Jana's first instinct was to describe the next few days as a blur, but every single detail of everything that happened was ingrained in her mind forever. No, blur wasn't the correct word, but busy beyond belief definitely hit the nail on the head. The day after she defeated Gary, she had made her way to the top news story again, except this time she was perfectly conscious for it. The news declared that a New Bark native had risen from obscurity and, in a very short period, went from completely unknown to the girl who saved Johto shortly before becoming its champion. A week after the final battle, a television event made it official. It wasn't a very long event, but it consisted of a cheesy mock-battle between the old champ and the new one, showcasing the latter's team. The battle fake-raged in the center of her hometown and ended when Gary's Venusaur "fainted" and Gary officially passed the title of Champion down to Jana. She wasn't expected to give a speech or anything, but she did flash the camera the biggest, most smug grin she could muster. The special ended with victorious fanfare and the camera crews dispersed, leaving New Bark town the same as it was when they came, save for the confetti littered everywhere. The producers of the special desperately wanted to hold it in the center of Goldenrod City, but Jana vehemently refused, as the idea of such a large crowd scared her to death, though she wouldn't dare say that out loud.

Either way, the next order of business was for Jana to get congratulated by literally everyone in New Bark Town. Since it was a small place, it didn't take too long, but it was still more people than she had wanted to interact with, especially after dealing with the obnoxious showrunners from the TV special. One particularly notable neighbor and childhood friend of Jana's flashed her a grin while his Marill danced around their feet. Ethan wore a gold hat with a black spike down the middle atop his black hair, and his goofy grin had seen Jana through much of their shared earlier years. "So, Pokémon League Champion, huh? How's it feel?"

"Like, unreal," Jana said. "I still have trouble believing I did it."

Ethan nodded. "You look like you've been through a lot."

Jana pouted and crossed her arms. "What exactly are you trying to say?"

Ethan held up his hands and backed up a step. "Oh, nothing bad, promise! I'm just saying, you look more mature than you did when I saw you last."

While she was slightly offended to start with, Ethan had a completely valid point about Jana's appearance. Her skin was more tanned after having spent so much time in the sun and her eyes were sunken in on top of looking old beyond their years. Her muscles were more refined and she carried herself with true confidence, as opposed to the fake confidence she over-hyped herself to have so long ago. To put it crudely, she looked like she'd seen some shit, but she looked better off for it. She gave off a vibe of being experienced beyond her years, despite being only seventeen, and she wore a look that would make unfamiliar people tread with caution around her.

Jana was beautiful but terrifying, much like a mountain covered with loose snow after a blizzard. "Well, thanks, I think," she finally said to her old friend.

"So when will you be free next?" Ethan asked, a hint of a blush creeping across his face.

Jana shrugged. "I really don't know. It could be weeks. I probably have to do some sort of paperwork now that I'm Champion, I could be challenged at any time, and then there's a...get-together I have to go to, so I dunno." She felt like calling her meet-up with Jasmine a date would be a mistake in front of Ethan, for some reason.

"Okay, well, call me when you're free, alright?"

"Sure," Jana said, completely oblivious to the fact that Ethan was kind of asking her out. "Don't get mad if I forget or something."

"Uh, right," Ethan said. "I'll go now."

"Hey, before you do?" The boy turned around to see Jana offering a hand for a high-five. He grinned and slapped her hand as hard as he could, to which Jana responded by laughing. "Man, you're still a wimp. Here let me do it." He nervously held his hand up and Jana smacked it so hard, he recoiled with a yelp of pain. Jana laughed once more. "You're trying, that's what counts." After that and a couple more neighbors congratulating her, she turned to Gary, who had been checking out the town while she was being accosted. "So what are you going to do now, Gary? I mean, are you gonna be the fourth member of the Elite Four or what?"

The former Champ shrugged. "That would be the logical step, wouldn't it? To be honest, I'm kind of tired of being cooped up in that mansion all day every day. I might train a new, weaker team and become a gym leader, come to think of it."

