A New Love and A New Life

Chapter 21.

Though she rushed through her nightly routine, Yaten still took great care with her appearance. Once she had her hair laying to her satisfaction she donned the ultra sheer nightgown and robe, leaving off her panties. After first checking to make sure the babies were sleeping soundly, Yaten went further down the hall to the master bedroom. Stopping outside the partially open door, the starlight peeked in. She smiled when she saw that Haruka was patiently showing Seiya of all people how to crochet and Taiki how to knit. The first time she had seen the woman knitting it had surprised her that Haruka would participate willingly in such a feminine act. However, it should not have. Since the tall blonde-haired woman was a professional pianist, she would need to do something to help keep her fingers and hands properly exercised, and both activities do just that. Since she truly was exhausted Yaten decided not to deliberately draw their attention to her, she would just let her nightwear silently do the job for her. Therefore, with that in mind she went into the room and tossed the robe across the foot of the massive bed while crawling under the covers where she promptly fell asleep.

Taiki wearing a loose pair of jogging shorts and a tank top to sleep in set aside the knitting and her reading glasses chuckling, "Well I guess we know how this is going to be handled. We all have to leave her alone so she can get some real sleep, while she gets to torment us with next to no nightwear." Seiya growled while getting under the covers next to her love. "I am going to kill whoever bought that damn nightgown." Usagi pouted and Haruka laughed while getting into bed. "Kou if you do that you would be depriving Usagi of her sister, and I don't think she would appreciate that one little bit." Getting comfortable Usagi snorted delicately. "Damn right I wouldn't. If you do that I might have to release a certain picture I have of a pregnant Star Fighter in her original fuku." Seiya quickly capitulated and begged forgiveness. When morning came Yaten was glad too see thanks to the new earring Leila's' hair more closely resembled Taikis' instead of being the gun metal blue she had inherited from Yatens own mother.

She had amazed herself by waking at six instead of her normal ten and not feeling a bit tired. "A solid night of sleep does wonders." So she would not wake the others before she was ready Yaten only turned on the light above the stove to see by, before starting to make a massive Christmas breakfast for her friends and family. When everyone woke a couple hours later, the sight and smells of a small feast greeted them. Plates of maple honey glazed ham, hash browns, eggs sunny side up, toast, bacon, pancakes, coffee and glasses of juice were waiting at each place setting. It was almost noon and they had almost finished picking up discarded wrapping paper when Haruka noticed Michael had yet to open the one from Uranus. "Hey is something wrong little man?" The boy shook his head while Kana looked on worriedly. "I don't want to go back to being a normal kid, I want to stay a senshi. I am afraid this is going to be telling me it's over for me." Haruka sighed, the boy actually liked the hard life the senshi were forced to live. But she also knew what was inside both as she had checked them both out, before giving them to him. Chuckling she said. "Open the letter first honey, it is the only way you'll ever know."

The letter itself was actually an official document from Kinmokusei Palace. Queen Star Fire had named him her heir-apparent as she was not capable of producing a child thanks to a childhood accident. If he accepted the duty then and only then could he open the box. Since he currently served Uranus she had felt it best to first go through the Titan himself then his mother. In a short note she had attached to the document she told him to talk it over with his family first before opening the box. The boy looked up at his family expecting them to be mad but he only saw pride on their faces. Haruka had a cocky grin on her face. "Go ahead and use your new Star Yell. It will be interesting to see what happens. But do it outside please." Stepping out onto the patio he took the Star Yell from the box and called out, "Fire Star Power!" When the flaming tornado vanished, it wasn't a young boy that stood on the patio, but a young woman that looked to be about fourteen. She had crayon yellow hair that reached her knees, red eyes and was wearing a modified starlight fuku. The fuku instead of having leather shorts and thigh high boots, had low riding leather pants and knee high boots whose heel was only about an inch high.

