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Old worn Nike shoes splashed through puddles as the teenager ran through different alleyways, his fair locks falling around his chocolate brown eyes that flashed with mischief.

The boy threw the empty cans of spray paint into a bin as he sprinted away.

Hearing the set of footsteps behind him the boy sped up cursing silent.

"Damn" the fair haired teen muttered when he made it to the end of the alley only to find it blocked by one of the police men who had split off.

"'bout time you stopped kid" the officer who had been in pursuit announced, grabbing the back of boys hoodie and putting cuffs on him.

The officer that lay in wait looked the muscled, handsome, short teen up and down "what's your name kid?"

"Alex" the boy grinned openly "Alex Rider"


"Again Alex really?!" The middle age man exclaimed at the teen when the officers had lead him into the building.

Alex shrugged "didn't do anything wrong, Pete"

The officer who had introduced himself as Joe raised a dark eyebrow "vandalism is a very serious matter, Mr Rider, and with your record I'm sure you already know that"

"'Course the kid knows that" The middle aged man with fairing brown hair and grey eyes replied "don't you Alex?"

Alex rolled his eyes stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans "yes, Pete" he agreed grumpily.

Pete swatted the boy across the back of the head, ignoring the small wince "are the owners pressing charges officers?"

"No" the other officer, Dave, answered "said they didn't want the bother, boys will be boys"

Pete nodded in thanks "thanks for bringing him back" he opened the door and the two officers left the office.

Alex stood where he was waiting for the onslaught, he wasn't disappointed.

"Tell me Alex, what the hell goes through your head when you do this stuff, huh?" Pete sat behind his desk observing the 14 year old, whose face was dirty and scraped and his blonde locks messy, wearing ripped jeans too big and hoodie coming over his hands, he looked young and innocent but Pete knew him better.

Alex didn't answer instead choosing to stare at the wall just above Pete's head.

Pete shook his head in annoyance "I swear Alex, the next time you get in trouble with the law, I'll kick you to the curb, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir" Alex replied emotionless.

"Good, get to bed Alex" Pete ordered, sighing as Alex slammed the door on his way out "that boy".

The orphanage wasn't big, it had three floors and a bit of land out back but it was nothing exciting.

The first floor held a kitchen, sitting room, living room and the offices were the workers spent most of their time, along with five bedrooms for the workers.

The second floor held the two bathrooms and 6 different rooms, all with three sets of bunks stuffed in. The second floor was for the kids that came and went, were only dropping in or even kids the workers thought would be fostered quickly.

Then the third floor, where Alex's room was located, it also had 6 different rooms but instead of bunks they only held two single beds and they had an en-suite. The third floor was for the kids that didn't stand a chance at being fostered. The kids who had been in the orphanage for years and been looked over.

Alex was a lucky one, being the longest residents he had managed to get his own room...it had nothing to do with his last roommate obtaining a broken arm.

The room had washed out grey walls and a stained carpet that may have been cream once but was now a dirty grey. The two beds were pushed against the walls, littered with school books and clothes.

Alex slammed his door closed and dropped onto his bed, looking up at the roof "home sweet home" he whispered with a knowing grin.

Alex's parents had died just before he had turned one, a plane crash he had been told at a young age. Alex's only living family had been his uncle and godfather and after his parents had died the men had been left in charge of the baby.

Ash, his godfather, had dropped off the face of the earth and Ian... well Ian couldn't be bothered.

So Alex had ended up in Hopes, an orphanage that had been housing kids since 1979 and making them miserable for just as long.

At least in Alex's opinion they had, others wouldn't agree.

Alex supposed it was his stubborn attitude, rebellions nature and dare devil actions that made the care workers target him more, he couldn't blame them really; he did just do the things for a laugh.

"Alex?" a soft knock hit the door.

Alex blow his cheeks out in a deep breath "yea, come in" he called out sitting up on the bed.

A boy around 12 with messy black hair and grey eyes popped his head in "mind if I come in?" he didn't wait for an answer instead closing the door and sitting against it.

Alex smirked "make yourself at home Chase"

"Gladly" Chase gave a teasing grin "I seen the cops leave, Sam is furious by the way, what you do this time Alex?"

