Charizard swiped at Aerodactyl with a blue claw and knocked her off. "You won't win this one, Jana. I hate to break it to you, but Mega Charizard X can hit harder than Aerodactyl can even dream. Further more, Aerodactyl's special attack is so much worse than its attack, so since your only effective move is special, Charizard will be able to tank Dragon Pulse all day. Now, Charizard, use Dragon Pulse!"

"Aerodactyl, you use Dragon Pulse too," Jana said, ignoring Lance's taunts. The two Pokémon launched the attacks, but Charizard's superior special attack won out, and its Dragon Pulse overpowered Aerodactyl's. The explosion that resulted from this clash caused Aerodactyl to faint, changing back to her original form. "Well shit," Jana said, recalling her. Now down to one Pokémon, she grabbed Feraligatr's ball and stared at it. "You can do this. Feraligatr, let's go!" She threw it and her final Pokémon jumped into battle.

"Good luck hitting my fire dragon with a super effective move from your water type," Lance said, continuing to taunt his daughter.

Jana smiled knowingly and shrugged. "Well, if you insist. Feraligatr, use Dragon Pulse!"

Lance gasped. "What the fuck?"

Feraligatr opened her mouth wide and shot the orange attack at Charizard, who took the attack considerably worse than it did when Aerodactyl used it. "TM's are multiple use, you know," Jana said. "Did you really think I'd only teach one of my Pokémon the dragon move that beats you?"

"Dragon Rush!" Lance said. Charizard sped towards Feraligatr, preparing to use the attack.

"Feraligatr, jump!" Jana's Pokémon shot a blast of water at the ground, which propelled her over Charizard's attack. "Now jump in the pool." Upon landing, she made a mad dash for the pool as Charizard turned around and continued pursuing her. She barely managed to dodge by jumping in the water provided for Lance's Gyarados. Charizard stopped in its tracks and hovered above the water, not daring to go in.

"Charizard, we can't let her have the advantage. Fire a Smokescreen into the water." Lance's Pokémon did as it was told and filled the water with thick black smoke. It landed a couple feet from the water, looking in and trying to find a trace of its opponent.

"Oh no, now she can't see out of the water," Jana said, feigning distress. "What do we do now? Oh right, I have an idea. Feraligatr, use Surf!" The pool and the ground surrounding it rumbled and before Charizard could react, it was staring down a wall of black water that was barreling towards it. Feraligatr rode the wave and cheered as Charizard was doused in the entire contents of the pool.

The fire dragon could not withstand the force of the wave, and fell, reverting back to its original orange form.

"Five down, one to go," Jana said. "We can do this, Feraligatr."

"Let's see if you can handle my strongest Pokémon," Lance said as he tossed his ball. "Dragonite, let's go!"

"Don't let him Thunder Wave you, girl," Jana said to her Feraligatr. "We're screwed if he manages to land it." Feraligatr nodded, staring down her final opponent for this fight. "Let's hit it with Dragon Pulse!"

"Fire Blast!" Jana raised an eyebrow, confused at Lance's command. However, when Dragonite spit the kanji-shaped fire attack, it started to come together. It collided with Dragon Pulse and canceled it out with an explosion, after which it was given its next command. "Outrage!" Dragonite flew through the smoke with glowing red eyes and a very thick red aura surrounding it. It punched Feraligatr and she fell back under the immense strength of the attack.

"Oh man, that looked like it hurt. Feraligatr, use Dragon Pulse again." This time, the attack successfully hit, but Dragonite seemed completely unfazed by it. It threw another punch at Feraligatr, who was very much fazed. She stumbled back and just barely managed to dodge a third punch, after which Dragonite's glow faded and its eyes became a lighter shade of red. "Now's our chance, use Ice Fang!" Feraligatr lunged at Dragonite and bit down hard on it, doing massive damage with the ice move. Dragonite squealed in pain and knocked her away.

"Hit it with a point-blank hyper Beam!" Lance yelled.

"Dragon Pulse!"

The two Pokémon were so close that the two trainers only got a glimpse of the beams before they collided in a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared, Feraligatr was on her knees and Dragonite stood above her.

