Leo opened his eyes in a dark room. Had his mind not been enhanced, and recalled where he was, he would have had a panic attack. He groaned inwardly though. His body had set a clock for his birthday. It would wake him at midnight to avoid being bombarded by Marcus and Douglas at some ungodly hour. He was fifteen years old. As of now. And he was sitting alone in silence. It was unnatural after living with them for so long.

He groaned as he sat up from the bed.

"Aw, look who's up early?" An incredibly naselly and sarcastic voice quipped. Leo's eyes traced the room, focusing, he could perceive speakers in the wall and ceiling. A certain set of wires popped out at him. An AI. Leo didn't say anything for a moment. Condescending, cruel, and a bit of an attitude. Given that he was in "Donald's" house, he could assume that this was his creation. He was liking Donald a lot less.

"Yes, I am. And I would say the same for you except, you haven't graced me with your presence you remarkable piece of tech," Leo complemented. He inwardly hoped he wasn't showing any sarcasm. This type of tech always seemed to be able to understand the implications of sarcasm. Thankfully, the program seemed amused if not pleased with Leo's flattery. A small screen lit up, revealing a rather simple design for his face.

"You aren't to bad shrimpy. Name's Eddy. I heard you were dragged here by the twerps?"

Leo assumed he meant Adam, Bree and Chase.

"Unfortunately. It was just plain rude to go barging into someone's home like that. How would they like it if I did that to them?"

"Wanna find out?" The program egged on. Leo raised a brow curiously.

"Find out how?"

"I control everything in this place-"

Leo liked the sound of that.

"-and it's always a laugh to scare the twerps."

Another bonus. But he would be caught. And he didn't want that. He wanted to escape with Uncle Douglas and Marcus. Marcus... Wait a minute.

"You really want to scare them?"

"Of course. A little slow on the uptake aren't you?"

Leo ignored that comment for the sake of his new plan.

"You know... I could make it so you could scare them. I could make it so you could walk around like they can."

"Go on," Eddy said sounding intrigued.

"I built Marcus. He has a few extra bodies lying around. Unused! I swear," he added to not offend the potentially sensitive and cynical program, "That you can have. I'll give you the code... If you let me, my Uncle and my brother go."

"And what do I get out of this?"

Wow. What a greedy little shit of a program. Leo had to be frank with himself. It was amusing.

"A body, freak outs, chaos," Leo began trying to think of what this program would want, "The kids out of the house-"

"They'll be out?"

"Uh. Probably. They'd be searching for us so-"

"Alright kid! You talked me into it!"

There was a click at the door. Leo cautiously walked over and lightly pushed it. The door opened with no issue. He stepped outside and saw Eddy on another screen.

"Well? What's the code?"

"First Douglas and Marcus."

The program groaned, unlocking both the doors. Leo rushed into Marcus's room first. A surprised half charged andriod gave a terse grin. Putting a finger to his lips, he followed Leo out of his cell and into Douglas's room. He was trapped in a fitful slumber. Looking around the room, this one looked a lot more like a cell than his room. Bed. Toilet, obviously short term quarters. Leo didn't like the implications. He quietly walked over to Douglas and nudged his shoulder, stirring him from his restless slumber. Tired eyes opened in a bleary foggy gaze. It took a moment for him to realize where he was and who he was with.

He slipped out of the covers quietly. Leo showed his ing finger before he could say anything. Douglas smiled and followed Leo out of his cell. Leo smiled as he saw his temporarily separated family reunited.

"Alright Eddy. The code is Marc-x-314289."

Marcus glared at Leo. Leo placed a lone finger over Marucs's mouth. Still glaring, he remained silent. The floor panels lit up slightly to show the three to their exit. They stepped into the elevator and headed upward. They didn't have long. Technically, the family could be woken up at any time. Even Leo's somewhat siblings. The door opened into a lush living room with kitchen attachment. The room lit by a yellowish moon risen high surrounded by beautiful glittery stars. A perfect night to travel.

Marcus glided across the room effortlessly. Searching for any triggers of traps. Leo may have been able to search, but he wasn't sure how many would be protected from bionic eyes and ears. Though Marcus was an android. He didn't have the same limitations as a bionic person did with his lack of human organs and structure. Mainly, the eyes doubting themselves. Robots didn't usually doubt. If there wasn't a program for it. And being no fleshy muscles to endow, the electronics were much more complex, and more pliable to enhance. He ushered Douglas and Leo toward the door. They followed quietly, soft pattering across the floor. Once they were at the door Marcus opened it.

"Donald?!" A woman screeched. Dark smooth skin and soft dark brown hair. Her eyes widened in surprise. Brown eyes wide in shock. Marcus shut the door and quickly locked it with a click. Locking eyes with one another they darted to the window. Opening the window they jumped hearing a loud alarm. The window slammed shut, lasers blocking the exit. It didn't take long for Donald and the bionic three to appear. Douglas stood between Leo and his brother, while Marcus stood between Leo and Donald's bionic children. A rap of knocking interrupted the little stand off that hadn't even started.

"Wonder who that could be," Adam said walking over to the door.

"Adam no!" Donald yelled. It was too late. Adam unlocked the door and the angry woman stepped inside.

"I come home late. And you have strangers in the house," she growled.

"Tasha. I thought you weren't going to be back till morning," Donald squeaked. The now dubbed Tasha glared at Donald.

"Stacy took over around midnight. So I decided to come home and go to bed. And you have who exactly in our house?" she questioned. Leo hunched over, hiding more behind his family from the woman. His hands grabbed the backs of both Douglas and Marcus's shirt. They stiffened a little but didn't say anything about his behavior. Instead, they took a step back nearly smothering him into the wall. Douglas stared at her for a moment, his eyes darted back to Leo and to her.

"Wait, there were three of you," she stated. Marcus was glad he wasn't human, otherwise he was sure he would have wet himself. She didn't have anything beyond a normal biological human physic. But there was something dangerous about her. She stomped toward them, standing taller than both Marcus and Douglas, she spied the small dark skinned boy beyond them. Pushing Douglas aside (because Marcus was impossible to move) she saw two scared pools of hot chocolate.

She froze. Her hands fell onto his shoulders. Her eyes staring at his face. Tears pooled in her eyes. Her left hand left his shoulder and cupped his cheek. Her lower lip wobbled slightly.

"Leo?" she choked out. Leo opened his mouth. Going slack jawed, he saw a plastic bead necklace under her jacket. A tacky party necklace you could find at any store. But parts were chipped and faded. It was nothing special. But her face, eyes, and necklace...

"Mom?" he squeaked. He was enveloped in her arms. Her left arm wrapped around his neck and her right around his waist. His fingers slipped from both Marcus and Douglas's shirts. He stared ahead hearing her cry, his body going numb. He didn't understand. Didn't she given him up?

He vaguely noticed Adam restraining a surprised Marcus while Bree restrained a conflicted Douglas. But it didn't seem to matter. Not with his once mother acting like a mom should act.

Tasha has arrived! Next chapter should be interesting.