Ash Ketchum's Rise to Excellence

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Chapter 2: Meeting New Friends

Ash and Leaf had been walking on Route 1 for a hour and a half and to their surprise and in Ash's case: irritation, they had not come across a single Pokemon. The only Pokemon that had been in their field of view was Pikachu, enjoying his place on Ash's shoulder and technically, the Pokemon egg that Ash was caring. The two found a nice little area which had a tree, giving them some nice shade, so they decided to take a small break. Ash brought out Charmander while Leaf brought out Bulbasaur and Budew. While they were relaxing, Ash decided to scan his two Pokemon. He first scanned his starter.

"Charmander, the lizard Pokemon. The flame on its tail indicates Charmander's life force. If it is healthy, the flame burns brightly. This Charmander is male and has the ability Blaze: When a Pokémon with Blaze uses a Fire-type move, the power will increase by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum health remaining.

Moves known: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen and Metal Claw.

Ash whistled. He was impressed that this Charmander, who according to Prof. Oak had only recently hatched from it's Pokemon egg. He guessed that Metal Claw was an egg move, but it was still a welcomed sight to see.

"Your Charmander knows Metal Claw? Impressive." Leaf said.

"I know. That will come in handy when we get to Pewter City since I read the gym leader there specializes in rock type Pokemon." Ash said. He then scanned Pikachu.

"Pikachu, the mouse Pokemon and the evolved form of Pichu. It has small electric sacs on both its cheeks. If threatened, it looses electric charges from the sacs. This Pikachu is male and has the ability Static: When a Pokémon with this ability is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the attacking Pokémon will become paralyzed.

Moves known: Thundershock, Quick Attack, Agility, Double Team and Thunderbolt.

Ash once again was quite impressed at what his Pokedex had said. "Wow! You know five moves and Thunderbolt already? You must be pretty strong, Pikachu." Ash complimented the electric type.

'Pika-Pikachu.' Pikachu flexed his muscles.

"What a cute little show-off." Leaf said as she started to rub the top of Pikachu's head. Said Pokemon cooed at the brunette's touch. Leaf pulled out her Pokedex and scanned her two Pokemon.

Bulbasaur, the seed Pokemon. For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back. This Bulbasaur is male and has the ability Overgrow: When a Pokémon with Overgrow uses a Grass-type move, the power will increase by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum HP remaining.

Moves known: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip and Petal Dance.

"Nice move set on Bulbasaur, especially knowing Petal Dance." Leaf commented.

"You know, with a move set like that, Bulbasaur will be be extremely helpful against Pewter, Cerulean and Vermillion Gyms." Ash pointed out.

"You say that like I don't already know that." Leaf responded.

"Well, I would like for us to face off in the Indigo League Finals, so I guess I'm just looking out for you, that's all."

"Thanks for that." Leaf said with a smile on her face. Ash nodded with a smile of his own. After a moment, Leaf looked back at her Pokedex and scanned her other grass type.

Budew, the bud Pokemon. When it feels the sun's warm touch, it opens its bud to release pollen. This Budew is female and has the ability Poison Point: When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the attacking Pokémon will become poisoned.

Moves known: Absorb, Stun Spore, Sunny Day, Bullet Seed and Solar Beam.

"Wow. Budew has a great set of moves. I can't believe she knows Solar Beam already." Leaf said. "With some training, both she and Bulbasaur will be more than ready to take on the Pewter Gym."

"You know, you're making taking on Pewter Gym sounding like a walk in the park with a Teddiursa." Ash pointed out.

"I'm just saying that with my Grass-type Pokemon, I'll have a huge advantage."

"Yeah, while some of us have to use Pokemon that you shouldn't be using at that gym." Ash commented to himself, though Leaf was able to hear.

"Oh...sorry Ash. I guess I'm being a bit of a show-off."

"It's alright. Besides, the Leader probably wouldn't expect Charmander to know Metal Claw, so that gives me the element of surprise." Ash said.

"What about Pikachu?" Leaf asked.

"I already have a plan for Pikachu. For the next day or two, I'm going to have him start toughing up his tail a little bit. Then once we get into Viridian Forrest, I'll start teaching him Iron Tail. I doubt the gym leader will be expecting that. If it's alright with you, I want to spend an hour or so training now." Ash said.

"That's fine Ash. It gives me a chance to train as well." Leaf said. With that said, both teens stood up and went over to their Pokemon. Leaf walked over to her Pokemon and had the two have a mock battle. The battle told Leaf a lot about her Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses. Budew was faster that Bulbasuar and seemed to have better defense against special attacks while Bulbasaur appeared to be stronger in overall stats. Leaf wrote down all the things her Pokemon could improve on and returned them, but not before giving them each an oran berry.