"A gym leader? But why such a downgrade?"

"Viridian City has been leaderless for years, man," Gary explained. "I think it's about time I relieve that situation so Kanto trainers don't have to travel all the way over here for their last badge."

"So instead of being cooped up in a mansion, you're gonna hide yourself away in a small gym?"

Gary laughed. "You got me there, I admit, but Viridian City is a short walk from home, so if I get homesick, I can just take a stroll to the south and be home again." At the mention of his hometown, Gary's eyes seemed to get distracted by something in the distance and he spoke with a dreamy voice. Finally, he snapped out of his trance-like state and shook his head. "But yeah, I like that idea."

"You have fun with that," Jana said. "Maybe I'll see you around some time."

"I sure hope you will," Gary said. "You are going to travel Kanto too, aren't you?"

"Wait, what?"

Gary shook his head. "You won't be trapped in that mansion, you know. Besides, what kind of Champion has only explored half of the area she's the champ of? You gotta take the Kanto gym challenge too. All those guys have teams that are trained up for people from Johto, so they'd give you a nice challenge."

"You know, that's a good idea," Jana said. "I'll have to do that."

"That way, we can battle again," Gary said. "And I know you want to do that."

Jana flashed a grin at the former champion. "Hell yeah I do! Yeah, I'll get right on that. There's something else I'll have to do before that, though."

The first thing Jana did when she had a second of spare time was call up one of the best friends she had made on her journey and set up a very special appointment. However, that ended up having to be days after the call, so Jana had a lot of business to attend to before then.

Her first order of business was to visit someone and settle some bad blood between her and them. She stepped into the Blackthron gym and quickly found Clair, who was far from happy to see her. "Oh, so the Champion has decided to pay me a visit, I'm so humbled," the much older woman cooed sarcastically. "What do you want?"

Jana shrugged. "I had free time, and this was the first place I thought to visit." When asked why, she had to take a moment to think her response through. "Well, I guess I felt guilty? Yeah, I'll say that. I felt bad that I won by using Mega Evolution when you couldn't, so I'm gonna fix that."


"By challenging you to a rematch of course. A fair, no Mega Evolutions allowed rematch. If I lose, I'll give you your badge back."

Clair chuckled. "Don't bother with that. It won't change your champ status, so that won't be necessary. However, I will absolutely take up your challenge."

The battle was much harder than last time it was fought, and Jana found herself struggling at one point; however, when she remembered that Aerodactyl had Dragon Pulse, things got significantly easier. At least, until the battle got interrupted.

At one point in the battle, a poorly aimed Hydro Pump flew directly at Jana, who had to jump out of the way to avoid it. That exact second was when someone decided to open the door to the gym, which was directly in Hydro Pump's path. Lance poked his head in and said, "Hey Clair. Grandpa said you were in here so—whoa!" The blast hit Lance square in the face and carried him yards from the gym. Jana took a moment to absorb what just happened, but when she did, she burst into uncontrollable laughter right alongside her father's loving cousin. Lance stormed back into the gym moments later to find both of his relatives clutching their stomachs on the floor of the gym. "I'm glad I could provide some entertainment to you, my lovely family," he said, making sure to lather his words in dripping sarcasm.

"We're glad too," Clair managed. Five minutes later, Jana and Clair had finally managed to pull themselves together enough to hold a proper conversation with their visitor. "What brings you here?" Clair asked.

Her waterlogged cousin shrugged in response. "I just felt like visiting some old family. I didn't think the new family would be here." As he said that, be put a hand on Jana's head and ruffled her hair, which caused her to shoot him a displeased look. "So why were you two battling?"

"I rematched her," Jana explained. "I used Mega Evolution last time, so I wanted to have a fair and square match."

"Ah, yes," Lance said with a nod. "I see. Well, don't let me stop you. By all means, continue."

