His life has turned upon the hinges of betrayal and loss. Broken friendships and a sense of duty are all that remain for him anymore. He can only confide with three people from his once prosperous group of friends. The rest of them chose their own paths of deceit. He could only trust the three. Two of them used to be his enemies. How ironic to find that the people you spend the majority of your time with once hunted for your life. He could trust none of his former masters; he would not speak to them but with cold logic and a ruthless insight if he ever needed to. He could harbor no emotions for people that would not consider his own feelings. One of the girls he could sympathize with is a master of the dagger; she too had been betrayed. This led to something of a friendship between the two of them; it gave them something to talk about. Another one of the people he trusted, whom he had also now grown attached to, is an eccentric acrobat with an optimistic sense that rivaled him from much younger days. The last person he considered a friend is a celebrated warrior armed with golden battle fans, and the former fiancée of someone he considered to be his closest friend of all.

Until that day…

Until the lies that they had all kept from him had been brought into the light. In just day, he learned of their betrayal and his ability to forgive them waned with every knife they stabbed him with. How could he forgive them? It didn't seem possible, they didn't seem remorseful about what they were doing, he was asked for forgiveness, yet he was practically told to accept it.

They all knew.

All except for three, they all knew about what was going on; hiding it from him as if he wouldn't find out as time went on. How foolish. For a year they had secret get-togethers where they laughed with each other and mocked their partners' obliviousness. Having an affair under the noses of the people they were supposed to love. Did they have no shame? Though, for an entire year this went on, and he had no knowledge. A wonder of how they kept such a secret for so long, only to be revealed that they had help. It wasn't much of a secret, more were involved than not. These were people he thought he could trust. His former masters disrespected him without any visible sense of regret. To this day they are still together, probably laughing at how long they managed to hide their relationship as they snuggle up closer next to the other…..

Aang had returned from the Earth Kingdom civil disputes earlier than expected and wanted to surprise his friends. He walked into the Fire Nation Palace after having made entrance to the capital city. He thought himself to be rather sly, clad in his brown shroud he used to cover his face and markings. He only revealed his face when he asked one of the servants where he might find the Fire Lord. He was directed to the Fire Lord's personal chambers. He made his way down the halls, rehearsing his marble trick for the grand entrance.

Perhaps it was because he didn't knock this time…

He walked into his friend's room wearing a grin upon his face and marbles dancing erratically within the air between his hands, but when he realized what he was looking at his smile twisted into something much less excited. He caught them tangled up with one another in the bed, his girlfriend and the Fire Lord in mid thrust, staring back him through eyes wider than plates. The marbles hit the ground, and he stared back at them as they were struck frozen. The stare, turned into a look of grief and despair, before pure hurt took hold of his body. He stormed out of the room, emotions all over the place; he needed to think. Surely this was some kind of nightmare

So, Aang made his way onto the roof of the palace. He sat there hoping his eyes had just deceived him. He hoped that he didn't see Zuko's royal gown on the floor beside the bed, and maybe the blue sashes Katara used as underwear weren't on top of the sheets…but he knew what his eyes had seen was true. He was only trying to deceive himself. He hadn't realized that he was above their room until he heard their voices coming through one the windows. He couldn't make out what they were saying. They sounded frantic though, he remembered that much. They were panicking, and that was all he needed to confirm any sort of doubt left in his mind. They were having an affair.

Aang sat on the roof for another hour letting the tears he wouldn't let anyone else see roll down his face. He felt pitiful, here he was, the most prominent person in the four nations, and he was crying on a roof because of his friends.

Soon, his sadness turned to anger. He wouldn't let their little ruse keep on going. He would tell everyone and the criticism everyone would give them would be punishment enough. However…he found that not only had some of his friends already known what was going on between the two, but they had also elected to keep it away from him. Sokka tried to convince Aang that this was a first time happening and that he knew nothing, but in order to protect to his sister, Sokka would likely do anything. Aang knew that.

Frantically, he made his way through the palace in search of her brother. How could she do something like this? It just didn't make sense. Maybe if he started to talk to people then it would all start to clear up, maybe. He found Sokka stuffing his face in the dining room. He would have smiled warmly if he had seen him first.

Sokka saw him before he could speak, "Hey!" His mouth still full of whatever he was eating as he lifted himself from the table and approached Aang, "What's going on buddy?"

Aang stood motionless, looking at the ground, "Hey…" was all he managed to say.

