Homecoming and Prank Wars

Chapter 32

"I'm surprised," Kidoumaru flicked a crumb off of the table, "This hasn't happened before now. There have to be a lot of people with grudges against us."

Sakon picked up a french fry and looked at it in boredom, "We weren't ever in any danger, the guy had no skill, any Genin could have taken him."

The Oto-Nins were all sitting around a pair of tables at the Super Burger for their weekly lunch together.

"Genin took all of us." Jirobou reminded.

"Hmph! I don't think Puppet-Boy or #! Blondie were Genin!" Tayuya snarled, "What he's saying is that anyone can be dangerous, if they get lucky enough."

Kimimaro said, "Who would have ever imagined that a boy with no Chakra abilities at all could survive a fight with me?"

"Man, I wish I'd lived long enough to see that fight!" Kidoumaru grinned, "That's a once in a lifetime fight!"

"You're on your second life now, dumb-#!" Ukon laughed.

"We all are." Dosu sighed, "I missed all of it. I died first, remember?"

"Don't feel too bad about that, I fought Gaara-Sama too, he's . . . He's a force of nature . . ." Everyone turned and looked at Kimimaro.

"Since when are you nice?" Ukon shook his head, "I never thought I'd see it, we've all gone soft!"

"Speak for yourself, #!-Face!" Tayuya threw a cup of soda at him.

"You're just as bad! You're fawning all over Shikamaru like some kind of . . . Love-struck girl!"

"What the #! Did you just call me?!"

Jirobou growled, "Shut up Tayuya, before you get banned from here, too!"

"I take it back, We haven't all gone soft." Ukon said, "I think Jirobou's actually grown a pair . . ."


Eiji smiled and mussed Zaku's hair, "Sorry you couldn't come along, maybe we can do something together today."

Zaku yawned, "I understand."

"I was looking at some maps, and I found something that might interest you." He pulled a map from his pocket, "About seventeen miles from this village is an abandoned quarry, they got whatever they were digging for, I guess, but it's still full of rocks. Might find something interesting."

Zaku's eyes lit up, "You want to take me rock hunting?"

Eiji nodded, "I figured if rocks interest you, hey, it's better than killing people, right?" He laughed, "Do you want to invite Kin?"

Zaku shook his head, "Naw, I need some time away."

Eiji laughed, "I bet she would appreciate your being away too!"


As they walked to the village gates, Eiji turned to Zaku, "I was wondering, you . . . Hate bugs, and I don't blame you, but you have a dragonfly as a summon . . ."

Zaku nodded, "Dragonflies are nothing like the bugs he uses, a bunch of tiny roaches . . ." He shuddered, "Anyway, I don't mind stuff like dragonflies, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, just ones that look like Kikai, like roaches and beetles."

Eiji paused thoughtfully, then grinned, "Have you ever thought of a career as an exterminator? Shino would hate that!"

Zaku laughed, "I could be a geologist and an exterminator, I could kill bugs with rocks!"

Miles away, in Konohagakure, Aburame Shino felt a sudden chill . . .

To be continued . . .