Clair and Jana looked at each other and shrugged. "Nah," the older one said. "I think I've seen enough."

"Really?" Jana asked.

"Sure. I mean, you're the Champion, there's not exactly a whole lot more to prove to me."

The next couple of hours flew by, spent catching up with family Jana didn't even know she had until recently. It was a nice way to slow down after the hectic last few days. Finally, Jana decided it was time to get going. Clair and Lance stood in front of the gym's doors, waving good-bye as Jana started to climb on her Aerodactyl. Right as Aerodactyl jumped off the ground, she remembered something very important.

"Stop!" She patted Aerodactyl frantically, who slowed down considerably. She jumped from her back, which was a good five foot drop, and landed with a stumble. "Ouch..."

"What the fuck are you doing?" Clair asked.

Jana ran to her father and embraced him. "I thought about that thing you wanted, dad."

"What thing?"

"You can do it," Jana said, foregoing an explanation.

"Wait, really?" Lance was starting to catch on to what was happening. When his daughter nodded, he smiled and took her in a hug of his own. "Thanks. I'm glad you approve now."

Jana backed up with her hands raised. "Whoa, I wouldn't go that far. This is strictly a decision made with my mom's best interests at heart." Jana winked at her father before jumping on Aerodactyl's back once more and soaring off, leaving Lance to explain what had just happened to a very confused Clair.

A couple of days later, the initial hustle and bustle of being the new Champion had started to wane, leaving Jana with some much anticipated and well-deserved free time. This free time was spent in Olivine City of course, honoring that appointment that had been set up days before. She entered the gym and immediately ran across one of the gym trainers who welcomed her before the big gym battle. The older gentleman nodded his head at the gym's visitor. "Hello, new Champ. What brings you to us today?"

"I'm here to see Jasmine," Jana answered. "Is she in, or do I have to go to the damn lighthouse again?"

The man chuckled. "No, no. She's here. She's in her room. Let me go get her."

"Wait, she lives here? Do all gym leaders live inside their gyms?"

The gym trainer nodded. "They have to be ready at all times for new challengers, after all. Anyway, you wait here. Jasmine doesn't like it when we take people into the back rooms." Jana nodded and the man walked off, leaving her alone in the huge stadium. She took this alone time to call back to the fierce battle that was waged in this room. Jasmine's gigantic juggernaut of a Steelix thrashing her Pokémon and tearing up the ground was fresh in Jana's mind, and just thinking about how hard she fought started bringing the excitement back. Unfortunately, there was something for Jana to be excited about at the moment that was not a battle. After a moment, the older man emerged from the back rooms and nodded at Jana. "Jasmine said you're allowed in her room. Come with me."

Jana nodded and followed the man through a small hallway that felt like what Jana imagined the backstage to a play would feel. There were buttons and levers (no doubt there to provide water for challengers who used water-bound Pokémon) littering the walls and they passed several doors sporting uninteresting labels. Finally, they came to a door with the name Jasmine on it. The man nodded at her and silently walked away, inviting her to knock on the door herself. She did and immediately heard rustling behind the door, as if Jasmine was scrambling to make the place presentable for her company. Finally, her voice sounded from the other side with a cheery "come in!" Jana turned the knob to open the door, but it stuck fast, locked. She raised an eyebrow at the uncooperative door and started to say something, but Jasmine's laughter on the other side stopped her. "Sorry! I guess I forgot to unlock it. You wait there, I'll be ready in two seconds!" Jana smiled and crossed her arms, preparing to jokingly chew Jasmine out, but when the latch sounded and the door slowly opened, she immediately forgot everything she was about to say.

Jasmine was wearing the most gorgeous silver dress that Jana had ever seen on anybody before. If it were any other situation, Jana would have spent a lot longer taking in the beautiful sight, but the fact that Jasmine was decked to the nines brought something different to mind. "I...uh, may have under-dressed for the, uh, occasion." She looked down at her usual outfit, of which she wore a variation nearly every day since leaving home so long ago.