"Outrage!" Lance yelled. Dragonite tried to move, but the recharge from Hyper Beam hadn't finished, so it was helpless.

"Ice Fang!" Feraligatr snapped at Dragonite, biting its arm savagely. Her opponent roared in pain and fell backwards, desperately trying to shake her off. "Now use Dragon Pulse!" Feraligatr opened her mouth suddenly, freeing Dragonite's arm. When it tried to move away from its attacker, though, it was struck by the orange blast. It fell to the ground and didn't move no matter how many times Lance called its name.

The battle was over.

"Woo!" Jana jumped into the air and celebrated. "We did it! I finally beat Lance!" She gave her Feraligatr a high five and congratulated her several times before putting her back in her Pokéball.

Lance sighed and recalled his unconscious Dragonite. "Well then. This is an odd feeling."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not angry that I lost, like I normally would be; but instead, I'm happy. I'm happy that I witnessed you rise to such a level of excellence. You worked perfectly beside your Pokémon and it was like witnessing a well-oiled machine do what it was made to do."

Jana flashed a cheesy grin. "Yeah, I'm kind of amazing that way."

Lance chuckled and approached her. They met halfway in the middle of the battlefield and he held out his hand. "I wish I could bestow the honor of the next Pokémon League Champion upon you, but you do have one more challenge left to face."

"Who do you think will win?" Jana asked, quietly refusing to shake his hand.

"I honestly have no idea, but I will be rooting for you." Lance finally got the message and lowered his hand. "Go forth and face your final challenge. The Champion is waiting for you."

"You've got it," Jana nodded. She walked past him and toward the door to the next room. Lance sighed when he thought she was gone. "Oh, one more thing," Jana said, causing Lance to turn around. When he did, something happened that he never would have expected. Jana was giving him a hug. "I'll see you when I'm the Champion, dad."

Lance wrapped his arms around her and smiled a wide, genuine smile. "Go for it, Jana."

She then let him go and turned to run out of the room. "Love you!" She called as the doors closed behind her.

Jana healed her Pokémon and proceeded down the final hallway. The huge door at the end opened with a loud creak and she walked into a pitch-black room. When the door closed behind her, the lights came on, illuminating a huge, blue octagonal room. Some of the lights were installed in the floor, creating a cool lighting effect that dramatically lit the person standing on the other side of the room. Gary Oak smirked at the challenger, who was currently admiring the room around her. "Jana, I was wondering how long it would take you to beat your father into the ground. Was he that much of a pushover?"

Jana shrugged. "You know, he wasn't that great."

"Figures," Gary said. "I always said the Johto gyms were pathetic. Back when I was working my way up the ranks, the Kanto gym leaders made you work for their badges."

"Hey, watch it," Jana said. "Some of the ones in Johto were difficult. Whitney gave me trouble, Jasmine nearly kis—er, kicked my ass, the old man was strong-ish, and Clair...would have been harder if I didn't mega evolve my Aerodactyl."

"No Mega Evolutions in this battle," Gary said. "Only you, your Pokémon and your raw, combined strength. Got it?"

"I promise I won't mega evolve," Jana said with a nod.

"Good. Now, if you insist Johto can indeed produce great trainers, how about you prove it against the strongest trainer in the world? En garde!" Gary grabbed a Pokéball from his belt, but hesistated when Jana did not do the same. " okay?"

Jana shook her head. "Oh, sorry. I got distracted. You said en garde, which was weird. I'm surprised I hadn't heard that yet."

Gary nodded slowly. "Uh, huh. So are we fighting or...?"

"Oh, right!" Jana grabbed a ball from her belt and they both threw them at the same time. Aerodactyl and Pidgeot emerged and stared each other down before taking to the air.

"Pidgeot, open up with Tailwind," Gary said calmly. Pidgeot flapped its wings hard until a strong, consistent wind was blowing from behind it, speeding it up.

"You seem awfully calm for someone facing down a rock-type with a flying-type," Jana remarked.

