Steven watched as Connie rode up on her big red bicycle. "Hey Connie!" He called, waving. The clouds were descending behind the large Rose Quarts shaped mountain and the sunset was begging to be freed into the sky. The blue of the sky was just turning orange and the sun took its last glimpse of the horizon. Soon the light reflecting off of the red of her bike would be no more than a flicker and then die out like the rest of the array of lights in the world. Steven sat on the peak of the large cliff shaped like his mother. Connie rode upward to the peak seemingly defying the laws of gravity pushing down on her wheels.

"Hey Steven." She gasped out between breaths. Her big blue winter scarf blended in with the deep maroon sky falling upon the two. She took in deep breaths watching the white air coming from her mouth that once was breath, but cooled to a freezing fog. She put her hair out of its tight bun and sat down next to Steven. "Sure is cold isn't it?" She asked as she pulled her mittens farther down her arm, enclosing the heat around it. She shivered a bit as she noticed more and more how cold it was.

"Is it? I hardly noticed.." He said as if he was deep in thought, he wrapped his arms around his knees and stared into the ocean as the tide crept up closer to them, beating against the structure.

"What do you mean, its freezing." Connie said. She put her hands down and stopped rubbing them together, she sat looking into the navy blue of the sky, her knees dangled from the side of the cliff limply.

"I don't know, it just doesn't seem very cold out today." He uttered a bit more quiet than usual. Connie was worried for Steven, he wasn't cold yet he was wearing his usual short sleeved red shirt, Connie swore it was pink though, and a big yellow star in the middle, with his regular light blue jeans and sandles, how could anyone not be cold in that.

"You seem like your thinking about something what is it?" She asked, curious as too what he was so silent about, he looked at her, his once active and bright curious eyes, full of life now seemed dull and bored, like a flame that was once as bright as the sun, was at its last flicker of light. He let his head dangle a bit on his back and he looked up to the sky.

"Its just... you wouldn't understand its gem stuff.." He said, he didn't bother being ashamed of leaving Connie out or keeping secrets from her. She tensed up a little, she knew she wouldn't understand, that's why she asked, but didn't have the guts to protest against the fact.

"Is there-"

"No." He immediately answered not letting her finish, her knew what she would ask, he simply turned his head from her and answered. She nodded and sat up, ready to hop back on her bike and ride into the horizon, cycling away until she was no more than a faint blur in the clouds, then completely disappearing out of sight of him. He turned to her and asked just before she got up, "Whats it like being an outcast to you?"

"W-what..?" She asked after moments of silence.

"Well, after seeing you, I've noticed your not magic, or a gem, and your like.. an outcast, then I thought for a while, that I'm outcast too ya know? I mean, I'm not from homeworld like the other gems, or from some magical special place with a huge destiny to be evil, but ended up a hero and being a protector like Amethyst.. I'm just so.. plain from Earth, with a dad whose no more than a car washer.. Its not fair is it?" He asked looking straight at Connie with innocent eyes.

"Nothings fair... we just learn to live with it I guess." Connie said.

"Whats the point then?" Steven asked, he stared back into the sky, loosing himself in his thoughts again.

"I guess, to make a difference, and live up to peoples expectations, and if you don't do that you've got all the excitement in the world to keep you busy, and have a great time doing." She said, loosing herself in the sky too.

"Yeah.. guess so." He mumbled half asleep. He stood up, not realizing Connie was too and tripped backwards. "C-Connie!" He cried reaching for her hand as he felt the world tipping beneath his feet. The entire world tipped on its side and then he was upside down, falling head first down to the rock below, tears came from his eyes as he tried to find a way back up, he urged to fly , or sprout wings, or something, he suddenly fell into the ground, gem first and felt everything darkening. The gem emitted a few flickers of light before growing dim and Steven went limp, Connie raced down to help him, but ended up falling down the hill. She sprained her elbow and was calling for a gems help. She saw as the door slammed open.

"STEVEN!" The gems all cried as they rushed to his aid. Pearl ran the quickest, reaching for him as she felt a couple tears fall from her face. She saw that his gem was cracked and he wasn't moving.

'Please be okay..' Pearl silently chanted. She felt every nerve in her legs and arms burn as she struggled to run, the hill was steep and she kept tripping down. 'You're supposed to be the agile one..' Pearl said to herself realizing what a horrible job she was doing running down, she didn't care as much as it sounded though, she just wanted to get down the cliff. The scenery faded into the blurred clouds and every sparkle of light dimmed as she focused all her attention to the boy on his side, struggling to gain his consciousness. A wave of exhaustion passed through her. The world spun around itself and everything was getting farther and farther from her reach.

"Pearl!" Amethyst cried when she saw the woman tip over on her side and fall to the ground, her clothes became torn and ragged, she glared up at Amethyst.

"Save Steven!" Pearl snapped. The purple girl nodded and heading farther away. She glanced back at Pearl.

'Please be okay..' Pearl chanted one last time, but this time to Amethyst seeing how much the purple girl was struggling, she could already see the dullness in her own eyes as she was beginning to faint in exhaustion.

"I won't let you down." Amethyst said just barely audible to Pearls ears. Pearl thought to herself half consciously, 'Please be okay..'

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