The young woman was about to congratulate herself for not screaming from the pain she had been in when she collapsed to her knees from an intense pain in her back. Unconsciously Haruka took on her true form when she knelt next to her child. "What's wrong?" The senshi gasped out. "My back, it feels like it is being torn apart!" The young senshi's statement had Katalia going to her knees next to her. After seeing the way the muscles on either side of her spine rippled and pushed against the skin she said. "Queen Haruka, she's getting wings, get me the sharpest knife you have. If we let her wings erupt on their own, the scaring will be unimaginable." There was surprisingly very little blood when the cuts were made. The young senshi cringed when wet slimly masses erupted and plopped against her backside. "God that felt gross. Someone throw me in the hot tub. I need a bath." When they only laughed she growled. "Oh fuck it! I'll just take a shower." Their laughter followed her down the hall. When she got her laughter under control, Haruka asked one question. "Sets, is Michael a true eternal?" Still laughing at the young senshi Setsuna replied. "No, the wings are just to give him the ability of flight in his senshi form. He will have a slightly longer life span than normal, but he is not a true eternal."

Saturn had just finished blow-drying the young senshi's wings, which had more than quadrupled in size, when a woman whose beauty could not be found anywhere on earth materialized in the room. Placing protective gauntlets over the elbow parts of the young Star Senshi's wings, she said. "Third in line for the throne of Uranus should Amara fail to have a child of her own, and first in line for the throne of Kinmoku. You are destined to become a great warrior and leader for your new people. I had Hephaestus construct these especially for you. The elbows of wings are their weakest point. These will help protect them. Merry Christmas Prince Michael." With those few words, she was gone as if she had never been there. Cale placed a hand over his chest. "I can't believe Hades let her out of his sight even for a second!" Usagi went bug-eyed. "Who was she Cale?" The Incubus replied. "That my friend was Lady Persephone. Queen of the Underworld."

Usagi was just starting wonder what was keeping Venus, Mercury and Jupiter when she heard cars in the drive. Naruto when they entered the living room looked at all of the gathered senshi and Usagi in awe. His new momma had not lied to him. However, like any true girl crazy boy, Taiki/Star Maker was his favorite. He liked her eyes; they reminded him of the flowers his real mother used to like. When he saw that Iya had the same eyes, he lost his young heart forever. Star Makers eyes went wide with shock, when while gently stroking the baby's face with a fingertip he said. "I am going to marry you someday, count on it." The all-knowing look Pluto gave her, when she stood, told Star Maker that the boy was indeed her daughters intended soul mate. Star Fire was puzzled though as she watched Hikaru place Helen into a bassinet before hooking up the small portable heart and lung monitor.

"What is wrong with her?" Jupiter replied for her mate while wiping away a stray tear. "It is her heart, she is on the transplant list, but if she doesn't get a new heart in the next three or four months. She won't live to see her first birthday." Though Star Fires words were directed to Haruka, her words were meant for all. "Mother, please deliver Queen Serenity my apologies for being unable to attend today's festivities on the moon. I will remain behind with Princess Jupiter's mate and their daughter. Since everyone will be on the moon, if something untoward should happen, I will be the only one here able to get the child to the hospital, before an emergency phone call can even be finished." Though Haruka believed the sincerity in her child's words, she knew the real reason her child wished to remain behind. She had gotten up for a snack around two in the morning and found her son in the living-room staring at the tree. Both excitement for the coming morning and sadness radiating off him in waves even she had been able to feel. He loved Yatens parents so much already, and did not want to be there to see them leave him behind in this world as Jean and Scott had.

Usagi was proud of her stepchild. Gripping the young star senshi's chin gently she said. "Setting aside your desire to be on the moon with us, so that you can stay where you are obviously needed is something only a true senshi would do. I am proud of you. Guard them well and be hopeful. It is a day for miracles after-all." Tranquility ruffled Kana's fur. "Kana, please stay with them as a secondary guard. This way you can inform us of any change in Helen's condition while they take care of the baby." The wolf held himself regally. "It will be an honor my prince." The excitement of her first Christmas on Earth had caused Yaten to forget what Pluto had told her the previous night. That is until she opened a certain package while on the moon. It was a Victorian era wedding gown. The note with it from Harukas' father explained that it had belonged to a great grandmother of his, but now, it was hers.