Alex gave a careless shrug to the younger "may have spray painted some shop windows...when the people were inside" he cocked his head to the side "I thought Sam was back at University?"

"Oh she was, she got back today, she's staying for a few weeks, you know to help out for the summer" Chase replied happily.

"Great" Alex grunted "guess I'll have to stay off the radar for a while"

"That's going to be hard as she wants to talk to you and Abby wants you in her office as well" Standing Chase signaled for Alex to follow him.

"You're a cheeky wee brat" Alex told him following.

"Hey" Chase stopped on one of the stairs "I learnt it from you" he accused.

Alex rolled his eyes to stop his sarcastic reply.


Alex crept skilfully through the hallways, Chase close behind, making sure he didn't run into Sam while making his way to the offices.

Chase chuckled quietly as the snuck into the waiting room "you're such a ninja Al"

Alex laughed lightly pulling him into a one armed hug "yup and you my little friend are my protégé".

Chase scoffed playfully pushing him away.

A person clearing their throat had them both snapping to attention.

The man was in his early thirties, with fair hair combed back, dull brown eyes and was wearing a business suit.

Alex couldn't help the feeling that he knew this man "sorry to disturb you sir" he rattled out quickly, Chase moving a little to be behind him.

The man looked shocked at the apology but didn't have time to reply as Abby came out, an old woman in here late fifties, with well-kept greying hair, dull blue eyes, and plump red cheeks showing against her pale skin.

"Alexander" Abby snapped hands on hips "did I or did I not see the police leave you back?"

Chase snickered "busted" he sang.

"Is there something funny Charles" Abby raised an eyebrow

"No ma'am" Chase muttered over Alex laughing "I'm just leaving, bye Al, and it's Chase!" he hollered running from the room.

Alex stopped laughing as soon as the old ladies glare was on him and all traces of smiles and happiness were gone.

"You have been given your punishments?"

"No Ma'am" Alex looked to the floor.

Abby huffed "imbeciles, anyway Alexander we can discuss that later, Mr Rider here has come to see you from the bank" she nodded towards the suited man "you may talk in my office, if I hear that you have been disrespectful in anyway Alex so help me" she let the threat linger.

Fighting down the wave of anger he nodded curtly following the suited man into the office.

Alex sat down in front of the desk and the suited man brought the chair round so they were side by side "I'm guessing you're Ian"

Ian raised a fair eyebrow "yes Alex" he agreed "it's nice to see you again, you've grown"

"Yea" Alex shrugged "well it has been 13 years, hasn't it?"

Ian knew the boy wouldn't accept apologies so he didn't try but he could see the raw sadness in his chocolate brown eyes "you have your fathers eyes" he whispered before clearing his voice "you've been well?"

Alex snorted giving him a look that said do-I-freaking-look-well-to-you "just peachy"

"And the police?" Ian had known the boy would grow up to be rebellious just like his mother and father but he had hoped that being in this environment it wouldn't be accepted.

"It's normal, no biggie" Alex replied "sorry I didn't come visit by the way, you know, see you at the bank I would've if I had savings but unfortunately I lost them when I was shipped here" and the sarcasm was back.

Sighing Ian rested a hand on Alex's knee "Alexander" he didn't expect the reaction he got.

Alex nearly jumped out of the seat when he was touched, flinching horribly he pushed the seat back from Ian "d-don't touch m-me" he stammered with wide eyes.

Ian held his hands up in defence "okay" pure hurt radiated in his eyes.

Alex waited until he was sure Ian wouldn't try it again before settling his breathing "why are you even here?" he demanded but there was no bite in his voice.

"I need your help" Ian held a hand up when Alex went to cut in "hear me out Alex, I'm in a bit of trouble and I need you to look after something for me, they won't look for it here"

Alex clenched his fists in anger "so your only here because you need something?" Alex spat "figures, just leave Ian, I don't want anything to do with you"

Ian locked eyes with Alex "look Alex you don't have a choice in the matter" he fished in his pocket before pulling out a memory stick "I need you to keep this until I come back and if I don't you need to make sure nobody gets it"

The blue memory stick was waved in Alex's face and he snatched it out of the air "what's on it?"