"You're early!" Sokka reached Aang and pat him on the back roughly before clasping his shoulder in a one-armed embrace. It was then that he saw the look on Aang's face, "Aang? Are you feeling alright? You look like you've seen a ghost," waving his hand in front of his face as he said so.

It took a moment for him to respond, "Something like that," his voice too low for his usual self.

Sokka simply stared at his friend. What could have gotten into him? What happened on his trip?

"Did everything go alright in the Earth Kingdom?" was the simple question.

Yet Aang did nothing to answer the inquiry. Simply staring at the ground as the past moments haunted his thoughts. He didn't know how he should tell Sokka.

"Aang I'm serious, what happened? This isn't like you," once again he gave Aang an opportunity to explain himself.

He decided to take it this time, "I went to see Zuko…" his voice hitched there, hesitant to say more.

Sokka didn't let him continue before he started making assumptions, "Oh yeah?" He let off a small laugh, "And you found him buck nude in his room? Is it that why you look so pale?" Again he laughed at his joke, or was he just trying to alleviate a particular concern? That sounded oddly ironic.

He added a suspicious edge to his tone, "Yeah actually… and Katara was lying next to him."

His chuckling stopped almost immediately. Unusually, Sokka was eerily quiet. Aang expected him to burst out, utterly dumbfounded. Demanding explanations as he was, but he just stared at Aang. No yelling, just in silence. Maybe he was just shocked? Beyond words? That's strange from Sokka….

Just as Aang was about to continue, Sokka spoke, "So…." Sokka hesitated, and then, his revelation. "What!?" Now he revealed his outburst, "What do you mean!? You actually found him naked? And Katara was with….!? In his bed!?" He paced rampantly around the room, acting out his scene.

But Aang saw it, that small shallow look of dread. That absent look of regret, before he reverted to how he was supposed to react. Did it take him a moment to understand what he said, or did Sokka know….That unfinished statement he muttered, that would be Aang's focus. 'So' what? What did that mean, he sounded dreadful. Did he know then? Was he keeping their secret?

Still his voice was low, and sharp, "What did you mean? 'So'," but his face brought nothing but tides of anger. The rage on his face only ever seen once before: when Appa was taken.

Sokka faltered when Aang's usually composed self let off raw emotion, fearful of his friend.

He's hesitating, why is he hesitating? Aang assumed the worst, "Did you know?"

'That's ridiculous to even think of' that should have been the answer given in an instant, but still Sokka hesitated. This confirmed it for Aang, "You did."

"No! What!? Aang I think you're being too suspicious," Sokka's hands flew into air in a gesture of defense. "I had no idea! I'm just….confused!" adding emphasis by placing his hands on his forehead "I mean she was supposed to marry you!".

"And you were supposed to be my friend, it's because I'm suspicious that I can tell," Aang turned his back to Sokka; "Goodbye" signifying his dismissive anger as he left the room leaving a helpless Sokka behind to vent the frustration of Aang new knowledge.

Iroh admitted to everything, knowing that the fling had been active for a least a year and knew of his other "friends" keeping it a secret as well, Aang once thought that Iroh was an honorable man.

On route to find another he thought he could talk to, he was stopped in the hallways by Zuko's uncle, Iroh. Perhaps it was because of the relation that Aang's anger only flourished at the sight of him.

Iroh countered his glare with a steadfast expression, "My nephew told me everything Aang, I want to apologize on his behalf."

Perhaps his initial thought was unreasonable, "So you just found out? About him and Katara?" His voice sounded shaky, forgetting the anger that racked him just a moment ago.

Iroh closed his eyes, slightly bowing his head, "No, I have known for some time, Zuko told me that you had just seen them together."

And then it was back. Near snarling, Aang too lowered his head, emotions raw and pure, boiling inside of him, "So you DID know. Why!? Why did you keep it a secret? Why not stop them? Tell them it's wrong! Why let them go that far?"

A silence had just reached the end of the hall before Iroh explained, "When I'd first learned of their actions, I felt gravely shamed. I'd planned on interfering myself, to stop them, but it didn't matter what I tried. They were relentless!" Silence filled the space between them as Aang processed what he was saying, "I tried everything I could Aang, aside from getting in the bed with them there was nothing that would stop either of them."

You were just lazy, anything for your nephew's happiness; that is your true ultimatum…

"Then you should have tried harder," Aang clenched his fists by his sides, as if to contain his fury even a little. Heat began rolling off his body, as the rage of the firebender within him began to peek through.