Despite the opulence of the rest of the palace, the chapel, in spite of the wedding decorations, was a simple and humble room as it should be. So that she could carry both names, Yaten chose to have her name hyphenated to Kou-Tenou. A decision, which pleased everyone. The ballroom itself, where the reception would take place, thanks to the magic of the platinum star crystal looked like a winter wonderland. But before the reception itself took place Usagi/Neo Queen Serenity, had insisted that Princess Jupiter present her son to Cosmos as her heir. There he was presented with a cuff bracelet similar to the one Michael had worn before taking on the duties of a Star Senshi. Cosmos/Queen Serenity was surprised when the bracelet was handed back to her and the boy requested his new mothers first henshin stick. "Why do you wish to become a girl while henshined and not remain a man?" The boy replied. "Momma told me how careful the senshi have to be about their secret. This will further safe-guard the truth until it is safe for our secrets to be known."

Star Maker knelt down to the boys' level. "Are you very sure about this? The change from boy to girl is very painful. In-fact, it feels like you are being ripped apart cell by cell before being put back together. You will get used to it. But still you will feel that pain every time." Naruto nodded his head. "I am sure. My real momma said once that more girls should be allowed to fight in wars and things because only a girl can truly understand what it means to end a life. Even if it is just a youma, senshi are sometimes forced to end a life. I don't think I will ever truly appreciate my new power if I am not a girl while fighting." Cosmos smiled. "So wise, already you have figured out that with a few exceptions why only women are senshi. Now another question. Could you please explain why my daughter, your princess, Princess Jupiter, and even you yourself insisted you be made heir and senshi to the throne of Jupiter, and not your sister?"

The boy held up a finger. "You just got a few facts wrong Cosmos-sama. One of which, your daughter is not my princess, she is my queen. A second point, my momma is not a princess; she is a senshi queen, my adoption saw to that fact. Finally, because of the heavy toll being a senshi could take on the body. My sisters' health, even if she gets a new heart, would preclude her from ever being allowed to be a senshi." When Cosmos made mention of Hotaru and her sometimes precarious health the boy replied. "I may be a kid but I am no idiot. The power of death is a double edged sword. Only a woman who could not have a child or a man would be unaffected by it's side effects."

Makoto/Jupiter stiffened when Cosmos' lips became set and firm even though pride shown in her eyes. Her mother had warned her that since her son was being blessed with the power of their planet instead of being born to it as they had been, that Cosmos would have to say and do things designed to make the boy angry. So that the power could take root in his soul. So angry In-fact that he would possibly attack or at least attempt to physically attack her, and that if they were successful the change should take place before he even reached her. Putting a hand to the younger Jupiter's shoulder Juno whispered. "Remember my daughter, don't take anything said or done personally as it is being done for his and the House of Jupiter's benefit." For nearly fifteen minutes Cosmos grilled the boy before finding the crack in his composure, and when she did she dug in and continued her verbal attack like a rabid pit-bull attacking a bloodied bone. Every moment the verbal attack went on the angrier the boy became. Until finally Cosmos said the one thing guaranteed to make the boy come after her. She had called his new momma the foulest name a woman could be called. She had called Makoto a whore.

This of course had sent the boy into a blind rage. Taking a running jump, he screamed. "You Bitch! I'll teach you to call my momma names!" Just as his strike landed, a bolt of lightning engulfed the child before exploding outwards. When the light dissipated, Cosmos was on her backside, and a young Sailor Jupiter that looked about twelve, maybe thirteen, with calf length blond hair stood over her. Tenderly touching the area near her right eye Cosmos stood. "Congratulations Sailor Jupiter, I think that's actually going to leave a bruise." The young senshi turned on her heal and flounced away. "Good! You deserved it." Cosmos grabbed the young senshi's pony-tail before she could even move a foot away. "I am not done yet kid so stay put!" She then moved to stand before Makoto/Jupiter, placing a circlet of gold oak leaves upon her head.