Gary shrugged. "I have plans to beat any type with any type. You'll see why I'm the strongest trainer in the world."

"Yeah, sure. Aerodactyl, use Ancient Power!" Aerodactyl roared, and five rocks rose from the ground before speeding towards Pidgeot. Gary's bird Pokémon managed to dodge a majority of the attack, save for a small nick from one rock.

"Now use Mirror Move," Gary said.


Pidgeot cawed loudly and performed Ancient Power on an unsuspecting Aerodactyl, who took the full brunt of the attack. "Mirror Move is an excellent flying move that copies the move last used by an opponent. And that, my friend, is why I wasn't worried too much."

Jana nodded understanding before deciding to change her strategy up a bit. "Aerodactyl, use Iron Head."

"Aerial Ace." Aerodactyl flew at Pidgeot with a glowing head, but Pidgeot quickly flew around her and hit her with its own attack. "Now use Mirror Move again. Pidgeot then slammed into Aerodactyl with Iron Head, another super effective move. "See, Aerodactyl's problem is that it learns so many moves that it's weak to that it struggles to compete when someone has Mirror Move, Mimic, or Me First."

Jana didn't acknowledge his advice and instead asked Aerodactyl if she was alright. She nodded weakly and Jana re-thought her approach. "Alright, we need to keep pace with Pidgeot, so use Agility a few times. Then, uh, use Crunch."

Aerodactyl started flying around in wide circles, speeding up while Pidgeot followed its movements with its eyes easily. "Steel Wing," Gary said calmly. Pidgeot's wings started glowing and it chased after Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl was fast, but the Tailwind boost was just too much to out run.

"Dragon Pulse, now!" Jana called, changing her plans up. Just before Pidgeot caught up with Aerodactyl, she spun around and fired the Dragon-type attack. Pidgeot was caught by surprise, so it took the attack head-on. Aerodactyl made some distance between them before it could recover from the attack. "Good job, Aerodactyl. Keep it up."

Gary smirked. "Bad idea, running away. Pidgeot, use Roost!" Pidgeot landed and folded its wings in, starting to heal the damage it had just taken.

Jana gasped. "We can't let that happen. Aerodactyl, hit it hard with Crunch, right now!" Aerodactyl sped towards, Pidgeot, who was currently defenseless. She bit down on it hard, causing Pidgeot to screech in pain and recoil. "Now use Dragon Pulse." Aerodactyl opened her mouth and fired at Pidgeot, who was too close to completely dodge.

"This battle is going to be just you whittling away at Pidgeot if you can't find any moves that are good against it but not your Aerodactyl," Gary said. "It's such a shame, isn't it?"

"Hey wait a minute," Jana said. "Pidgeot doesn't have fangs, so it can't copy Thunder Fang! Aerodactyl, you know what to do." Jana's Pokémon nodded and flew at Pidgeot with electrified teeth. She managed to catch up rather easily and chomped down on Pidgeot again. When it finally broke free, Gary's bird was shivering from the shock.

"Joke's on you, because physical limitations don't matter. Mirror Move!" Pidgeot turned and rushed at Aerodactyl with a yellow beak that crackled with electricity. However, its movements were much slower than it had been moments before.

"Oh hell yeah, it's paralyzed!" Jana celebrated. "Aerodactyl, circle around and hit it with Iron Head!" Aerodactyl performed the same maneuver Pidgeot had earlier and slammed into the bird with great force. Pidgeot hit the ground hard and struggled to get back up. "Finish it off with Ancient Power."

"Air Slash." Aerodactyl sent the rocks flying at Pidgeot, who swung its wings at her, causing a pulse of air to speed toward her. Pidgeot's attack hit one or two of the rocks, causing them to shatter and stop there, but the remaining rocks managed to hit their target, and Pidgeot finally fell unconscious. Gary nodded as he recalled his first Pokémon. "Not half bad. However, I'm not going to let starting off on the wrong foot stop me. Gyarados, let's go." He threw a ball into the pool provided for Gyarados, and the serpentine Pokémon emerged with a mighty roar.