Jasmine nodded. "I guess. That's okay though. I would offer you one of my other dresses, but we have reservations and we've gotta get moving." She grabbed Jana's hand and lead her out of the gym.

"Reservations?" Jana repeated.

"Of course! It would be kind of hard to get into the best place in Olivine without reservations."

"So it's a fancy place then?" She sighed as they left the nearly empty gym. "I really did under-dress."

It wasn't touted as the best restaurant in Olivine City for no reason, because after being immediately seated, Jana and Jasmine were given almost a meal's worth of appetizers and gigantic cups filled to the brim with their chosen drinks. The conversation between the girls was mostly a recap of Jana's epic battles against her father and Gary. Jasmine especially got a kick out of the part where Venusaur became a victim of friendly fire. "I think my Feraligatr was moving so fast that Alakazam didn't aim quite right. Or something. I'm not sure, but it is totally the reason I won."

"That's so great," Jasmine said, wiping a tear from her eye. "Man, Gary would not be happy if he knew you told me that part."

"Don't I know it." The conversation was left there, because a movement Jasmine made caused something behind her to catch Jana's eye. She held up her hand. "Hey, can you lean to the left a bit?"

"Uh, sure?" Confused, Jasmine did as Jana asked, and Jana's face flushed bright red at what she saw. She rested her elbow on the table so she could bury her face in her hands. "Jana, what's wrong?"

"Whatever you do, don't look behind you. My fucking parents are here." Sitting not too far away at their own small table were indeed Jana's parents, looking almost as spiffy as Jasmine did. Jasmine's face flushed too, but her trouble was in trying to keep her laughter inside. Jana scrambled to get another look at the couple not too far away from them. "If that asshole's planning a public proposal, I swear to Christ." She grabbed her PokéGear and hastily typed out a text message that quickly reminded her father to propose respectfully. She sent the message and let go of her phone, letting it go back to its neutral position around her neck.

A couple tables over, Lance's sentence was rudely interrupted when he felt a vibration in his pocket. He pulled out his PokéGear and read the message, not quite understanding it. After having to field a question, he assured his date that nothing was wrong as he stuffed the device back into his pocket.

Jana shook her head. "I can't believe we came here on the same day my dad brought my mom here. What a bad idea, oh my god."

"Hey, don't worry about it," Jasmine said. "We'll wrap it up quick and get out of here, okay?"

"Okay, okay." Jana was calming down now. "I'll cover the tip." Now she was desperate to change the subject to anything else.

"No, don't worry about it," Jasmine assured her. "I said I'd treat you, so I'm covering everything."

Not one to complain about free food, Jana promptly forgot the potentially embarrassing situation and the two continued having very pleasant conversations. About fifteen minutes after the incident, Jana felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see, to her horror, her parents standing over her. "Having fun on your date, sweetie?"

"Mom!" Jana's face was redder than a Pokéball at this point.

Lance laughed and put his arm around his date. "Come on, you'll embarrass her. Let's get going."

The two adults left their daughter alone, but not after some poignant advice from mother to daughter. "Always remember to be safe," She had said with a wink and suggestive tone. In response, Jana wordlessly slammed her head on the table, desperately trying to hide her face in shame.

After their dinner had been finished and the embarrassment forgotten, Jasmine and Jana sat at their table idly talking for a while, until finally the subject of where to go next was breached. Jasmine said she wanted to go take a walk on the beach and Jana agreed to it, so the two finally left that damn restaurant. The sun was starting to set over the horizon, painting the sky a bright orange color which reflected off the ocean beautifully. The girls walked along the beach and stared at the water, hardly speaking except to make observations that were acknowledged, but not expanded upon by the other person. Finally, Jana spoke up about something she hoped they could talk out. "You know, Jasmine? You've taught me something."

"What's that?"

The words took a moment to come out, due to having to be thought out. "When I first met you, you were, how do I put it?"