"Senshi Jupiter, I will not apologize for anything that I said and did. As it was done for the benefit of your Royal House." Stepping back, she raised the Platinum Star Crystal allowing its glow to engulf her hand. "Now, it is time for you to awaken to your final and true form, Daughter of Zeus." As with her son Makoto was hit by a bolt of lightning that seemed to come from nowhere, when its light dissipated, she was a true eternal like Usagi and the others. Her senshi dress a deep sage green, while her wings were a blinding white. Her elbow length gloves had also been replaced by gold gauntlets, which crackled with power when she flexed her wrists just so. Smirking she said. "Divine Lightning Barrage, indeed. Send me your strongest youma Negaverse; I have a surprise for you." Haruka smacked her upside the head. "You dimwit, don't say shit like that. Last time someone said something like that, we found ourselves tit deep in shit with Galaxia." Makoto/Jupiter laughed, "Let me guess, you got bored and wished for an attack just to have something extra to do." Haruka did not dignify the words with a response. Cosmos chuckled. "Neo Princess Yaten, I do believe it is time for you and your father to lead the first dance of the evening."

The reception had been well under way for over four hours when Kana ran into the ballroom with the intention of bringing his master and Princess Jupiter some urgent news about Helen. Even running, the wolf had a dignified air about him. His dignified air slipped to below ground level though when he went into a slide on the highly polished floor. A slide which only stopped, when he slammed into Cosmos and her lover, knocking them both on their bums. Helping Cosmos to her feet after getting to her own, Miranda/Uranus growled. "There had better be a good reason for this Kana." A major hush had fallen over the crowd causing his words to be heard by all. "I bring news of Princess Helen. A Heart has been found. She will be going in to surgery soon. The heart came from a baby killed in a drive by shooting in Los Angeles. So the heart would reach her in time Star Fire teleported to UCLA's heart center to retrieve it. Mistress Pluto, pretending to be her own mother having come out of retirement, will be performing the surgery. Princess Makoto and Prince Naruto must come home now." He then turned his gaze toward Star Maker and Ami. "Since the two of you plan to enter medical school next fall she is requesting your presence as well in an observatory capacity." When Usagi and her entire court ran from the ballroom, Cosmos leveled her gaze on the eldest Jupiter. She was angry at her senshi for staying behind. "Queen Juno! Whatare you still doing here? Your family obviously needs you. Now leave, before I truly get pissed!" With a cheeky grin and salute, Juno said. "Gone now," before running out of the room herself.

The need to use the facilities woke Makoto around two in the morning. When she returned from the restroom she let her gaze drift slowly around the massive waiting room. Still unable to believe her good fortune. Sure being a senshi had its downside, but still because of it, she had gone from being a loner with noone to call her own. To being someone that had a massive group of friends she counted as family in her heart. A family that had taken time out of their holiday and nuptual celebration to be there for her while she, her mate and their son waited on word about a life saving surgery for her daughter. Her green gaze first came to rest on a sleeping Seiya.

Who despite her brash attitude was really a very caring person. Even deep asleep the starlight held Yaten snuggly in her lap. Yaten having cried herself into a fitfull sleep when her parents were once again taken from her just under two hours ago. To offer whatever comfort they could, Haruka had laid on the sofa placing her head in Yatens lap, while Usagi had situated herself on the floor before wrapping an arm around Yatens waist. Michael too had crowded close as well to provide whatever comfort he could. She liked how life with Usagi was changing the wind senshi. Before Haruka had always seemed to her like a magnificent bird that had been caged, unallowed to fly. Now, she acted as if she had been set free of her bonds, and allowed to be the real her. Which was a fun loving person who just happened to be sneaky as hell. Like when she had bought the abanded property next to Molly's store and having the condemned building demolished. Before having a privacy fence erected and having a small shrine built, so Molly could continue practicing her new skill with fire reading. Of-course Molly hadn't been allowed to know what was going on next door until she and Nephrite married on Thanksgiving. Boy had that been one hell of a wedding present. Her gaze then fell on Chad and Minako sleeping on another sofa. In June there would be another wedding for the senshi. Minako and Chad had finally set a date. And as fate or luck would have it. The wedding would be occurring on June 15th, Grandpa Hino's seventy fifth birthday.