Meanwhile, Ash had Charmander use his metal claw attack against some nearby boulders so he could strengthen the attack. Eventually, Charmander managed to destroy the boulder. Ash walked up to the remains and picked up a decent sized piece. Ash returned Charmander for the moment and started Pikachu's training by grabbing a piece of string and tying the rock on one side and Pikachu's tail on another. Ash told Pikachu to start doing push ups and Ash himself did push ups right alongside Pikachu while also motivating him at the same time. After about ten minutes, Pikachu collapsed. Ash quickly got a oran berry out of his pack and fed it to his starter. A few moments later, Pikachu regained his energy.

"Great work, little buddy. We'll stop for now and continue training later on." Ash said.

'Pika.' Pikachu nodded and climbed back onto Ash's shoulder.

"You ready to go, Ash?" Leaf asked her friend. He nodded and the two once again started walking towards Viridian City.

The 2 didn't even walk for 5 minutes when Ash spoted a Pokemon. It was a Pidgey, just pecking the ground looking for food. Ash turned towards his starter.

"Hey Pikachu, you want to catch that Pidgey?" he whispered so that he didn't scare off the bird. Pikachu happily nodded his head. "Alright then, surround Pidgey with Double Team!" Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder and suddenly, the Pidgey found herself surrounded by several copies of a Pikachu. She started using a Gust attack to blow away all the copies until only the original was left. When she saw the real Pikachu, she started to fly away. "Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Pikachu's cheeks glowed yellow and then it releaseds multiple lightning bolts from its body at the Pidgey. Pidgey screamed in pain and fell back down to the ground; swirls in her eyes.

"Alright, go Pokeball!" Ash said, throwing a Pokeball at the bird. It hit and sucked Pidgey inside. Next followed one shake, two shakes, three shakes and finally a ding, signalling that the capture was successful. Once realization hit Ash, he jumped into the air, pumping his fist. "YEAH!" Ash shouted. He picked up the Pokeball. "I caught my 1st Pokemon!" he said, extending the arm holding the Pokeball as high as he could.

'Pi Pikachu!' Pikachu cheered. Leaf just clapped her hands while rolling her eyes.

"Seriously Ash. I thought you were 13, not 10." Ash just glared at her.

"Oh come on. It's my 1st catch and it deserves a little celebration." Ash argued.

"Alright, whatever. Let's go. I want to catch a Pokemon now."

"Then why don't you turn around..." Ash said, pointing behind Leaf. She turned to see a Rattata.

"Alright, that works. Bulbasaur, go!" Leaf said, releasing said Pokemon out to face the mouse Pokemon. Rattata took a deep breath and then it's body was outlined in red. Leaf realized that Rattata was using Focus Energy. "Bulbasaur, use Tackle!" Leaf ordered. Bulbasaur ran up to Rattata and right as it was about to strike him, Rattata vanished. Bulbasaur stopped and looked for any sight of his opponent when he was attacked from out of nowhere. He wound up on all fours and he looked to see Rattata, who gave a smug smirk and vanished once again.

"That Rattata's using Quick Attack!" Ash pointed out.

"I didn't know Quick Attack could be used as an defensive move as well." Leaf said. She thought about what to do as Bulbasaur got back up on all fours and then, it hit her. "Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip and spin your vines in a clockwise manner. Bulbasaur nodded his head and released his vines from the bulb on it's back and started spinning them as instructed. Leaf could see Rattata trying to come in for another sneak attack, however the vines forced him to keep running away from them. Bulbasaur moved the vines as fast as he could, eventually hitting Rattata in the back of his head. "Now wrap Rattata up with your vines and slam him down to the ground!" Leaf said. Bulbasaur did so and by the time Rattata recovered and figured out what was going on, it was too late. Bulbasaur sent him into the air and then crashing down onto the ground. Leaf saw that Rattata now had swirls in his eyes. "Go Pokeball!" she threw one of her empty Pokeballs at the mouse, which hit him and he went in. 3 shakes of the ball later, a ding was heard, completing her capture. She walked up to the Pokeball and picked it up. Then she thought that yeah, it was appropriate to do what Ash had down.

"Yeah, I caught my 1st Pokemon!" she said, jumping into the air. Ash just shook his head.

"I thought you said it was childish to do something like that." Ash teased.

"Well, I thought that it was OK now. After all, you once experience something like this once in your life." she pointed out.

"You're a hypocrite."