"A wreck?" Jasmine supplied.

Jana laughed. "You know, yeah, that about sums it up. And the thing is, everybody knew you were fucked up about it, too. And they understood."

"Except that red-head who fought me right after you did. He was pissed at me."

"Yeah well, Nicholas is a dickhole." Jasmine laughed and encouraged Jana to continue. "Right. Well, that made me think that you were kind of a push-over all the time, but when we fought, you nearly tore my team down. It was incredible, watching someone who was crying her eyes out a day ago laughing as she did something she loved to do.

"And then today, you, well, you look gorgeous! And beautiful, and stunning and all those things." With each new adjective Jana supplied, Jasmine's blush grew slightly, though Jana didn't notice. "So, like I said, you've taught me something. You're such a strong, beautiful, caring girl, but you're not afraid to show weakness."

"You mean, like crying and shit?"

Jana laughed softly. "Yeah, crying and shit. I always thought that in order to be taken seriously, I would have to come off as strong all the time never give an inch when things try to tear me down, but I see that that doesn't really matter. Everyone in this city thinks you're great, and when you were cooped up in that tower crying your eyes out, nobody judged you or thought any less of you."

Jasmine nodded. "I see, but the thing is, people did judge me."

Jana gasped. "Who?"

"Well, like we said, that Nicholas kid judged me pretty harshly, and I'm sure someone out there did too. What I've learned in my time as gym leader is that you can't let how others perceive you change you." Jasmine kicked at the sand as she said this. "If you spend too much time trying to get everyone to like you, you won't like yourself, and that's the most important thing. As long as you're proud of yourself, fuck what everyone else thinks."

"That makes sense." Jana pondered this advice as the last bits of the sun disappeared, ushering in the dark night. A few moments passed with no sounds but the water lapping against the shore and a stray call from a straggling bird Pokémon. Finally, Jana was the one to break the silence again. "Jasmine?"


"I know you just said that kind of thing doesn't matter, but I like you." A shaky, nervous hand reached out and timidly grasped the one belonging to the other person.

Jasmine giggled and squeezed her hand back. "I really like you too, Jana."

Gary entered the padded room he knew all too well. He nodded greetings to the Pokémon inside and the Growlithe happily jumped into his arms, eager to get a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ear. "Alexis?" The girl in the straightjacket stirred slightly, actually acknowledging that she was being addressed. This brought a smile to Gary's face and a tear to his eye. "Alexis, I have some bad news for you. Well, it's bad for me. You'll probably get a good chuckle out of it. Remember how I came in here and gloated about becoming the champion? Well, I'm not the Champ anymore. Remember that Jana girl I brought in? Yeah, she beat me."

A moment of silence passed, and Gary was starting to think that would be the end of that. He made the decision to leave, but before he could act on it, the girl emitted a strange sound. It was something he hadn't heard the girl do in three long, hopeless years.

Alexis was laughing at him.

"Looks like you need to step it up, huh?" She croaked her words, as if she wasn't accustomed to speaking, which she wasn't.

Gary grinned. "Well, gym leader of Viridian City ain't half bad, is it?" Alexis chuckled and Gary put the Growlithe in his arms down before reaching into his pocket producing something he had shown her so long ago. "Remember this thing I showed off?" He waved the gold medal around and Alexis slowly shook her head. "Well, I don't blame you. Anyway, I don't need it any more." He knelt down in front of his childhood friend and placed the medal around her neck. "I think it will look better on you anyway."

"But..." Alexis' words came slowly. "I'm not the Champion. I wasn't...strong enough."

Gary shook his head. "You are so strong, Alexis. You deserve this medal a million times more than I ever did."

Alexis' eyes started watering. "Thank you." Gary took her into a hug and they cried together for a while.



"I love you."

"...I know."

"You ruined it."

"I know."