Her gaze then fell on Hikaru, the woman of her dreams. Her best friend and life mate as some would call what they had. She could still recall the day they had met. It had been a couple days after Usagi had tried to kill herself because of all of them. Since she had always looked a good deal older than what she was. Makoto had gone into a bar intending to drink herself into a state of forgetfullness. Which hadn't worked since no matter how much Jack and coke she had consumed, she still remembered. That had been Zeus' punishment. He'd known his avatar liked to drink on occasion. So he had cast a spell that would prevent her from getting drunk enough to forget. It was luck that Hikaru had walked in intending to meet a friend for an after work drink. She had taken one look at the inebriated girl and had known she should not even be there. That she was younger than she claimed. Thankfully, her apartment was only a few blocks from the bar, when Hikaru had half drug, half carried her home. Of course, until she had had that talk with Haruka, Hikaru had not known why Makoto had been trying to spank herself stupid by getting drunk. She had just kept coming to see the girl everyday, until their friendship had developed into what they now have.

Next, her gaze came to rest on Michiru who was quietly reading a book on child rearing. The water senshi was going to be a good mother to the child she carried. A strict mother yes, but a fair one. Makoto prayed little Michelle would like playing the violin as much as her mother. It would break Michi's heart if she did not. Finally, her gaze came to rest on a sleeping Hotaru and a certain Inu-Hanyou. And truthfully she was glad that Inuyasha was sleeping as well. Because the Hanyou for some reason takes a perverted pleasure in igniting Haruka's temper. Which is not good when trying to win over a future in law. When Makoto sat down she took the book from Michi and tossed it on the table. "Never read child rearing books written by someone that does not have kids. They don't know what the hell they are talking about. No matter how many degrees on the subject they have."

Chuckling quietly Michi picked up the book and folded back the dust jacket to show what she had really been reading. The thunder senshi groaned. "Michi, I thought you were one of those type of people that would never be caught dead reading one of those trashy romance novels like Minako does." Michi seemed to giggle and pout at the same time while gesturing to a pile of magazines on her left. "Normally I wouldn't. But I ran out of magazines." Needing to stretch her legs, Michi stood and offered to go get Makoto a cup of that garbage that passes for coffee in the hospitals vending machine just down the hall. Very few normal everyday type of things woke the wind senshi from a sound sleep. However, the word coffee was the one word guaranteed to. Eyes snapping open even as she hopped up from the sofa she said. "I'll go get it, besides, I have to take a piss anyway." Michi went as well, just to make sure Haruka didn't get the real stuff, just decaffeinated. They didn't have to bother with the vending machine though as a elderly nurses aid had just then wheeled in a cart. On the cart was a massive crock-pot filled with what smelled like Oyster stew, a large tray of various types of sandwiches, a very large carafe of coffee and a smaller one with cream, as well as several cups, bowls and utensils.

After waking the rest of the occupants of the room she started handing out coffee to those that wanted it saying. "Doc Susan told me about you guys and the wee one. She asked me to go home and bring back some real coffee and something for you to eat, as she figured you'd be hungry bout now." After handing Haruka a cup of the coffee before going back to her regular duties she said. "She also said to tell all of you guys not to give Miss Haruka any lip about the coffee. That she deserves the treat of the good stuff." Pausing at the door frame she lowered her voice to a whisper. "Senshi, as long as you have faith in the skills of Sailor Pluto, the child will survive." Then she was gone, leaving them to wonder how the hell she knew their secrets.

