Commander Up

Now listen here you are a tough son of a b****h. You got this! I fought through robots and I'm still here. So whatever is going on you will get through this.

It helps if you remind yourself how tough and awesome you are because sometimes you forget about.

And if you feel lost and confused life is always little bit brighter when your on somebody's lap.

And people will talk about You and it might hurt you but you got to learn to let it go . Show them that they are wrong and get back up.


LIsten up, those idiotas that hurt you were wrong! You got to be like calculus man. You are thought you have to show yourself and them that you can get back up

Even if the world brings you down again and again. Never lose faith in yourself because that just makes you give up.

This is all in your head. You're bada** don't let people tell you different. You don't run away or hide you have to see life through.

I know you see life that hasn't been great but I know you're great amazing person. The look in mirror and see that you can do this!

So get back up and see life through.


Sometimes you can like someone and they don't like you back. You can try your best and be sweet but in the end if they don't feel the same way...

I mean maybe asking him for me to bite his head off was a bad thing. Maybe we were not meant to be. Just because Someone doesn't like you back doesn't mean you should give up on love. I did

I died for him and I suppose it was stupid in other bugs eyes but he would of died and I couldn't let that happen.

Don't let things happen fight for it till the end

Starkid Draco

You know if your feeling down I'll rate you 9.8 yes even more than Hermione Granger!
You know I don't like mudbloods or really anyone but after while I notice it really didn't help me. But you are worth it .
You are worth love, friendship and so much more. When people like my father remind you that you can't do anything you can. Just because your friends do something and you don't end to do it doesn't mean you have to do it.

You have choices and thinking about only yourself all the time doesn't help you. But than sometimes if hounding think about yourself first things turn out wrong.

Just don't forget your worth it

hugs and butterfly kisses Draco