A week after her fateful date, Jana stepped foot in Pallet Town to start her trek through Kanto. Her first order of business was to visit Professor Oak and gloat about kicking his grandson's ass. He gave her a jolly laugh and a pat on the back. "See, I told you that I know my stuff when it comes to picking out future Champs. Was Gary disappointed to have lost?"

Jana laughed. "Oh man, he was devastated." The two shared a laugh before Professor Oak gave Jana an offer she couldn't refuse. She walked out of that lab cradling a Squirtle in her arms, leaving with promises to take care of her new Pokémon, though it was doubtful that she would ever see a place on her team proper.

Then, in Viridian City, Gary refused to battle Jana again until she had won the other seven Kanto badges. Jana's adventures through Kanto began with the promise of bi-weekly calls to her new girlfriend and her mother. The only thing that interrupted her on her way was the wedding that she was kind of obligated to attend, as she was the daughter of both the bride and the groom. It was all very beautiful, and people cried (even Jana, but only a little bit!) but it was only getting in the way of her triumph over the Kanto leaders, who proved to be no big challenge at all. Along the way, Jana ran into Nicholas, who challenged her to one last battle, before disappearing from her life, only to enter it again on occasion to fruitlessly try to get at her Champion title.

It took no time at all to get all eight Kanto badges, and then, Jana kicked back, relaxed, and enjoyed the fruits of her labor and the luxuries—and duties—of being the champion of two regions. She had surprisingly little to do, which left a lot of time for further dates with Jasmine and plenty of visits home to make sure Lance wasn't fucking anything up too much. Luckily for him, Jana found his treatment of her mother satisfactory, so he could stay.

For now.

One night, Jana had trouble sleeping. She couldn't explain why, but nothing she did helped her fall asleep any easier, and it ended with her taking a moonlit stroll through Cerulean City. Why Cerulean? She didn't know herself, actually. Something just told her that that was where she wanted to be. At one point, she managed to spot a cave across a small stream. The hills on the outskirts of Cerulean had a hole in them, and it emanated a power that scared and intrigued her. She made the decision to ignore it, but the cave didn't seem to enjoy that, as the second she started to walk away...


She froze in place. The voice she had heard in her coma was shouting at her. The first voice. The one that definitely did not belong to Casey. The impossibly loud, earth-shaking voice of something immensely powerful. Whatever spoke to her when she fell off the radio tower was reaching out to her from that cave.

A few hours of spelunking brought Jana to the deepest part of the cave, where the source of the voice finally made itself known. Before her stood a tall, pale-purple Pokémon with a long tail and an overwhelmingly powerful glow about it. It was a Pokémon that Jana recognized. "Mewtwo? You're that voice in my head?"

The Pokémon nodded. Suddenly, Jana's head was filled with visions, telepathically implanted by the legendary Pokémon. Visions of Mewtwo and Casey using Recover on Jana as her lifeless body lay limp in Scizor's arms. "So it was true. You saved me, but why?" More visions flooded her mind of Giovanni harshly training Mewtwo in an unfamiliar region. She could feel the seething hatred Mewtwo felt for the trainer as he forced it to mega evolve and do whatever he commanded. That damn Master Ball having trapped it against its will. Were all humans like this? Was this all there was to them? The evil pursuit of power? "So, you're trying to tell me that you think I'm a better trainer than Giovanni could ever be."

Mewtwo nodded its head.

"So, do you want to come with me? I won't force you to do anything, I promise."

Mewtwo again nodded its head. Despite the confirmation, it took a battle stance.

"Oh, obviously you're not going without a fight." Jana grabbed a PokéBall from her belt. "Let's do this shit!"


"Today marks a whole year since I was inducted into the Johto Hall of Fame. Isn't that bizarre? It feels like Just yesterday I was leaving New Bark and shit. Anyway, I should tell you about how everyone's grown!