"You don't open it Alexander" Ian said stubbornly "you never open it"

Alex didn't answer instead he turned the stick over in his hand.

Ian ran a hand over his face "Alex I need you to know, if I could've I would have took you in, I never wanted you to end up here"

Alex turned his head to hide the hurt "doesn't matter, I rather be here than somewhere with you".

Ian stood up suddenly and Alex fumbled to stand up quickly taking a few steps back, his eyes filled with fear.

Ian couldn't help but feel like his heart was being ripped out.

The boy was terrified of him, what had they done to the teen to make him react so badly to human contact.

"Just keep it safe Alex" Ian finally stated "don't tell anybody you have it...and a piece of advice, don't trust anybody, they'll always turn against you in the end".


Alex tied the piece of string around his neck that held the memory stick before hiding it under his top.

Leaning against the sink basin Alex examined his face. The purple shadows were still present under his chocolate brown eyes, his thin lips were pressed, bloody scraps littered his handsome features standing out against his tanned complexion and his golden locks fell over his ears.

Alex shook his head heading downstairs knowing he couldn't hide from the world forever.

A few kids ran by Alex on the stairs meaning he had to press himself to the wall "slow down!" he shouted in warning.

One of the smaller girls stopped and gave him a sheepish smile before running after her friends.

"Hey Al" an 8 year old brunette greeted when he made it into the entertainment room.

"Hey Sydney" Alex gestured to the book she was reading "it's summer you know you don't have to read" he teased.

Sydney shrugged her small shoulders "I know, but it keeps me busy" she frowned lightly "Everyone's angry with you"

Alex ruffled the hair of another boy sitting nearby "yea I know" he told Sydney "don't worry about it, I'll be fine" he reassured.

Sydney nodded slowly, both knowing that Alex would always bounce back from whatever punishment was provided.

The kitchen was the one room nobody was allowed in but Alex always ignored the rule knowing that's where he would find Sam.

The 19 year old blonde haired Irish girl had moved to England to attend college and help out in the orphanage when she could.

"Alexander John Rider"

Alex smiled at the blonde "Hello Samantha"

Sam turned from where she was cooking, crossing her arms "what have you been doing?"

"Oh you know" Alex lifted himself onto the counter and swung his legs "a little vandalism here, a little theft and assault there"

Sam rolled her blue eyes at the bluntness "you Alex are going to find yourself in jail before you turn sixteen"

Alex gazed at her through think lashes "you and I both know it wouldn't make any difference".

Sam began to cook the bacon again "How have you been, I heard that your uncle was here?"

With a snort Alex shook his head "he just wanted something from me, no worries, I'm not leaving any time soon" he plastered that oh so fake smile on his face.

"Didn't the Henderson's offer you a place to stay for the summer?" Sam dished bacon onto a plate.

Alex hummed "yea but they're already taking a couple of the kids and I know for a fact they're low on cash and I can handle staying here, no need to bother them" he ignored the look of pity Sam sent his way.

Stopping the cooking Sam leant against the counter "is that really a good idea after last summer, they'll be getting new workers in to help?" her voice was soft but Alex avoided looking at her.

With flashes of unwanted memories flashing through his head Alex jumped off the counter "I'll set the table" he mumbled moving out into the sitting room and setting the tables for the younger kids.


Alex rolled over with a groan, the echo of the doorbell ringing around his room, pulling the pillow over his head he muttered a swear word when it rang once again but when it went off for the fourth time he threw his covers off.

Stomping down the stairs Alex glared at the younger kids who poked their heads out to see what was causing a commotion "back to bed" he told them sternly getting a pout in response from one or two.

Pausing on the bottom step of the stairs Alex swallowed at noticing the flashing lights of the police car and Pete finally opening the door.

"Sorry to bother you sir" the first police officer took off his hat, it was the man who had returned Alex to the orphanage yesterday named Joe, "but could we speak with you, it concerns one of your charges"

Pete rubbed the sleep from his eyes letting the two men step inside "what seems to be the problem officer?" he closed the door quietly behind them.

Dave made eye contact with Alex on the steps causing the teen to flinch at the look of pity he received "why don't you come down here son?" he suggested.