"Is that like, a requirement to be in the Elite Four or something?" Jana asked. "Because I've fought so many of those, you have no idea."

Gary laughed. "If I had known it was so overused, I wouldn't have trained it. Still, this one's stronger than the rest, so don't get cocky just because you've beat the other ones. Gyarados, use Dragon Dance." The Pokémon started swaying back and forth in the water and was surrounded by small, blue fireballs. Jana found the sight of it hilarious, but she could tell it was getting faster the more it did it.

"We can speed up too, you know. Keep using Agility, Aerodactyl."

While Aerodactyl sped herself up, Gary laughed. "You do know Dragon Dance does more than that, right? Dragon Dance makes its attack better too."


"It's a two-pronged advantage! Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!" Gyarados launched a blast of water at Aerodactyl, who dodged it without much effort.

"Thunder Fang," Jana said. Aerodactyl dive-bombed Gyarados with its crackling teeth.

"Smack it away with Aqua Tail." Just when Aerodactyl got in range, Gyarados swatted her with its tail. Aerodactyl slammed into the wall and struggled to regain her composure. "Use Rain Dance." Gyarados started swaying back and forth once more and this time, a cloud formed above the battlefield and started dumping water on the field. "Same moves as last time, Gyarados."

"Aerodactyl, use Crunch this time," Jana said without thinking her strategy through. Aerodactyl nimbly dodged Hydro Pump and charged Gyarados, who knocked her out of the sky once more with a powered up Aqua Tail. This time, Aerodactyl would not recover. "You did great, Aerodactyl," Jana said as she returned her to her ball. "Casey, it's your turn." Casey the Alakazam emerged, ready to battle.

"You do understand that Alakazam's physical defense is terrible, yeah?" Gary asked. Jana nodded and he continued. "Then why did you send one out against something that's been buffing it's physical attack so much?"

"Because of Disable," Jana said sweetly. "Casey, use it now!" Casey fired a blue beam at Gyarados. The attack wrapped itself around its tail, preventing it from using Aqua Tail any further. "Now use Calm Mind." Casey crossed her legs and floated in the air, boosting her special stats.

"Not bad," Gary said. "You caught me off guard there. No matter. Gyarados, use Hydro Pump."

"Teleport!" Casey vanished in the blink of an eye, causing the pumped up water move to hit an empty spot of ground. She reappeared high above Gyarados, still meditating and boosting her stats. This sequence repeated itself two more times before Jana decided it was time to attack. "Use Psyshock!" Casey then performed a move similar to Mewtwo's Psystrike, but it was a weaker version and the psychic projectiles resembled rocks as opposed to shards of glass. The attack pelted Gyarados, who did not have much room to dodge due to being confined in water. "Now use Future Sight."

"Quick, Hyper Beam!" Gyarados fired straight up at Casey, but she teleported away, causing the attack to hit the ceiling with an explosion.

"Psybeam!" Casey reappeared right behind Gyarados and fired a double-helix beam of energy at it. The weaker move did less damage, but caused Gyarados to flinch regardless.

"Quick, use Crunch while it's close!"

"Shit!" Jana yelled. "Get out of there!" Casey could not teleport away in time for the extra speedy Gyarados to latch on to her arm and throw her across the battlefield. She cried out in pain and slammed into the ground hard. "Are you okay, Casey?" Casey stood up shakily and gave her a weak thumb up. "Alright, use Recover," Jana said.

"Twister, quick!" While Casey started healing herself from a distance, Gyarados swung its tail and formed a small tornado, which flew at her quickly.

"Light Screen, now!" Casey stopped healing herself and held her spoons aloft, forming a thick barrier in between her and the dragon attack. The twister hit the wall and shrunk significantly. "Now Recover again." Casey healed herself further and shrugged off the twister when it finally hit. "Now use Psyshock again." The tiny psychic rocks formed around all around Gyarados before converging quickly, hammering it with many successive hits.

"Gyarados, use Hyper Beam," Gary said, struggling to keep his patience in this long-range battle. Gyarados opened its mouth wide and charged its attack until the Pokémon itself was shaking.

