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Dimensions of Power

Chapter 1: Zap!

In Norrisville...

Randy's P.O.V

"I AM IN THE ZONE!" I exclaimed, pumping my fist in the air.

"How come?" asked Howard.




"Ninja slice!" I yelled, slicing through the head of a giant robo-ape.


"Ninja hot ball!" I cried, blasting a robo-snake.


"Ninja Tengu Fireball!" I yelled, engulfing a robot in flames.


"Ninja Air Fist!" I said as I knocked out a robo-wolf.

{End flashback}

"That is why I am in the zone!" I exclaimed. Howard just rolled his eyes. "Whatever Cunningham, just pay attention to the game!" said Howard.

Randy just smiled at his friend's usual bluntness. Honestly, even though he was 'in the zone' he couldn't help but enjoy the peace of not having to deal with McFist, Viceroy, and the Sorceror and just stay there with Howard playing their favorite video game, Grave Puncher.

"I am that's why I...WON!" I said. I looked over to see Howard's jaw almost literally dropping to the ground, making me wish I had a camera.

"How did you win, never win!" Howard said. "Howard, my good friend, it is because...I am in the zone! And it just so helps that I am the brucest guy alive."

I grinned, patting Howard on the back. "Howard, my good friend, it is because...I am in the zone! And it just so helps that I am the brucest guy alive."

Howard just pushed my hand away, grumbled to himself about 'annoying ninjas', and walked into the kitchen, while I grabbed the remote and flipped through channels for something fun to watch. I ended up sticking with Tom and Jerry cause that show is the cheese! Anyways, Howard came back with a party size bag of potato chips, a six-pack of Sprite, and...four bags of

Anyways, Howard came back with a party size bag of potato chips, a six-pack of Sprite, and...four bags of McFizzles. Ugh. What? Can you blame me for not liking McFizzles after having to fight those shnasty zombies? Yeah, that's what I thought.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" I shouted, digging into the chips while watching some classic Tom and Jerry.

"I totally agree with you. I mean, besides the whole you winning the Grave Punchers came thing," complained Howard, pouting as he popped up a can of Sprite. I rolled my eyes at his childish antics.

"Would you just let it go?" Howard made a big show of 'thinking about it' with chin rubbing and all before finally replying, "I guess I can do that...for now. Anyway, are you gonna see the Grave Puncher movie tomorrow?"

At this, my mood darkened. "I'm not sure but I guess it depends on my parents but I might have to sneak out. What about you Howard, you gonna see it?" I asked. Howard's scowl said it all.

"Well that's totally wonk, what's probably going be the biggest movie of the year is gonna be missed by it's two biggest fans. WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL?!" Howard yelled, tears spilling from his eyes.

"Yeah, it is totally wonk, and...are you crying?"

Howard was probably about to say something when I heard giggling coming from upstairs.

"Hey Howard, is someone else here?" I asked.

"Hm? Oh yeah, Heidi let Theresa come over today so they could talk about...whatever girls talk about," replied Howard, nonchalantly.

"Oh, that's..."

I trailed off in favor of looking at something slowly forming behind Howard. I realized it was a black, swirling portal that was somehow glowing and growing in size.

"What the juice!"

As soon as the words left my mouth, Howard and I were sucked into the void.

Meanwhile in Amity Park...

Danny's P.O.V

"So Little Badger what will you choose me or the city!" yelled Vlad.

Did anyone ever tell you how annoying it is to be a half ghost superhero who has to fight a crazed up fruit loop of a vampiric ghost? Oh, didn't think so.

Well, if you're wondering what the heck is going on, then I'll tell you. I had managed to outsmart Vlad, again, and beat him up so he took the most cliche, overused, villain move in all of history! He proposed a deal: I become his apprentice and he'd turn off the bomb that was about to destroy Amity or I reject the offer and the bomb explodes, injuring, maiming and possibly killing many, many people. Talk about no pressure. The sad part is that even if I do stop this there will

The sad part is that even if I do stop this there will still be people saying I'm a villain about to show 'my true colors'...

"...Seriously this is the best you've got?" I asked, raising a brow.

"I'm not kidding, young Daniel! I'll blow this sky high!"

"Yeah, sure. Speaking of Sky High, I seriously need to finish watching that movie, so I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you put the bomb in my mom and pops' room?" I didn't even wait for a response when I made a duplicate of myself and sent it to my house to stop the bomb. "Now to take care of you..." I charged a blast in my hand before releasing it and letting it hit Vlad dead on knocking him out of his ghost form. "Aw man, now I got to heal him before the press claims I beat him up. God knows I don't need any more bad publicity." With that, I carried Vlad of bridal style and flew to my house.