Iroh raised his head to meet Aang's glare, "I told the guards to bar her entrance, I had herbs placed in lord Zuko's tea to make him drowsy," He paused, lifting a finger to his chin to scratch at his beard in thought, "But that only seemed to have worsened the situation," He offered a cheeky smile before seeing the Avatar still fuming, "I came to accept their actions, I did not condone them. If it would help you, I can tell you about everything, and anyone else that knows." He bowed his head once more. "Aang, I am so sorry. I beg you to forgive me!"

Yet Aang only dozed past him, bumping shoulders as he passed him, "Don't count on it," he turned the corner and vanished from Iroh's sight.

To think that even he knew, who else could? Who else was hiding this? He moved onto his next victim, anger still blazing.

Toph was straight forward as ever. She detailed their romances, their longing for the other, and apologized for the promise she made to Katara. Aang forgave none of them, and still would not forgive any of them. Did none of them have any sense of right and wrong? What did their adventures together mean? You think you know someone…..his talk with Toph only infuriated him further, she acted so smug. Like it didn't ever matter, so cynical. All of them…behind my back, lieing to me, she said we were going to get married. She said that!

Enraged with this news of betrayal, he wanted to know just how far the lie had gone. There had to be at least one person. One person that didn't know! Her! There's no way she would, she wouldn't allow Zuko to be with another girl.

So he stomped his way to Mai's rooms in the palace to see the, until recently, soon to be fire lady. To find her hair being combed by her childhood friend clad in the green warrior garbs of Kyoshi. Friend. Id that what she was?

A few seconds prior, the subject of that thought stopped combing abruptly to glance at Mai, "Hey," a brief pause, "does it seem warmer in here to you?" She carelessly glanced around the room when she finished speaking.

Mai only let out an apathetic sigh, eyes closed as she blocked out her friend and tried to relax for a moment, "You can keep brushing my hair."

The door burst forth accompanied by a sudden roar, "DID YOU KNOW!?" an accusing finger lifted in their direction.

That finger was pointed right at Ty Lee, whom dropped the brush out of fright, and brought her hand upto her mouth to contain a gasp. His aura… "It's so dark…." whispered in a volume Mai could hear.

"Did you know!?" A gust of hot air followed the forceful inquiry.

"I-uh… I..." She looked down to avoid his glare; pleading to her friend….whose eyes were still closed.

Though it seemed she could sense that her relaxation was at an end, she stood up, to shield her flustered friend, "Calm down Aang, did we know what?" still calm in the face of his torrent.

But Aang didn't lift his gaze from Ty Lee, There's no way Mai could know….but her….is she really her friend? Or is she another backstabber? He was trying to pierce her with his eyes.

"Quit trying to scare her," how perceptive of her…

Only then did his eyes flicker toward Mai, it wasn't his intention to frighten, but…"Katara has been cheating on me, I'm a little angry ab-"

He did not finish, "What!? When? Wh-how!?" Ty Lee moved her arms in panicked motions to express her shock, "Why would she do that?" she calmed herself a little before retracting into thought, "That seems so unlike her…."

Her expression seemed genuine, though she just suddenly switched gears….she was so frantic just a moment before…no, she's still frantic, just for a different reason.

Mai's calm did not break, nor did her face betray any sense of emotion except for a lone glimpse of curiosity, "I really am sorry to hear that, but it's really not our business, so why are you here?"

"MAI! Have a little more sympathy for once," Ty Lee scolded her, while Mai shrugged, "He just found out the love of his life has been sleeping around with somebody else."

So then she really didn't know, good. At least not everyone was in on it.

His voice was cold compared to his initial attitude, "I wanted to find anybody who knew," he again glanced at Ty Lee, "I am glad to know that you weren't hiding anything," though he sounded appreciative, he didn't smile. He had managed to calm down quite a bit. "But I think this also concerns you as well," he said matter of factly.

"How?" Still so bland…

He paused for himself, "Her partner is Zuko."

Only then did she really falter, her eyes wider than he'd ever seen them, "He..?" her question remained unfinished.

"Ok…You can't be serious!? There's no way Zuko would do that to Mai!" Ty Lee faced Aang with sheer denial, "And there's no way Katara would do that to you!" She crossed her arms looking as if she had refuted him.

Aang's aggression had subsided, so he only spoke with a tone of sorrow, "Sokka, Toph, and Iroh….they knew," his gaze swapped between the two, towards Mai, "At least you have a friend that's not keeping that from you."

