Kraftwerk Orange To Hit Europe In New Year

Electro Quartet Announces Tour Dates Following Release Of New Album

By H.R. McClarin November 21, 2004

Things are moving fast for London-based electro band Kraftwerk Orange. Having only been signed to Pie Face Records late this past June, the group were quickly ushered into the studio to record their first album. The self-titled Kraftwerk Orange was released last month to generally positive reviews, but it was the single Electro Boy/Electro Girl which really struck a chord with audiences. Reaching #5 on the mainstream charts, the track has been the major selling point for the band due to frontman Vince Noir's literal portrayal of the subject matter on stage. Noir dons the hair and makeup of both male and female (split right down the middle) and the end result is strangely appealing.

"People like to feel confused about whether they fancy me or not," says Noir. "They think, 'Is that a man or a woman up there?' they genuinely can't tell! After a while they just stop caring and listen to the music." In addition to the gender-bending Noir, the band comprises of keyboardist Leroy, keytarist Neon, and drum player Ultra. Both Neon and Ultra have been with the band from the beginning, while Noir and Leroy were last minute substitutions.

"Our frontman had left us after about a year, and we picked up Vince as his replacement when we were visiting the zoo one day," says Ultra. "Vince began arguing with our then keyboardist Johnny Two Hats, and after they had a fight Johnny left."

"We just couldn't catch a break!" adds Neon. "Vince got a very last minute stand-in for Johnny about three hours before our gig."

This stand-in was Leroy, a friend of Noir's. "He's been one of my best mates for a long time, and he really pulled through for me that day. That's not something you can say about everyone," Noir says.

"I had nothing else on that night," says Leroy.

After playing a handful of UK gigs in December, the band will begin their small tour of Europe hitting such major cities as Paris, Rome, and Berlin. Dates are spread across both January and February. For ticket prices and more information visit the band's website at kraftwerkorange. co .uk. The album Kraftwerk Orange is available now through Pie Face Records.