We went out to preform after the Grim Knights. Sean talked to the crowd about me and I finally knew and felt as if he cared for me. We went out and danced our hearts out, but had a blast. Even though I was mad at Sean for trying to do the move when we went against The Mob, I had different thoughts toward Sean and I told him that we could do it. I then trusted Sean with my life. Sean hoists me up agive his head and counts to three then throws me up. Once I am high enough, I preform the move, and flip. I come down and Sean caught me in his arms. The crowd broke out into cheers, but I block it all out and saw only Sean. My adrenaline and emotions came all at once and I tilt Sean's hat and kiss him.

Andie's P.O.V.:

Once we were announced and awarded the winner of The Vortex, both The Mob and LMNTRIX went back to the LMNTRIX hotel room and broke out the fancy champaine. After I drink a glass I join Sean on the couch and sit in his lap. Moose and Camille are sitting off to the side giving each other eyes, but I'm occupied and kiss Sean again. We were in our own world until Kido says, "Andie, told you, you like him." Then she laughed. "She told you?," questioned Sean. "Shut up," I say and I kiss him again.