Ty Lee stared at him, completely shocked. Was he really being serious? Why would Katara do that? To Aang of all people? He's always so loyal and cute and honest…and why would Zuko do that to Mai? She could no longer speak in her pensive mindset.

Mai spoke quietly, "Would you leave?" Her head dropped down, he could see the glint of metal in her fist, "I need talk to someone…"

There was no doubt as to who she was going to see, but the dagger in her hand did worry him, even if Zuko did deserve it. So with his eyes he brought it to Ty Lee's attention, she nodded in affirmation.

"I'll go with you," She sullenly said, right behind Mai.

So at least two didn't know, good. With that, Aang left them.

There was one more person for him to talk to, and she seemed like she was kind-hearted. She's usually nice to him, so did she know too? She's dating Sokka right? Surely he would tell her, or was he keeping their little secret from her too? Time to find out…

He approached the room of the Fire Lord's chief bodyguard, and gave a subtle knock.

After only a moment she opened the door, "Oh! Hey Aang," she greeted him; "back from your trip already?" a sincere smile graced her face.

She asked about the trip, just like Sokka….

A sullen sigh, "Yeah….I'm a little early."

He could see her expression change, she was examining him. He knew he wasn't acting like himself, and it seemed she had immediately caught on. Yet she waited for him to say something else.

So he entered the room as she stepped aside to let him pass. His back remained facing her when he stopped in the middle of the room, "5 of my friends have gone behind my back," now he turned his head to her, "Is there anything that you're hiding from me too?"

His eyes looked like daggers, cutting right through her, she froze under his glare. What's gotten into him? He is NOT himself!

"Aang…," She said slowly "What happened?" she asked with an inquisitive tone trying not to set him off.

Another long sigh, "Katara has been cheating on me with Zuko, and I don't know for how long."

He said it so calmly, is he joking? No, Aang doesn't usually joke around like this. He's not really calm, I can see it in his eyes, he's hurting. As she pondered her thoughts, she saw his shoulders shudder and noticed his breathing was heavy.

She walked up to him, despite his stare, and wrapped her arms around him, "I'm so sorry Aang. I can't believe they would do that to you."

He had kept trying to intimidate her all the up until she embraced him. With eyes widened, he thought perhaps she didn't know, before tears could grace his face again he decided to push the boundary for her real test.

So while she still had her arms around him, trying to console him with comforting words, he said, "Sokka knew."

Her body shook with the proclamation; she slowly reared her head back and let her arms falls from Aang's sides, "He did? And he didn't tell you?"

Aang shook his head.

"Why that little" she brought her hand to her hips and silenced herself before she cursed her husband.

Sokka was one of the people hiding the truth? Of course he was! She's his sister, why wouldn't he!? But he didn't think of at least telling Aang that Katara wasn't into him anymore? Or did she want to have both of them? How selfish! He kept it from me too and we're married!

He could see a range of emotions across her face, anger and betrayal, just like he felt. So this time, he looked her in the eyes. This, in a way, was just as bad for her. Her loved one had also kept something from her. Questions needed to be answered. As they looked one another in the eyes, this they knew.

As they left their room, they walked in synchronicity, side by side towards the suspected location of their targets. She needed to talk to Sokka, and he needed to see Katara. As they walked past Zuko's room they heard nothing, as they walked by the throne room, they heard nothing. The barracks, nothing; it seemed the whole palace had died down now that the cat was out of the bag. Only when nearing the dining hall, did they hear furious yells and panicked pleading for calm, where Mai and Ty Lee were likely entertaining Zuko. He needed to speak to him too, he deserved to know why. Suki followed him into the room, guessing at his intentions.

As they walked in, they were greeted with more than a few pairs of eyes. It seemed everyone involved had gathered here and they were the late guests. Katara stood between Sokka and Zuko. Toph stood on the other side of Sokka while Iroh was at Zuko's left. Mai and Ty Lee stood opposing them as Aang and Suki joined at their side. The yelling they heard before they came in had silenced, and a stare off had commenced. Mai, dagger in hand, glared directly at Katara who glanced at Aang. Suki and Sokka shared solemn gazes with each other. Toph, arms interlaced across her chest, held an amused grin and she seemed to gaze at the floor. Iroh held his head down, only there to keep things from getting out of hand. Zuko defiantly scanned his eyes over the four of them, as if he hadn't done any wrong. Ty Lee held Mai's hand down by the wrist so things wouldn't get violent, begging Aang for help with her eyes.