"What are you doing just sitting there?" Jana demanded. "Dodge it with Teleport." Casey held up her hand to assure Jana that it was alright, and just as it did, the attack exploded before it could even leave Gyarados' mouth. "What the fuck?" Jana asked as Gyarados fell unconscious into the water.

"Was that what Alakazam did with Future Sight?" Gary asked. When Casey nodded, he smiled and returned Gyarados. "I see. Your Alakazam is really powerful. I'll just have to show you how much stronger mine is. Alakazam, I choose you." Gary's Alakazam was identical to Casey except for the longer mustache characterizing it as male. He stared down Casey and the dual-Alakazam battle began. "Open up with Torment," Gary instructed.

"Psyshock," Jana called. Casey raised her spoons to use the move, but stopped in her tracks. "Wait, what?"

"Torment makes it so your Pokémon can't use moves twice in a row," Gary explained. "Now do what she did earlier. Teleport around her attacks and use Calm Mind while you do so." Alakazam nodded and started boosting his own stats.

"Psycho Cut," Jana said. Casey ran at Alakazam and swung her glowing spoon at him, but he vanished the instant before the attack landed. She looked around confused before seeing him floating above her. "Um, use Psychic." Casey attempted this, but Alakazam disappeared before she could even attempt the attack. This exchange continued and Jana couldn't land an attack, partially due to Casey being unable to use an attack twice in a row and having to think about what to use next.

Finally, Gary dropped the charade and started attacking. "Alakazam, use Shadow Ball!" Alakazam formed a thick, black ball in between his fists and fired it at Casey, who took the full power of the attack. She staggered back in pain. Her special defense had been boosted, but the stronger Alakazam still caused her significant pain.

"Use Recover," Jana said.

"Not so fast. Use taunt!" Casey crossed her legs and started floating, but before she could perform her attack, Alakazam made an obscene hand gesture, causing her to immediately stop and stomp her feet on the ground.

"What? No, use Recover."

"She can't," Gary said. "Taunt forces your Pokémon to only use moves that deal direct damage."

"Damn it," Jana said, gritting her teeth.

The next five minutes consisted of Alakazam whittling away at Casey while she tried in vain to hit him with her slower attacks. Finally, Casey fell under the constant barrage of Shadow Ball while Alakazam had only been hit once by a luckily placed Psychic. "It's okay, Casey. You did your best." Jana grabbed her next Pokéball from her belt and sighed.

"This is exciting, isn't it?" Gary said happily. "I haven't had a battle this intense in a while, and we've only just started."

Jana nodded. "You're definitely making me work for this. Scizor, I choose you." Scizor jumped into battle and Alakazam's eyes widened. "Scizor, we gotta skip the buffing part and just hit it. Use Bullet Punch and, when you're close, use X-Scissor."

"Alakazam, use Future Sight," Gary commanded. Alakazam held his spoons high and closed his eyes, launching the attack into the future right before Scizor's lightning fast punches landed. He walloped Alakazam several times with the steel move before hitting him with both of his claws in an X formation. "Teleport away," Gary said. Alakazam regained his composure and zapped behind Scizor, ready to launch an attack on command.

"Bullet Punch, then Nigh Slash!" Jana called. Scizor ran at Alakazam and hit him several times faster than the eye could follow. His claws started glowing black and he reared one back before slamming it into Alakzam with all the force he could muster. Alakzam fell to the ground unconscious and Jana jumped in the air to celebrate. "Way to go, Scizor! Now use Agility while he switches out." This ended up being a bad idea, because Gary switched Alakzam out for his Arcanine. The large, fiery Pokémon roared so loud, it rattled Jana's bones. "Holy shit." She quickly grabbed two balls from her belt and held one at arm's length. "Scizor, come back." Before Gary could react, the red bug disappeared into his home. "Now let's do this, Feraligatr!"

Gary shook his head. "Man, and here I thought we would get through this whole battle without switching out like that."

Jana shrugged as Feraligatr emerged from her ball. "Scizor couldn't beat Arcanine in a million years, what can I say?"