The other two men looked to the 14-year-old as he took the last couple of steps in order to reach them "you aren't here to arrest me are you, because I haven't left my room since yesterday, in fact you woke me up" he joked.

"Alex" Joe took a deep breath "we're sorry to inform you that your uncle Ian Rider was involved in an accident, I'm sorry son but he didn't make it"

Staring at the man with a blank look the blonde shrugged "he wasn't my uncle, he was just some man who visited me yesterday, now, I'm heading back to bed, I think I deserve a lie in tomorrow Pete, night" he slipped back up the stairs, ignoring the teens who raced back to their room hoping he didn't see them.

Falling onto his bed Alex took a deep breath before falling into blackness.


The smell of pancakes had the corner of Alex's lips turning down as he strolled through the dining room, arguing and chatter acting as an morning alarm "hey Chase"

"Alex!" Chase jumped from his seat a piece of toast between his teeth "mate" he scrambled over the chair "I heard what happened, are you okay?" the two began to walk to the kitchen.

"M'fine, why wouldn't I be?"

"Well y'know your uncle kinda well died" Chase rubbed the back of his neck "aren't you a little upset"

"Chase" Alex turned to the younger boy "he gave me up, he's the reason I'm stuck here, it's over and done with"

"Are you going the to funeral?"

"No" a silence followed the bitten out statement causing a sigh to escape "look Chase, I'll be fine, don't worry about me"

Chase gave a small smile "I always worry about you Al, you give me reason to worry" he ran off to get more food before it was all ate.

Pushing the doors open he strolled into the kitchen "okay Sam, I am here and ready to scrub" he flattered in his step seeing the man who stood at the sink.

The man was in his mid-twenties with dark brown hair combed back neatly, green eyes shining with a childish glee and a perfect smile, he was around 6'2 with broad shoulders causing him to look like a soldier "Hello"

"Hi" Alex stepped back from the man and looked around, breathing a sigh of relief when Sam came from one of the store rooms "Sam?"

"Oh Alex" Sam grinned, her eyes jumping between the man and teen "this is one of the new helpers Marty, Marty this is Alex"

Marty waved again giving a boyish grin "it's nice to meet you Alex"

"Sure, I'm here to clean up Sam, punishment and all that"

"Have you ate this morning?" she narrowed her eyes at the blonde teen

"Not hungry" he headed for the sink.

Sam gave him a pitying look "I heard what happened last night, I'm sorry for your lost Alex"

Marty gave the teenager a surprised look "someone died?" he whispered to the female who nodded in reply mouthing the word 'uncle' before shrugging.

Alex chuckled filling the sink with water "I don't know what the big deal is, in case you didn't notice the man didn't give a shit about me so why should I care?"

Moving forward Marty pointed the dishes "I can help with them if you like" his muscles clinched when a hand shot forward to grab his hand "what?" he asked Sam with a raised eyebrow.

"No thanks"

Marty glanced to Alex to see him pressed against the sink a blank look on his well defined face "eh okay"

"Can I talk to you please Marty?" Sam dragged him into one of the storage rooms.

"What was that about?"

Sam ran a hand through her blonde locks "look Alex has been here all his life and not all the volunteers around here are very pleasant, he went through a rough patch for two years and we only got rid of the problem last summer, you need to be careful around him"

Green eyes wide in surprise he nodded slowly "okay, got it, stay out of his comfort zone"

The smashing of glass sounded from outside the room "wasn't me!"

Rolling her eyes the 19-year-old made her way to the shattered glass to begin cleaning it up "how long are you on punishment for?"

"I don't know, when I'm I not on punishment?"

"You get in trouble a lot?" Marty questioned, staying back from the duo.

"It's the only source of entertainment you can get around here"

"Do you play football?"

Alex shrugged scrubbing at a stubborn stain "I play on the school team, but the garden here isn't very big so I don't really get to play"

Crossing his arms Marty leant back "maybe when we get to know each other we could head down to the park and play for a while"

"You're not my type"


Okay so Sam is kinda like Jack and would've used her but I plan to use her for something else in the story. Also Marty is Eagle and the rest of K-unit will be making an appearance soon enough.

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