Aang placed his right hand on Mai's shoulder, her grip on the dagger tightened as he did so. She had given so much for Zuko; yet this is how he repaid her, doing this behind her back. She was in the same boat as himself. They shared the same pain, yet she felt it more, and it showed. Mai bottled everything up, she never let her feelings show, and she was never vulnerable. Now though, her features contorted in rage, and tears threatened to slip through her eyes. She betrayed one of her closest friends for the man in front of her, and he had done nothing for her in return. What had Zuko really sacrificed for her? Absolutely nothing. The friend standing beside her, proved her loyalty. She stuck with Mai when she was imprisoned, and now she still stands by her side. That was a true friend. The girl beside him, also now felt betrayal. The man she meant to spend her life with, lied to his friends and acted ignorant around his fiancée.

Three of them betrayed, one loyal friend, stood against the group who knew of the affair. An uneasily tense silence drew the line between them. Who would be the first to speak? All held wordless conversations with their eyes, yet who would be the first to break the silence? Who would dare to face the wrath of those betrayed? Who wanted to scold the ones in front of them the most? Who deserved it more?

Sokka, uttered the first word, "Suki-" but that was all he managed before the recipient retaliated.

"Shut up," She snapped as her stare grew fiercer, "You kept this whole thing from me; we're supposed to trust each other and do what's right for everyone. We're done. That is all I will say to you."

He tried to explain himself to her, "But-"

Again she was quick to snap, "Married people do not keep secrets from each other! This means more than you think."

He thought he found an opening he could pry, "But we aren't married yet," he said excitedly, thinking he could salvage the situation.

And again, she countered, "And that makes this OK!? We are done Sokka!"

As she spoke, she removed the ring from her finger, throwing it in his face. It hit his forehead, before bouncing on the floor. Suki closed her eyes and brought her arms across herself, refusing to look at him.

Sokka made a move toward her, but was stopped by the staff that came between them. He looked down the pole, to find its owner glaring at him, daring Sokka to make a move. Sokka reluctantly rejoined his sister's side. Katara grabbed her brother's arm and said comforting words in hushed whispers.

"Zuko. Katara." His commanding tone reached the corners of the room, "Explain yourselves," bringing a silence amongst the room.

He brought his staff back down to his side as he demanded that of them. Katara released her hold on Sokka, guiltily looking toward Zuko as he spoke, "We already-"

"Say it again." In a few words, he intimidated him into silence.

Zuko sighed in resignation, "We started seeing each other after we found my mom, I needed somebody to talk to about it. Katara was willing to help me through my emotions."

Again, he could sense Mai tense up at the mention of Katara from him.

"After that, she talked to me about you always being off with Avatar stuff, about how she was lonely."

With every word that came out of his mouth, Aang's temper grew larger.

Katara finished for him, "We took care of each other when we needed it. We got closer, and that's how it started….."

Aang let out his breath of fury, "You are supposed to tell us about your problems," motioning to himself and Mai, "Not run off with someone else and hurt the ones who care about you. You're not supposed to keep us at bay while we remain oblivious. You're not supposed hide your receding interest in us! You've been doing this for a year!? And it was still a secret!?"

Mai spoke after him, "I already said what I wanted to say. We're done Zuko, for good this time." She had calmed down considerably, but traces of anger still lingered in her tone. Ty Lee never released hold of her wrist.

"Whatever it means to you, "Zuko started, "We're sorry," they finished in unison after sharing a glance.

None on the opposing side acknowledged the apology; Aang made his declaration, "This is where we divide. We go our own ways. As far as I'm concerned, we are no longer friends." The betrayed held expressions in agreement with his words, up until his next line, "I will denounce my role as the Avatar."

All eyes in the room widened as they darted to him, Toph spoke for the first time, an impressed and worried look on her face, "He's serious..."

Katara stepped forward, reaching for him with her hands while she attempted to speak, "Aang, that's not something you can just thr-" but she was interrupted.

"I have no right to bring peace to the world if I cannot even see the problems of my friends. Other peacekeepers will take my place. I will step down and conceal myself. I will throw away my principles to do so. This is the last of 'me.' I will become a different person, and I will never speak to the five of you again. I hope you three will come with me." He finished looking at the three by his side.

"I will do the same," Suki also made her declaration, "I will go with Aang, the Kyoshi Warriors will follow me. We will no longer serve as bodyguards to the Fire Nation royalty. We will also conceal ourselves. I don't want to see any of you again. To think that each of you hid this from us for this long while you could have just said something is unforgivable." She held her authoritive expression throughout her speech.