Gary returned the gesture. "Good point, and I would say the same, but like I said, I can beat any type. Arcanine, use Extreme Speed!"

"Not bad. We can handle that, can't we?"

"Then when you're close, use Thunder Fang."

"What?" Arcanine traversed the entire battlefield faster than Jana had imagined possible and slammed into Feraligatr. While the attack itself didn't phase her much, the electric bite that followed sure did. Feraligatr roared in pain and shook the dog Pokémon off of her. "Waterfall!" Jana said. Feraligatr slammed into Arcanine with her cloak of water and sent the beast tumbling away. "Jump in the pool," was the next command to come from Jana, and Feraligatr made a mad dash for the pool provided for the champ's Gyarados.

"Stop it with Extreme Speed," Gary said. Arcanine did as it was told and slammed into Feraligatr, but this move only pushed her into the pool. Gary pinched the bridge of his nose. "Way to go, genius."

Jana threw her hands in the air like an excited child. "Now use Surf!" The process from the last battle repeated itself, and the entire contents of the pool rose up in a humongous tidal wave with Ferliagtr at the top. She rode the wave right over her opponent and not even the high-leveled Arcanine could withstand getting drenched in all that water. "So what was that about being able to beat anything?" Jana asked.

Gary nodded as he recalled Arcanine. "Respectable, but don't get too cocky. Venusaur is up next." He sent out the plant Pokémon and it roared at Feraligatr, who only seemed slightly intimidated.

"It's okay, girl, we can take 'em," Jana said to Feraligatr. Her starter nodded in response and it was time to take on Venusaur. "Use Ice Fang!"

"Open up with Sunny Day," Gary said, okay with the fact that Venusaur was about to take a hit. Venusaur shot a small, intense ball of light from the flower on its back just as Ferligatr chomped down on it with icy cold teeth. She jumped away from her target before it could retaliate, but no amount of distance could have prepared her for Gary's counterattack. "Venusaur, use Solar Beam." The move that would have taken longer to prepare under any other circumstances fired almost immediately, giving Feraligatr no time to dodge it. She took the full force of the blow and fell to the ground.

"Feraligatr, are you okay?" Jana said. The water Pokémon struggled to her feet and gave a shaky thumb up, so Jana nodded.

"Petal Blizzard," Gary said. A flurry of pink petals erupted from Venusaur's flower and made a beeline for Feraligatr.

"Dragon Pulse!" Jana said. Feraligatr opened her mouth wide and launched the attack that Jana had taught her and Aerodactyl at the same time. She launched the attack and it exploded against the petals, causing them to stop in their tracks. "Now Ice Fang!" Feraligatr charged Venusaur and bit down on it again. She hung on for a few seconds before jumping back suddenly. For some reason, right after this happened, Venusaur stumbled back, as if taken another hit. "What the...? Did we do that?"

Gary raised an eyebrow, also confused at what had happened. After a second, he gasped and covered his mouth with one hand. "Oh my god, did Feraligatr just dodge Future Sight and cause it to hit Venusaur?" Gary groaned in frustration. "That's a psychic move! Damn it, how did Alakazam manage to fuck up that bad?"

Jana gave him a shit-eating grin and giggled. "It's alright by me. Hit it with another Ice Fang!" Jana's Pokémon nodded and charged once more.

Gary growled. "Sludge Bomb!" The top of Venusaur's flower erupted in a purple blob of goo, which hit Feraligatr and sent her tumbling forward. She managed to regain her footing and used her momentum to jump high in the air. She fell toward Venusaur with her maw wide and slammed into it. "Vine Whip!" Gary said. The sides of Venusaur's bulb sprouted green vines, which wrapped around Feraligatr and threw her off of it. The two opponents stared each other down, both shaky and close to fainting. "Venusaur, use Petal Dance and create a barrier around yourself. That Feraligatr's not getting close to you without taking an ass-load of damage." His Pokémon stomped the ground hard and a vortex of pink petals started circling it.

