Qurriell from A Very Potter Musical and Very Potter Senior year

Life isn't like a Jane Austen Novel I realize that now so incase you didn't know that. But than life is well rather interesting

Take it for me I was alone for while. I had well different views but nobody to share it with. Than I met someone who well complete me. This person was part of me and change my life even through the it didn't work out.

People come and go. They sometimes say things they don't mean or sometimes they do . Sometimes they like killing people wait Um never mind that first part.

I lost hope after something happen and thrown into this place where sadness took over but than even at your lowest the person you thought wouldn't have your back does.

And in the end of the day being okay with who you are and where you are going is wonderful

Voldemort from A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Senior year

I thought I was alone and thought that maybe there was no hope for me. I mean my parents didn't love me that's why I was left at the orphanage.

But something changed this guy came and told me that I was special a magic boy. That I could do great things. I didn't get that how was I suppose to do great things in world full of people who bring you down.

I know it's hard and you get to this place where you make bad choices. But you met someone who makes everything okay. Who makes you laugh and remind you that your not alone.

Those. Are the people you should hang in to and not push them away like I did.

I realize that people you may hate make you realize things. That love does exist and comes in different ways and everyone deserves it even through you don't think it does most importantly killing people just makes them dead

Sally from Me and My Dick the Musical by Team Starkid

Invisible is great well not really. See when people see you for something else but never really see you it sucks. I'm right here but because of the way I look people over look me.

It took me a while but beautiful in my own way and realizing that makes me wonder if I really needed a guy to tell me that to believe it.

I never was type to be beautiful like other girls and never accept my self for who I was. I guess that's where it starts. That maybe he would see me now and he did.

Never tell yourself your not worth it and don't let people define what your worth. Little things will surprise you, but you have to use both your heart and mind to figure it out.

Tenth Doctor

Hello there! I'm the doctor if you didn't know well different but clever if you ask me but this is not about me this is about human race.

They are brilliant but sometimes they forget that and I even forget that. They surprise you all the time. Like... Wait never mind I really don't want to talk about that
There was Donna she was brilliant but people including me forgot that. She is most important person in universe everyone is.
Because you can change the world just like Donna sure not with a time lord but I never met any one who wasn't important.
You were meant to do something awesome to show people that here is hope. Human kind give that everyday and even if I doubt them they show me that they can change and do can others. It might take a while but don't give up on human race they can be brilliant