"I second that," Ty Lee still managed a small smile when she turned to her friend, "C'mon Mai, you should come too."

Mai had reverted back to her unreadable demeanor after not speaking for so long, merely glancing at Aang as she said, "I will come with you. I have no interest in staying here anymore."

With that, they ignored the people telling them to think rationally, that they didn't have to leave, that things could go back to normal now that everybody knew. Slight grins spread across their faces, save for one person, as they looked among each other. Without another word, they turned on their heels and left the dining room.

The four of the made their way towards the secondary barracks reserved for the Kyoshi Warriors. Suki explained the situation to her comrades. Throughout the story, she was stopped to be asked questions such as, "Wait what!?" or "They did that!?" Aang, Mai, and Ty Lee stood at her back, all three of them silent through the meeting. Once Suki told them that Aang would no longer be the Avatar, he repeated the very reason he told the others, "I cannot bring peace to the world if I cannot fix the problems of my friends." At that moment, Suki stated she was going with Aang and friends to live in seclusion; make up new identities, and to split away from their former friends.

The news that their chief was cutting relations with her fiancée shook the group of girls. As they were told of what had been said not long ago, multiple thoughts passed amongst them.

All this because of an affair?

Yet when Aang had explained himself, an understanding formed. He could not help his friends in their apparent time of need. The person Suki trusted the most kept, possibly, the most important secret of the world from her. Mai had lost the one she loved to another, and would follow the remaining friends she trusted. Ty Lee would stay loyal to the friends worthy of trust, so she would stay with the ones she had now. Because of this, not one of the fighters voiced against seclusion and new identities. They would accompany the Avatar, with him they would lead new lives split from the ones they lived now. They swore their loyalty to their chief once again, they too were her friends. If she would side with the Avatar then so would they.

Aang, Mai, Ty Lee, Suki, and all of the Kyoshi Warriors, packed their bags and prepared to leave. Aang said his farewells to Appa and Momo, in order to throw away his principles and move on from memories he would have to leave them behind. It pained him to leave his longest known friend behind, but maybe one day they would see each other again. Late in the night, the group walked straight out of the front gate of the Fire Nation palace, much to the confusion of the guards on duty. On to live new lives, Aang would not completely abandon his duties as a peacekeeper; he would just do so under a new name. He felt that the people who had joined him would also like what he had in mind.

On the day after, a speech was given by the Fire Lord. The citizens of the capital were rocked when they heard the Avatar had disappeared, not only that, but Lady Mai and all of the Kyoshi Warriors had also disappeared. News reached faraway lands, heroes of the war and a group of the most distinguished fighters at present had vanished. Nobody had seen them since the day they left. Rumors spread about what had happened to them. They were sent on an expedition they never came back from. They were all killed by assassins while they were asleep and the Fire Nation was covering it up. The new Fire Lord wanted another war and was killing anybody in the way. When the citizens and nobleman noticed a new girl by the Fire Lord's side, the most popular rumor was given life. The Fire Lord killed the Avatar for Katara, his own girlfriend to stop her suspicions, and his bodyguards to cover everything up in a mad scheme. More believers than non-believers came to fruition. Rebellions in Fire Nation cities sprouted up. The Fire Nation was thrown into chaos, troops were used to suppress rebellions and cites. Marshall law was declared. With their hands tied on policing their own citizens, the Fire Nation couldn't function as it normally did; their assets were spread too thin. Bandit clans, assassination rings, and even bounty hunting organizations formed in the wake of the Avatar and company's disappearance. This trend of groups spread across the entire Fire Nation mainland, and even spilled over onto the Earth Kingdom. Though the Earth Kingdom quickly regulated the groups and put down any that meant serious harm because of their newly prosperous situation. Though because of that, the Earth Kingdom couldn't help the Fire Nation, and the Water Tribes didn't have the manpower needed.

Eventually the Fire Nation would have to enlist some of the organizations to help put down the rebellions and kill the bandit clans wreaking havoc in the mainland.

All of this because of an affair.

Author's Note: I had planned on writing more, I really did, but my muse just went *poof* and disappeared. I mean like, quick. I might start the sequel to it later, as I have an idea as to what I want to do, but don't have a plot mapped out.

As of now, I don't plan on finishing Unexpected Romance. I wrote myself into a hole and I don't know where to continue it. Like the supposed sequel to this one, if I find some drive to keep write it, then maybe I will. I just don't have a plot mapped out.

Well tell me what you think, and maybe that'll help influence my devotion to creating a plot. Have a nice day!