"Now to take care of you..." I charged a blast in my hand before releasing it and letting it hit Vlad dead on, knocking him out of his ghost form.

"Aw man, now I have to heal him before the press claims I beat him up. God knows I don't need any more bad publicity." With that, I carried Vlad of bridal style and flew to my house.

When I got to my house I was hoping to be able to quickly patch him up and drop him off at his mansion in Wisconsin, letting his ghost healing do the rest but nooo, my life can never be that easy. By that I mean, my parents were right in the living room...and I was still in ghost form.

There was a long pause, everything completely still until...

"WE'VE GOT YOU NOW GHOST SCUM!" yelled Dad, pulling his Fenton Bazooka out of seemingly nowhere.


I dropped Vlad, unceremoniously, and flew like hell. I ended up landing in my backyard where I transformed back into average Danny Fenton. I ended up walking right into my parents...again.

"Danny, what happened to you?!" asked Mom, noticing my injuries. "Uhh, I kinda go roughed up a little by Dash," I lied, easily.

"Well, try to get around him next time, and by the way, my Karate lessons are still on the table!" Mom yelled over her shoulder as she and Dad, muttering about ripping the 'blasted ghost kid' apart molecule by molecule, went down to the basement.

"Tell them you're a ghost, she said. They'll understand, she said," I muttered, bitterly. I was walking up the stairs to my room when I remembered something.

"Wait a sec...I'm late for my meet up with Sam and Tucker! Jazz, we've got to go now!"

After a lot of hurrying, we finally got to Sam's house with Tucker already there. He then began to torture me by not shutting up about his new 'state of the art' P.D.A., but then he started to get bored of talking about it, shockingly...

"Are we going to Nasty Burger or what?" asked Tucker.

"Yeah, we're leaving as soon as Sam finishes dressing up," I replied.

"So...you gonna tell your parents your secret?" asked Tucker, after seeing his bruises and cuts that were quickly healing.

I mentally groaned at the question and my face scrunched up in disgust. We had been over this question many times, all of those times I responded with a half-hearted 'I'll do it when I get to it' even though I knew, as much as I didn't want to admit it, that I'd have to tell them sooner or later.

"Fine...I'll tell them...tomorrow," I lied, hoping he'd buy it.

"Uh huh, just like you're gonna tell Sam how you feel," said Tucker, rolling his eyes. Before I could pop Tucker upside his head, an angelic voice rang from the top of the staircase.

"I'm finished, guys! Let's go!" said Sam as she came down the stairs. She was wearing her usual style consisting of a black tank top with a purple oval in the center, a black skirt, black wristbands, purple leggings, and black combat boots.

"Even though I've known her for all these years, she's still stunning," I thought, dreamily.

"Okay then, let's go!" Tucker exclaimed. We were all heading towards the door when a voice stopped us. "Wait a minute, are you forgetting I have to take you?" Jazz said.

"Man she's coming!" Tucker whined.

"Oh yeah, she's supposed to drive us," I said, rubbing my neck sheepishly. "Yes I am, so we're going by my rules," Jazz said."

"Seriously, Jazz? I swear, sometimes you are like the most annoying person alive," I deadpanned.

"Ah, ah, ah, Danny, there's a difference between annoying and mature. You need to blah blah blah..." lectured Jazz.

She kept on talking but I tuned her out to instead look at something behind her. It started as a small black speck that would've been unnoticeable to the human eye but it soon grew in size and darkness at an alarming rate. Although the black hole was an indescribably dark sea of blackness, there was a small fleck of golden light.

"Uhh, Jazz? You might want to run!" I said, with narrowed eyes.

Everyone turned to look at the growing, glowing, swirling, black portal and we all tried to make a run for it but it was too late. Our screams echoed through the house as we fell through then all became quiet.

In the Son home...

Gohan's P.O.V

It had just been six years since the death of Goku, my father, and it had been rough on everyone. However, the Son family took it the hardest. In fact, my mom had taken it so hard that she let up a bit on my schooling and let me train. As for me, I took the training head on, not complaining about any of it because I felt I had no right to.

In my heart, I didn't think Cell killed my dad, I think, no, I know I did, so I thought the least I could do was take up the mantle as the guardian of the earth. So that's how I ended up in training with Vegeta every Friday and Saturday.

"Are you ready now?" asked Vegeta, bearing his trademark proud, saiyan smirk.