Jana put her finger to her chin, contemplating what to do next. "Well, Ice Fang is out of the question." She looked up at the ball of light, still illuminating the field. "And while that thing's in play, no water moves are gonna fly. Let's hit it with Dragon Pulse."

"Petal Blizzard!" The two attacks flew at each other, but this time, Venusaur willed the petals to circle the blast. Dragon Pulse hit Venusaur hard, but not as hard as the petals hit Feraligatr. She fell backwards and Venusaur's legs gave out from under it. Both Pokémon had fainted at the same time.

"Holy shit," Jana said. "That's insane."

Gary grabbed a fistful of his own hair. "How did Venusaur get beat by a water-type?" He demanded. He shook his head vehemently. "Whatever. Now whichever Pokémon we use next are completely random, so I can deal with that."

Jana nodded agreement. "Plus you have to agree that was pretty cool."

Gary shrugged. "Wouldn't have happened if Alakzam didn't fuck up." He grabbed a Pokéball from his belt as she did and sent out his last Pokémon as she called upon her second-to-last.

Nidoqueen emerged from Jana's ball while the huge, fierce Rhyperior came from Gary's. His last Pokémon may have been outmatched, but he had no doubt in his mind that Rhyperior could sweep its remaining opponents.

"Nidoqueen, let's use Superpower!" Jana called. Nidoqueen became outlined in a blue aura and ran at Rhyperior.

"Stop her in her tracks with Bulldoze," Gary said. Rhyperior stomped on the ground several times and the shockwaves tripped Nidoqueen, causing her to crash into the ground and lose the power Superpower gave her. "Drill Run!" The drill on Rhyperior's face lit up and it started slowly making its way towards Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen attempted to dodge, but the damage from Bulldoze slowed her down too much, and she was slammed into hard. The power of two Ground-type moves in a row from the physical tank before her was too much and she fell under Rhyperior's immense strength.

Jana bit her lip as she put Nidoqueen back in her ball. "Oh dear..."

"One-on-one time," Gary said. "Don't think Rhyperior will go down so easy, either. He's my heaviest hitter, physically. He may not have any fire moves to combat Scizor, but we'll whittle him down regardless."

Jana grabbed Scizor's Pokéball and squeezed it tight. "Okay Scizor, you're my last hope. It all comes down to this. Let's go!" She tossed the ball and Scizor jumped out, ready for battle. "We can run circles around this tub of rock-lard, so use Agility and Iron Defense." Rhyperior bellowed loudly as Scizor started speeding himself up.

"He didn't appreciate that," Gary said. "Rock Wrecker!" Rhyperior formed a huge boulder in between his hands and launched it at Scizor, who dodged without a second thought.

"Bullet Punch!" Jana said once she figure Scizor's defenses were high enough.

"Give him a nice big hug, Rhyperior," Gary said. Scizor sped towards Rhyperior and punched him several times quickly. Rhyperior was unphased by the attack despite its super effective-ness and closed his arms around Scizor while he was close. "Drill Run." The horn on his head lit up blue and he headbutt Scizor, making point-blank contact with the move. His higher defense was helpful, but it didn't stop Scizor from crumpling to the ground in pain.

"Get out of there, Scizor!" Jana called. "Swords Dance!" He did as he was told and jumped away before Rhyperior could grab him in another hug of death. He performed a strange dance, jumping around Rhyperior, who was attempting to hit him all the while. Finally, Scizor was given the order to use Iron Head. He sped towards Rhyperior with a glowing forehead and slammed into him. This caused Rhyperior to actually stagger backwards, but it wasn't enough to down the beast.

"Hammer Arm!" Gary said. Rhyperior brought his huge fist down on Scizor's small body. Scizor fell to the ground, but managed to get back up.

"Metal Claw!" Jana commanded, no longer caring about Scizor making space between them.

"It sure is a shame Scizor's not a special attacker, huh?" Gary asked as Scizor swiped at Rhyperior with a glowing silver claw. "Earthquake!" Rhyperior stomped the ground savagely and the resulting attack felt like the entire building was coming down on top of them. Jana fell on her butt and groaned, starting to develop a headache. Scizor fell backwards as well and scrambled to get back up.