Despite the coffee and stew she had consumed, it could not have been more then thirty minutes later, that Yaten fell asleep again, still in Seiyas lap. Makoto chuckled. "Seiya take her home and put her to bed, we will be all right here." The warrior of the stars shook her head. "No way in hell am I going to deliberately risk pissing her off and being banished to the sofa. Once was enough!" Minako laughed and perfectly imitated the sound of a whip being cracked. "You are whipped Star Fighter." The stars warrior grinned un-repentantly saying, "And damn proud of it too!" Stratos laughed at his daughters unrepentant grin. Only Juno continued to brood while light-hearted talk flowed around her. Brooding so much in fact on a particular subject, that when Setsuna showed herself some two hours later, looking about sixty in normal human years, Junos' mouth was open before anyone else could speak. "Pluto! Just what the hell were you thinking, trusting a normal human with our secrets!"

As always a mysterious smile graced the womans lips. "Ah it seems that Trista has mastered her illusionary magic better than even I hoped. You were not even able to tell she was one of us." Though she still didn't have all her memories like Usagi did. Makoto was still a little dumfounded seeing her mother go speechless. As that had never happened before. But that was not her concern at the moment. "Pluto?" Letting her true form show for a moment times guardian replied. "Helen will have to be on anti-rejection meds the rest of her life. However, if she continues doing as good as she is now, she will get to go home in two weeks." The relief from the stress and worry about her new daughters health caused Makoto to do something she had never done before, she fainted. When she opened her eyes again her head was in Harukas lap and her new son was staring her in the eye. "Mom you are such a girl." Patting Haruka's belly as she sat up Makoto said. "Amara do us all a favor. Don't let my boy or any boy near us girls until they can show proper respect." Haruka laughed when Amara kicked hard. "I'll be damned, I think she understood you."

"It is still hard to believe Amara will be eighteen in a couple days. So much has happened in our lives. Seiya and the others finally retired from the world of pop idols as a group six years ago, having had enough of touring. The retiring being mostly Taiki's idea because she was sick of trying to balance it with her duties as a surgeon. Yaten retired from it as well so she could devote her time to her second passion of photography. Seiya though surprised us all by becoming a therapist that councils children who have been abused by their parents. The kids she works with adore her too. Moreover, not just, because she is helping them deal with their problems, they trust her because they know an edited version of her troubles with her own mother. Usagi continues as a freelance artist for Mr. Motto. It took a long time to convince her that money wise, remaining a freelance artist would be more profitable. Michael, though he visits often enough to keep us all happy, especially me, finally moved to Kinmoku on a permanent basis three years ago. Do not even get me started on the rest of the next generations' accomplishments, as we are very proud of them all. As a group our first true bit of sadness came when Hotaru passed away fifteen years ago about four hours after her daughters Callisto and Serena were born. The little shit. She somehow managed to take the essence of Mistress 9 with her after all. Mistress 9's essence isn't present in either Serena or Callisto."

"Though he is not their birth-father, as Hotaru had gone to a fertility clinic, Inuyasha has been a good father for the girls. Despite the fact on a daily basis, he still has me wanting to knock the piss out of him. However, enough about my pain in the ass son-in-law, I was talking about the kids. Out of all of them, Amara is the one who worries me most. She is so much like me it is scary. However, what worries me is how distant and shut off from everybody she has become. I do not know why, but I think it may have something to do with Michelle, because she has not been much better. Both of them always angry, always arguing. Even Taiki and Usagi is ready to nail both their butts to the floor and find out what's wrong with them." Haruka stopped typing onto her laptop and the others stopped what they were doing when they felt the younger wind senshi's energy signal flare strongly before vanishing headed up the group of people that ran up the stairs. What they found in Amara's room brought Usagi to tears. Amara's long locks had been shorn off and lay on the floor in a pile, all her possessions were gone and a note lay on her dresser. With a shaking hand and voice, Haruka lifted it and read aloud her daughters thoughts.