Then without a single word, we sprang at one another and threw an onslaught of punches and kicks. I kicked downwards with an axe kick which Vegeta blocked with a raised arm. Vegeta threw a counter punch to my stomach which I maneuvered over and caught between my legs. I swung my feet downward, sending Vegeta flying towards the ground. I sped towards and under his limp form and kneed him in the stomach, forcing him back into the air. I appeared behind him, clasped my hands together, and slammed them into his back, crashing him into the earth!

Vegeta quickly got to his cracking his knuckles. "That was good, for a spawn of a Third Class clown, but let's see how well you handle...this!"

Vegeta now stood in his Super Saiyan form, ready for round two. I sped towards him and him towards me as our fists clashed in an explosion of power. Vegeta came in with a roundhouse kick and caught me in the side, sending me careening out of control. By the time I righted myself, Vegeta was already charging at me with his arm cocked back. I crossed my hands together and braced for the impact, but he just phased right through me, leaving me confused. That is until Vegeta came behind me and punched me the back sending me into the ground making a crater.

"Take this! Big Bang Attack!" yelled Vegeta as he fired a large one-handed Ki blast.

I quickly turned into a Super Saiyan and knocked the blast away with a swift backhand, letting it explode, harmlessly, behind me. We then went at each other again matching each other blow for blow. I then sprung back and charged my energy going Super Saiyan Two as Vegeta quickly followed suit. I brought my hands to my side and directed my Ki to the area. I smiled as I heard the familiar humming and saw the faint glow.


"Final Flash!"

Our energy blasts met each other head on causing a shockwave that made the earth itself shake. Our attacks battled for dominance and parts of the sky began to distort, making small and giant rifts, the light of our attacks flowing into them. One of those said portals opened right behind me and quickly sucked me in.

In the Fenton's Living Room...

Vlad's P.O.V

"Ugh...what happened?" I said, groaning as I tried to sit up only to wince from the pain.

"You were beaten up by that blasted ghost kid, Vladdy! Who knows what would've happened if we hadn't found you in time," said Jack.

'Well, this is just great...' After all, being saved by his worst enemy wasn't exactly at the top of his to-do list.

"Jack don't talk so loud! He might have a headache," scolded Maddie. Vlad had to hold back a smirk at the sight of Jack smile faltering, if only slightly...that is until Maddie pecked Jack on the cheek.

"Jack can you get me a First-Aid Kit?" asked Maddie. I quickly stood up.

"No, no, I wouldn't want to be a bother-"

"Oh no, it's no trouble at all Vladdy-pants!" said Jack, heartily, his larger than life smile returning. My fists clenched.

"No, it's alright. I mean, saving me from that demented ghost boy was all I could ask of you!" I protested. Jack put his hand my shoulder and my jaw clenched. It's amazing just how much power it took not to shove his arm off, tear said appendage off the giant's body, and stuff it down his throat.

"There's no way I'm gonna leave you like this Vladdy! It won't take too long to fix you up!" said Jack oblivious to his seething pal.

"No, I think I'll take my leave now." Ignoring the protests of my former friend and beloved, I walked out the door, transformed into my alter ego and flew away as fast as I possibly could.

It was lonely and miserable having to deal with the grief of finally realizing the woman you love will never love you back, that you can never have the son and apprentice that you've always wanted. All taken away by the bumbling oaf that went by the name of Jack Fenton.

Oh, how I hated that man! He took away my one chance at a normal life, and he had the audacity to call me his pal when he took my rightful wife and son and turned him into an unlovable monster! It was in that moment I knew I couldn't take it any longer. In that moment I knew, I had to kill Jack Fenton.

So, I flew back to the door of my old friend, in my ghost form, ready to finally do the deed. I phased through the door intangible and invisible and proceeded to make my way through the house in search of Jack. After a while of searching, I found him eating some fudge peacefully with a smile gracing his face.

It sickened me seeing him so happy he got the happiness that should've rightfully been mine. That smile shouldn't be there, no, Jack should be the miserable one, not me! He DESTROYED my life in order to make his better, left his pal in the dust to fend for himself.

However, there was a bright side to all of this. In a sick and ironically twisted way, Jack was going to die by the hands of his creation. His mistake. His monster. HIS FRIEND!

I was so lost in my mad glee that I was completely unprepared for what was lurking behind me and just like that I was swallowed whole, and my chance for revenge along with it...

Inside McFist Industries...

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR INVENTION'S FAILED AGAINST THE NINJA?!" raged McFist. Viceroy winced and facepalmed in frustration.

