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Amethyst ran through the maze, she saw several gems lying on the floor without their physical form. She had just reformed and was running around to see if anyone she knew survived. The fountain was clear and running, she ran around to find Steven only to find his cracked gem lying on the ground, something hit Amethyst, Where did the crack in his gem go..?Amethyst thought, she shoved the gem inside her pocket and kept running. she glanced around until she heard rustling. She stepped forward, nervously.

She was gonna hate herself for this later, "S-Steven..? I-is that you?" Amethyst called at the top of her lungs. There was rustling inside the moss. She gulped as a large shadow loomed over her and the gem. It glowed bright as it settled into the air, blinding Amethyst for a few moments, she pulled her hair over her eyes to block out some of the light, as she used her hands to propels herself up into the air to grab the gem, and get a better view of the area. She used her whip to grab hold of a branch and reached out for the gem, her hand went right threw it! She stumbled a bit in mid air, catching herself on a tree branch a few meters below where her whip was tied, she glanced back at the gem and saw that it had been a mere hologram, she looked over to the producer of the said hologram.

Amethyst saw the shape shifter from before, in the form of Pearl. She had used her hologram to buy time,Amethyst saw more rustling in the moss and found that he moss was moving on its own! Amethyst remembered the time before when the moss had come alive and attacked them when her gem was cracked. She looked a ways away too see Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire's gems all lying on the ground in front of Aquamarine. The hologram went away and Aquamarine brought out her bow. She shot an arrow straight into the air, it hovered a bit into the air wen suddenly pointing to Amethyst, the gem was quick to pull out another arrow and shoot it straight towards the tree Amethyst hid on.

Amethyst cast a worried glance towards her friend's gems and regained her composure, readily pulling out another whip. She jumped up into the air and slashed her whip across Aquamarines gem. She shrieked in panic and pain, stumbling backwards onto a tree stump. Amethyst took this time to get another hit on the gem, Aquamarine dropped her bow and yelped. The shape shifter, shifted to its original form of a bulkier form of Amethyst. Whilst shifting, Amethyst hit the gem right in the gut, causing it to nearly fall over, stunned by the amount of damage, the gem took out her weapon, a pickax, with three blades, all really long. The gem spun it around like a drill, digging into Amethyst's shoulder, she yelped in pain, and was quick to knock the drill out of her hands. The Aquamarine gem quickly retreated into its gem, Amethyst was quick to bubble it. A spear collided with her back, just before she retreated to her gem she saw the Amber gem grinning behind her.

The Amber gem was quickly caught in the back by a pink sword, Connie stood behind her, a sword poking out of Amber's back, Connie smiled, "I-I did it!" She cheered. She picked the Amber gem up and smashed it, she didn't have much of a choice, she didn't want it regenerating and didn't know enough about bubbling gems that she didn't know if it would regenerate in the bubble or not, so she just smashed it as she did as Stevonnie, she suddenly remembered Steven.

"Steven!" She cried, looking for the young boy, she scooped up Amethysts gem, she got Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire's as well. "Steven!" She cried once again, oh this is bad, this is very very bad.

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