He didn't have a game plan.

He wanted answers though. Did his mom really give him up? Did he How much of his life before bionics was a lie?

There was only one person who could say they knew exactly what happened. Uncle Douglas understood this. So did Marcus. The three traveled carefully across the country in smelly buses, the worst train cars with the latest security ever, and the occasional taxi.

The three swallowed their prides, sleeping on the streets among the experienced homeless, going to soup kitchen and even sleeping in shifts as they made their way from California, to the home of Leo's biological father.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?"

"No," Leo answered honestly as he knocked on the lovely Tampa Bay home. He heard a shuffle inside from someone when the door opened. A young LatiƱa opened the door with an obviously pregnant belly.

"Can I help you?" She asked warily looking over the dirty trio standing outside her door.

"Yes, is um... Is Joseph Donovan here?" Leo asked in a disecptively calm voice.

"Joseph?" She called into the house, "Someone is here to see you."

Leo felt Marcus grasp his shoulder in a comforting manner as steady footfalls approached the door.

The man stood next to his wife, standing six foot three inches, well developed muscles, and thick dreadlocks pulled into a ponytail. In a pair of black slacks and an undershirt, he crossed his arms and let his eyes roam over the dirty trio in disgust and disinterest.

"I got this babe. Head back to the kitchen, I've got this."

The pregnant woman walked back inside while the man silently challenged them.


"We have a few questions. And you're going to answer them dad."

The man narrowed his gaze.

He stepped outside and closed the door. Hatred and fury remained on the elder man's face.

"First off, I have questions of my own. How did you fuck up living with Krane? Are you that stupid?"

"Krane's gone. Feds took him. Now answer my-"

"Fuck! What the hell am I supposed to do with this bitches brats?" he cursed. Leo held his face steady as he grabbed his biological father's shirt and dragged him down to eye level.

"You need to answer my questions. I'm not leaving without them."

Never would the Lab Rats, nor Eddy, ever admit that Natasha was absolutely terrifying. Sure normally her temper was laughable at best given Mr. Donald Davenport really ran the house with his electronic prowess.

They didn't really consider Natasha had an equally terrifying ability. Communication. Her ability to relay factual information without outing anything serious while also rallying a large group of people behind her was horrifying.

They'd never have believed this possible had they not lost Leo in the microwave malfunction. Yet, here they were.

"I can't believe this. This is the worst thing ever," Eddy grumbled from his youthful new body, "How do any of you survive with this nasty thing?" He gestured to his entire now physical being.

"You learn to live with it," Adam answered honestly.

"Well I hate it. I want to go back to the circuit board."

"We don't want you here here either Eddy," Bree hissed, "So why haven't you gone away?"

"Hello? I can't. This body is bugged. And I don't want to be taking bugs back with me."

"What kind of bugs?"

"Oh no shorty! You stay away from me! Only Mr. Davenport can work with my sophisticated program."

"Eddy, I wouldn't touch your program if my life depended on it."

"You would be so honored-"

"Enough!" Bree screeched, "What bugs?"

"I keep getting a map popping up in my head with coordinates."

"Coordinates? You sure?"

"Look shrimpy, a map and numbers? Of course it would be coordinates."

"I'm completely losses," Adam interrupted.

"Leo said that the body Eddy is in was meant for their android. Maybe the coordinates are where Leo is!"

"I'll tell Big D," Bree said before darting off with her enhanced speed.

"Me and my big mouth."

"You know, the sooner we find them, the sooner we can get you out of that body right?" Chase smugly stated.

"What are we waiting for. To Florida!"

A coffee shop may not have been the best place to interrogate his dad, but Leo wasn't too worried. If his dad tried to cause a scene, Leo held the ultimate trump card. It would be hard to explain to the police how his long since dead son was not only alive, but had been sold off to a now confirmed mad man.

Douglas took advantage and ordered a muffin and smoothie for Leo while he enjoyed a hot coffee, using Leo's father's money to foot the tab. Marcus and Douglas remained ready to defend Leo if things got out of hand, but let Leo ask his questions.

"So, you won custody. And you faked my death and sold me to Krane. But mom didn't know."

"That's right," he replied in a quiet but fully in control voice, "That bitch was fighting like a hellcat for you. But you were mine."

"And you sold me."

"Like I wanted to pay for you. I didn't need some nag or baby in my life."

"I wasn't a baby when you got rid of me."

"So long as you were mooching off of me, you might as well have been a baby."

"Why didn't you let mom take me?"

"Why should she have? You were my flesh and blood."

"I was hers too."

"Please. You didn't have her name. You had mine. You were my property from the day you left your mother's womb."

His eyes held a challenge. Daring anyone at the table to defy him.

"What are you going to do with your new kids?" Leo asked, changing the subject.

"Don't know. This lady stays at home and cleans, so she can take care of the upcoming brats."

"You're going to leave her aren't you?" Leo asked, feeling as though he already knew the answer.

"So long as she doesn't give me any problems, I won't."

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