"I meant what I said, every single one of our inventions failed against the Ninja! I've been telling you that we need to use new weapons! I personally thought we should be using Gundams," countered Viceroy. "And what do you mean our inventions, hm?! Last time I checked I'm the scientist here!"

McFist gave a prolonged sigh."Ugh! Why do you have to be so annoying and infuriating?!" shouted Mcfist, slamming his fist into the table. Viceroy just rolled his eyes while grumbling about 'stupid bosses..'

"You know, I should have you fired!" yelled McFist. Viceroy raised a brow. "And who exactly, do you have in mind to fill my spot, hm?"

"W-well...uh...I'll think of something when I get there!" McFist yelled in frustration. Viceroy just chuckled, but all the satisfaction was soon wiped from his face when a familiar face showed up.

"YOU HAVEN'T DEFEATED THE NINJA YET! I knew I should have gotten help from the Foot Clan instead of you morons!" grumbled a voice they recognized all too well.

They slowly turned to see the hooded, grotesque face of the Sorcerer. "Well, you see your...err..Sorcerer..ness, we got really close this time! We even got the idea of using Gundams to defeat the Ninja!" lied McFist.

"WHAT?! I was the one who came up with the idea!" McFist gave him the 'shut up or you're fired' look.

"I'll give you one more chance if you can't defeat the Ninja with your next idea...let's just say he will be the least of your worries!" threatened the Sorcerer ominously, before his image shimmered out.


"He honestly can't pay me enough to do this job," muttered Viceroy. "It seems impossible to destroy the Ninja...and if the Sorcerer really is going to come after us...I need to be protected!"

While he was creating the diagnostics for a new weapon, a dark and glowing portal started to rapidly form behind Viceroy and Mcfist sending them tumbling through the dark void.

Above Copper Canyon...

Max's Steel P.O.V

It had been three days since the Makino attack and Copper Canyon was still recovering but the repairs were almost completely done thanks to the help of Steel and I. However, my uncle Forge had become paranoid about another attack happening while we were unprepared so naturally Steel and I got stuck with the jobs of Planetary Watch Duty, as Forge liked to call it, but I call it overly glorified babysitting. So that's where we are now with Steel and I flying around the city in Flight Mode.

"Hey Max, you wanna practice some maneuvers!"

I smirked. "You know it!"

I let myself slowly come to a stop before dropping rapidly. We started falling faster and faster about to hit the ground until we jerked up sharply, still flying low to the ground. We swerved around cars all the while getting cheers from the pedestrians and angry honks from cars, while I waved.

Suddenly, I felt Steel stop flying as the suit and I came to a stop, but then we started flying backward until, without warning, we shot up into the air going faster and faster until steel started to make the suit and I speed downward.

Then, when were just about to hit the pavement, I switched into Speed Mode and without missing a beat, I hit the ground running. I swerved around cars and I even ran up some buildings.

"This is fun!" shouted Steel as we came to a stop on top of a skyscraper. I smiled. "Then, you'll love this! Let's go T.U.R.B.O, Cannon!"

I shot off the skyscraper in a tumbling ball, hurtling towards the streets until I switched to Flight Mode and hovered in the air.

"I love my job!" I cheered. However, as soon as these words left my mouth, the winds started to pick up and the wind started to get so strong cars were starting to seemingly levitate and hurtle themselves down streets...and people were in those cars.

"Oh c'mon!" I huffed. Nevertheless, I flew to the closest car, which happened to be occupied by a family of four; two kids and their mom and dad.

I easily ripped the door off of its hinges and yanked out the two kids and dropped them off in a nearby store, telling them to stay put, before doing the same for their parents.

After a bit of flying, I finally caught all of the cars and emptied them of their passengers.

"Hey Max, check it out!" cried Steel. I looked up to see that the winds were still blowing fiercely and it seemed to be attracted to one area in particular as it swirled around it, as it started to go higher and higher until the column of wind connected to the atmosphere and a black portal began to form in the center of the wind funnel.

It was a freaking tornado...portal...twister-thingie straight out of a Sci-Fi movie!

The winds were starting to get so strong that I was sure that there wasn't a category that could even begin to describe the hurricane force winds as the portal continued to stretch across the night sky.

Soon, after the portal got to a certain size, I could barely make out objects that started to fall out of the portal.

"Oh man...I think I spoke too soon!" I groaned. "Let's go T.U.R.B.O, Flight!" I shot towards the slowly, dissipating, funnel of air, prepared to face whatever it had brung...

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