"Scizor, Iron Head again." Scizor jumped and slammed into Rhyperior's chin with his head, causing the behemoth finally show pain. Jana didn't catch what move Gary told him to use, but Iron Head had caused the Pokémon to flinch, so it couldn't do whatever it was told to. "One more time!" Scizor jumped high into the air and dive bombed Rhyperior with his head. Rhyperior stumbled back again and roared in frustration.

"Rock Wrecker!" Gary yelled. When Scizor landed a few feet in front of Rhyperior, he was assaulted by a huge boulder, which slammed into him and shattered.

"He needs to recharge now, I think," Jana said, not having moved from her spot on the ground. "Scizor, hit it with Bullet Punch, and then Iron Head for your life." A shaky Scizor nodded and flew at his opponent, punching him several times before slamming his head into him. Rhyperior fell on his gigantic ass, causing the ground to rumble. As he tried to get up, Scizor hit him with one more Bullet Punch per his trainer's orders.

Rhyperior fell back, barely able to stand up. "Rhyperior, use Smack Down!" Gary yelled.

"Metal Claw!" Jana said with a voice barely under a scream. Rhyperior dug into the ground and produced a large stone. It swung it at Scizor just as the bug's metal claw made contact with his face. The rock exploded into a cloud of dust and Scizor went flying to the side. He hit the ground hard and when the smoke cleared, it revealed that Rhyperior was lying on the ground as well.

"Did...did we just fucking tie?" Gary asked.

Before Jana could respond, both Pokémon started slowly making moves to pull themselves off the ground. Scizor managed to stand up first, being the lighter contender. Rhyperior also pulled himself off the ground after a tense minute. The two stared each other down, trembling and struggling to keep their balance. Finally, after what felt like forever, Rhyperior closed his eyes and fell forward, crashing to the ground. The tremors caused by the fall were felt on the bottom floor of the building. Seeing his opponent was fallen, Scizor fell to his knees in relief. Meanwhile, Jana jumped to her feet. "Hell yeah!" She cheered. "We just beat the fucking Champion!" She ran to Scizor and hugged him tight. Scizor smiled weakly as he wrapped one of his thin arms around his trainer. "You did so amazing, Scizor. You get yourself a good rest, okay?" Scizor nodded as he disappeared inside his Pokéball. Gary approached Jana and held out his hand.

"You did it," he said. "I didn't make any mistakes in raising my Pokémon, but you managed to out-muscle them. Good job. Shake on it?" Jana looked at his hand for a moment. She grabbed it and started to shake it, but ultimately pulled the Champion in for a hug. "Oh, well this is happening now."

Jana laughed. "It is. Friends hug each other sometimes, right?"

"Good point, I guess," Gary said. When they separated, he smiled at Jana whole-heartedly. "I lost fair and square, and for that, I am proud to bestow upon you the title of Pokémon League Champion."

Jana couldn't contain her excitement and she ended up making a noise close to squealing. "Yes, I did it!"

"Let's go make it official, shall we?" When Jana nodded, Gary lead her through the door that he stood in front of earlier. Through the door was the Hall of Fame. It was a large, spacious, golden hallway with a giant computer screen on the back wall. Currently, the screen was lit up with a picture of Gary and it was cycling through names and pictures of his Pokémon. "Welcome to the Hall of Fame. This is where Champions and their Pokémon are recorded to be forever recognized as the fantastic trainers they are." Gary motioned toward a table that resembled the table that nurses would put Pokéballs on in Pokémon Centers. "Now put your Pokéballs here and your team will be recorded for posterity." Jana excitedly grabbed her Pokéballs from her belt and put them on the table. It started glowing and the computer screen showed a loading screen before playing loud, congratulatory music and showing pictures of all the Pokémon on the table. Jana's eyes began to well up as she watched the pictures of her Pokémon flash by, which caused all the memories associated with each one to come flooding to the surface. Gary put a hand on her shoulder as the slide show wound down and said, "congratulations."

And that was just the beginning of the festivities.


"I did it!"

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