Leo gave no indication of his emotion, something Douglas was all to familiar with. He would be emotional later once it was safer to act. For now, intimidation was his best weapon. Well, without making a scene anyway.

"How many women have you been with? How many have had children?"

"Like I keep track of that. I know I'm set for life," he commented in the most casual way possible.

"I can imagine," Leo commented. "Children go for quite a bit on the black market. And if my memory serves correctly, mom divorced you for getting another woman pregnant. You never could control your libido."

"The bitches want what they want."

Leo's fist clenched under the table. He then relaxed.

"So you have women and money. Well, now you have a problem."

"Oh?" Leo's father asked cockily.

"You see, my mother remarried. She remarried a narcissistic but brilliant man, sorry Uncle Douglas. He happens to work in world protection. And you know what he did?"


"You know I set up a perfectly easy puzzle for you but I guess I'll spell it out. He was the one who found and captured Krane. And you know what, he found every kid he ever got and experimented on. Even me. And since he's now married to my mom, can you imagine he'd keep a discovery like that a secret?"

Leo watched as rage pooled in his eyes. It wasn't as scary as when he was a kid, he had seen worse than an angry man in a coffee shop. Even if he was to strike him, he would be the one at fault. He counted at least two larger "family" men in the diner who looked like they would jump in if they saw a man attacking a kid. Even if they didn't Marcus could strike back.

"Face it, this was just a curious curtesy. I don't doubt mom is using every connection she may have, or that her husband has, to get to you for, I'm going to say, charges in human trafficking. Even if you try to run, you won't have such a simple and well paid life anymore."

"How do you like that? Blood turning on your own," the man scoffed.

"Blood means nothing. Even if it did, you stabbed first. I just returned the favor. You should really finish your coffee. Can we go now Uncle Douglas?"

"Sure. I'd like to get an actual meal. Not this hipster stuff."

Marcus followed silently, leaving Leo's biological father to stew in the knowledge Leo had left him. Once they had left the coffee shop, Leo looked at Marcus.

"You live streamed the conversation to his current girlfriend?"


"Got his money on ice?"


"Sent out the coordinates to the Davenports?" Leo finished with his android brother.

"They'll be here in five."

"We should make ourselves scarce then. Ever want to travel the world Uncle?"

"You know, I did always want to see European catacombs."

"Well, we've got all the time in the world, and your brother and Krane footing the bill."

"So you did hack into Krane's bank."

Leo shrugged his shoulders.

"It gave Marcus and I something to do on the ride over."

"Boys, you two are going to drive me up a wall."

"Maybe that's the plan," Marcus threw in.

The trio walked off into the crowd just before three powered teens and a snarky robotic boy arrived at the same coffee shop the three had just been in to see a man raging at a barista that his card should have been fine to pay for his damn coffee. He was stopped mid punch by Bree who was a little disturbed at the casual violence. Chase sent out a call to the local police, identifying the incident as a local matter and not something bionics were truly needed for as Adam held him down.

The man was arrested for the attempted assault, and later brought to trial on counts of human trafficking, and insurance fraud.

The Davenports continued to search for Leo Dooley, listed once as dead, now as a runaway. Various other bionic children joined the search, some never came back.

Leo, Marcus and Douglas on the other hand, watched as their little misfit family grew from the bionic children who wanted freedom and not military conformity that was practically guaranteed from their upbringing.

But there was something the growing family did. No matter where they went, they'd stop to pose for a postcard. By the time it made it to the Davenport residence, they would be long gone from the sending location. But the postcard at least showed smiles. Smiles from everyone.

I know, I had no idea what to do with this, so I figured, this might at least bring some closure. Hope this story served you all well.