"Feraligatr is still my closest friend who's not a person. I really feel like I can talk to her, even if she doesn't speak the same language I do. She's also crazy strong, obviously. Nidoqueen is still struggling a little bit, but that's okay! Not everyone can be as awesome as me. She does try her best though, and when she loses, it only makes her want to be better I think, so props to her! Casey got some special training under a certain very special Pokémon and now she can hold entire conversations with me in my head! She even does it during battle. It's so cool. She's also super strong because of that, which is awesome. At least she hasn't missed with Future Sight yet!

"As for Scizor, he can mega evolve now too! Dad went ahead and got me a Scizorite and now whenever Aerodactyl doesn't do it, Scizor does! He gets chainsaws for hands and becomes even more powerful! He's such a powerhouse. It's awesome. Houndoom is still working at getting over his anger issues, but he shows more progress every day. Nidoqueen helps him out, since she knows what it's like to lose. She shows him how to channel his anger into determination to do better, which is good I think. Aerodactyl is probably my strongest Pokémon, and she isn't showing any signs of slowing. Its so much fun watching her decimate entire teams that it's easy to forget that those challengers aren't just lining up their Pokémon to get torn down.

"Now, recently, I've actually started putting Blastoise into battles against challengers, which usually ends well. Blastoise has a way to go until she's on Feraligatr's level, but she's getting there! Dad said he'd try to get his hands on her mega stone for me. Here's hoping.

"I should probably mention my eighth Pokémon, huh? Well, Mewtwo's awesome as always. I would never use it against a challenger, of course. That would be rude. It does like to watch the battles, though. I think they excite it. Sometimes it'll even challenge me to further battles, and every time it gets better and better. I don't know how it does it!

"Enough about them, though. I'm sure you want to hear more about how I'm doing, huh? You are my Journal after all. Anyway, being Champion is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Every battle against a challenger is the new best battle ever, and it's always so exciting! Dad and Gary will come back in to try to reclaim the title every once in a while, but they always lose, obviously.

"I'm glad I was able to make it this far, but I don't think I could have done it on my own. I have so many people to thank for this. Mom, Jasmine, Gary, Alexis, Dad, Nicholas (sort of). I think that, without even one of them, everything would have ended up being very, very different. Don't tell them I said this, but I'm thankful to them every day.

"Except Nicholas, he kinda sucks still.

"...While I'm sharing secrets, I should say I have a confession. I uh, never was sure about how far I'd get. When I left New Bark, I honestly didn't think I'd actually ever make it this far, but here I am! In a little over a year, I went from some nobody from New Bark to the Champion and hero of Johto! Isn't that amazing to think about? I saved the world! Sort of. Talk about faking it 'till you make it. I also knocked some sense into my estranged father and, of course, I can't forget that I got a girlfriend too. Speaking of Jasmine, she's doing great and I swear she gets prettier by the day.

"Also, life update on my dad. He's still with my mom, which wouldn't be that big of a deal, but only a week ago, she had a baby! I'm not an only child any more, which is cool and all, but dad was there through the whole thing and he's never shown any signs of running away again! I'm so proud of how far he's come. ...Again, don't tell him I said that. My little sibling's gonna know who his father is all his life! Isn't that awesome? It was such a big deal that I took a few days off to see the little baby myself. And the new brother.

"Anyway, that's about it for today. And this year. And...you, it seems. You're running a bit low on pages there, friend. Maybe I shouldn't have drawn so many big pictures in here. But that's okay. You've been a good Journal to me, and I'm glad you could be here for my rise to the top! I'll be sure to catch Journal 2 up to the chase nice and good. Maybe I'll be a better artist in that one! It's been real, Journal. See ya later.


Jana closed her old, beaten journal and sighed. She hadn't planned on ending that entry so soon. She could have written novels about how her and Jasmine had been doing. Finally, she shrugged. "Oh well. That'll have to wait for the next one." She carefully placed the book back in her bag. That little book held the chronicles of the most exciting events in her life and would be looked back on fondly in her downtime.

Until then, though, she had to look to the future for her next big adventure.