I am truly sorry it has to be this way but I just cannot take it anymore.

I cannot take the fact the woman I love left me for another, a man at that.

I cannot take the fact in all the time we were secretly together I was just a diversion until she got whom she truly wanted all this time. I know this is fact, because the words came from her lips. I do not blame him, as he never knew about us either. I love all of you dearly. Nevertheless, I just cannot remain here seeing her everyday in his arms and not mine. So I am going to Uranus, maybe there I will find some peace. Tell Serena, as with the first moon princess, I will be back on her eighteenth birthday to take her to her throne. I am sorry to be leaving in such a cowardly fashion, but it is all I have the strength of heart for.

All my love Amara.


Darien Chiba, I love you like a brother, please invest in some heavy duty condoms. Your woman does not know the meaning of the word faithful.

As for you Michelle Kaiou-Meiou, I dearly hope you burn in hell.

Haruka threw the note on the floor and stormed out of the room. "I am going to the track; you will see me when you see me." Michiru ran after her cousin. "Haruka Matte!" Hand on the doorknob Haruka turned. "I am sorry Michi, but if I don't calm down before she gets home from her date with him. I'll kill her." It seemed only seconds apart that the mansions front door slammed shut and Haruka was peeling out of the driveway. When the younger Neptune returned home, just before her curfew of ten that evening, she found the elder members of her family, including Haruka, sitting in the mansions living room. Equal measures of anger and sadness on their faces. As well as a bunch of boxes with her own name on them. Temporarily ignoring the boxes, she said. "You all look terrible. What happened?" Michiru thrust Amara's note against her daughter's chest so hard the girl almost toppled over. As the younger Neptarian read the note, the blood drained from her face making her look chalk white.

Taking advantage of the girls shock Michiru reached out and yanked off the engagement ring her daughter had been wearing for the last two weeks. Tossing it into the fireplace. "You will not be getting married anytime soon young lady. Starting right this second, you have a more important duty to worry about. You have a kingdom you need to learn to run, and mother is going to help you do that. Know that this is my decision and no one else's. Even Haruka argued against it. You are to leave for Neptune now, and are not permitted to return until it is time to claim Serena on her birthday. Furthermore, until you can apologize to Amara for the way you treated her, and truly mean it, you are banned from ever stepping foot on the Earth or Uranus, unless it truly pertains to your duties as a ruler." When the girl tried to tearfully argue with her mother Michiru snapped. "That is enough Princess Michelle! This decision was made not from a mother's view but from a queens."

"And as such I expect my orders to be obeyed! Now either keep your dignity by teleporting you and your things there yourself. Or you can be dragged there kicking and screaming through a dimensional gate by Cale and Lorelei, for all your people to see." When the girl opened her mouth without pulling out her henshin rod, it was all the signal Cale and Lorelei needed. While using their own personal magic to open a portal, each of them grabbed an arm before pulling her through and into the meeting room of Castle Triton, in front of a massive group of people. Then, while the demons continued to restrain the girl, the Earths contingent of senshi brought box after box of the girls things through the gate. Michi herself brought the final box through. Setting it in front of her daughter she said. "Maybe I was too strict with you. Maybe I wasn't strict enough. But still somehow I failed as a parent. Because you turned out to be the biggest spoilt brat and snob I ever heard tell of." Michiru started to walk away but turned back after taking only a couple steps. "A final warning for you Princess Michelle. Mother herself will not be the one continuing your training in different fighting techniques. Lord Hades will be doing so. He does not play favorites with anyone in a sparring match, not even with his own wife. So if you want to survive it, if he says jump. You had damn well better ask how high. And that my dear, was Harukas' idea." When the warp hole closed behind her fellow eternal, Usagi could clearly see the anguish in Michi's eyes. "You did what you had to do Michi-chan. We all did. It was a case of having to be cruel to be kind. So no sadness, only smiles. Things will work out, I promise. We have much to prepare for now. The Moon Kingdoms reveal is less than four years away. We must be ready."