"Oh, shut up." Leaf said. She grabbed her Pokedex from her bag and used to scan Rattata's Pokeball.

Rattata, the Mouse Pokemon. Its fangs are long and very sharp. They grow continuously, so it gnaws on hard things to whittle them down. This Rattata is male and has the ability Guts: When the user is inflicted with a status problem, its body becomes surrounded by a crimson aura, raising its Attack power.

Moves Known: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy and Bite

"Hmm. Must be a high level to know 5 moves already."

"Seems like we've had that kind of luck so far." Ash pointed out.

"Well, I haven't seen you scan your new Pidgey yet." Leaf said. Ash grabbed his Pokedex from his pocket, then unclipped Pidgey's Pokeball from his belt and scanned it.

Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon. It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back. This Pidgey is female and has the ability Keen Eye: Prevents the user from losing accuracy during a battle.

Moves known: Tackle, Sand Attack and Gust.

Ash could see a smirk on Leaf's face when he looked up from his Pokedex that said, 'Yeah, my new Pokemon's stronger'. "Well, I'll train her and she'll become the strongest Pidgeot in the world!" Ash yelled.

"I have no doubt about that. Now why don't we get back on the trail." Leaf suggested. Ash nodded his head in agreement, put Pidgey's Pokeball back on his belt, put his Pokedex back into his pocket and picked up his Egg and the two friends continued walking.

The two walked for several hours before they noticed the sun starting to set. Leaf looked on her map and said that there was a nearby river that they could camp nearby tonight. The two were almost there when they heard someone scream. It sounded like it was coming from the river, so the two ran towards it to see what was going on. When they arrived, they could see a red haired girl drowning. Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder as he handed Leaf his egg, took off his backpack and jacket and ran towards the river, diving in. Leaf took hold of Ash's things and walked up to the lake; she knew that Ash was a pretty good swimmer, so the girl was in safe hands, though she was prepared to bring out Bulbasaur if she needed to. However, that wasn't necessary as Ash managed to fight the river's current and drag himself and the girl out of the water.

"Leaf, grab my towel from my bag, please." Ash asked. Leaf did so and handed him the towel and he wrapped it around the girl in an effort to warm her up.

"Th-thank you." she said. "I have a camp site up ahead. Can you take me there?"

"Of course. Leaf, you can carry my stuff, right?" Ash asked. Leaf nodded her head as Ash helped the red head up to her feet and assisted her in walking to her camp site.

The walk was only a couple of minutes from where they found her. She had a simple tent up and some pieces of wood nearby. Ash carefully and gently placed the girl on the ground as Leaf placed his and her things nearby and sat next to the red head. Ash grabbed the wood and started making a small fire.

"Try and stay near the fire for a while. You need to warm up." he told the red headed girl.

"Alright. By the way, I'm Misty. Misty Waterflower." she introduced.

"I'm Ash Ketchum and that's Leaf Green." Ash said.

"I speak for Ash when I say it's a pleasure to meet you." Leaf said.

"Likewise, though I wish it was under different circumstances." Misty said.

"So what happened? How did you end up in the water?" Ash asked.

"I was fishing right here, looking to catch some new water Pokemon when I reel got attached to a Poliwrath. He pulled me in and took my reel with him. I was just lucky that I found something steady to hold onto and that you guys came when you did."

"Well, what's important is that you're alright and among friends. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to go ahead and set up my and Leaf's tent's here." Ash said.

"Sure, I don't mind." Misty said.

"Alright then. Leaf, would you mind feeding our Pokemon and grabbing the cooking stuff and starting dinner while I make our tents?"

"Not at all. I'll take cooking over physical work any day." she answered as she got up. Ash got up with her and took the tent our from his backpack and walked back to the fireplace. He positioned it a few feet away from Misty's tent.

" that for you or her?" Misty asked.

"It's for both of us; we're gonna share." Ash answered.

"So are you guys a couple?" That question made Ash go wide eye.

"What?! No! We're just friends!" Ash defended, trying to keep the blush that was trying to come onto his face away.

"Most friends I know don't share a tent together."

"Leaf and I have known each other pretty much since we were babies. We've had so many sleepovers, that I've lost count. We're comfortable around each other."

"Uh-huh. So you say." Ash was about to yell at his new friend, except.

"ASH!" The boy in question could hear Leaf call out to him. Ash ran to see what was wrong.

"What is it?! Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, but look." she pointed towards the egg. Ash looked down to see that the egg was now glowing, signaling that the egg was about to hatch. Ash removed the container and took a step back, excited about what Pokemon he was going to add to his family.

End of Chapter 2

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